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 We are all important...that's the important thing...

Love is patient and kind....Take care friend.

Daily Prayer (updated 7/10)  :-)

Daily Prayer with extra light

Daily Prayer

Crowd Psychology in 2011

Hey guys, the daily prayer above really helps some of us feel better.

Keep those daily rituals going (art projects, exercise, reading etc)

..and if you need to do something for your health that you have been putting off for a while?, WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU BUDDY, and today is a great day to make the call you need to or start therapy or reach out to a loved one that can help...We love ya bub! Take care... :-)

Creativity, Discovery and laughter everyday! Take care buddy!

Love from all of us... :-)

God wants fruits of the spirit not religious nuts..

Thoughts inspired by a special author on GOD

Being able to find light in things is a way to deal with any situation...take care...and we gotta lighten up...


Thoughts on Mike Murdoch's "7 laws of spiritual wisdom"

If you need help communicating with the satellites when you wake from sleeping...try putting this on and emphazising words so people can understand the danger they are in...and that you are trying to regain your consciousness...a lot of people are hanging in the satellites while we are may be in great danger if you hang in someone's dreams who knows about the on the link below... 

Sunday Prayers #1

Sunday Prayers # 2

Sunday Prayers # 3 (1-03-10)

Sunday Prayers # 4 (1-10-10)

Sunday Prayers # 5 (1-17-10)

Sunday Prayers LOVE IS A MIRACLE

Sunday Prayers - Humble Thanks

Everyday prayers...Maintain peace..

Yo, yo, yo..straight outta' scripture

Don't put a magnifying glass on someone else....that's judging...

Lighten up...anyway, .......

Back to Magic Land.

We're all friends when we can be respectful. . . . .  

The new definition of adulthood is respectful and the air or on the earth...we expect the same...

We have to remember to tend to detox, because when we eat and drink we absorb the well as any in the air...

Here is the best one on natural cancer cures...the article says we must have good nights rest so the body can heal, have oxygen (remember breathe-hold for 3 counts-then exhale), also the end mentions how the body prefers natural remedies...lots of love and healing


The report says that chinese medicine is the most potent in fighting cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells's best to consult an expert, however, try this and healing...

Try to get some Essiac teas to the healing goin'........

Green tea is said to be good too...good ol' Green Tea....




For addiction help check out the Simon/Chopra book called

Freedom From Addiction

 A great website on health is

Check out for detox products...I use them for detoxing...We pray our souls go to a safe place one day...Take care buddy....

 The healing light energy can heal us...

Think of the powerful sun and the light it emits all this way to planet earth...focus on the areas that need healing...Take care buddy.....


Also. . . please . . . studying a school course a bit a day. . . anything you might be interested in. . . .

It helps to learn in portions. . . .like 10 pages or 30-40 minutes at a time. . . the brain can deal with that. . .

Take it easy. From us to us-We need to lighten up, try to be healthy and safe. From your buddy.

"Celebrating diversity" friendly enlightened thought.

"We're all good"

If ever feeling down I tell myself God deals with everything and that It's not my fault how I am, look to someone else, or any of that stuff. We are all the way we are supposed to be, and we have a choice as to how much pain we want to bring on ourselves.

Just trying to keep the peace without out making someone else mad in the process. Sometimes people just want to cause trouble for no reason, and thats not our fault.

We lose our peace when we want things, and have to be careful with what we are doing. Everthing we do has an effect. How is what we are doing going to effect us or someone else?

Like the military says. . . . .At ease. . . . and taking the pressure off of things, because nothing is worth causing problems for nothing.

 Take care. Lighten up. Laugh it up! Hopefully funny things are positive, and if they aren't lets try to look in the bright side friendly!

Strolling (machine at home if needed), and reading for blood flow to the brain.-The heart is what keeps us going.

Apple a day, fruit and vegetables. . . . some doctors say the apple seeds (a few of em') are good, some don't . I don't think I'll eat the seeds any more because a respected doctor (Charlie's friend) said not to.

May the thought of the powerful conceptual light of the sun heal you........peace.....

Oatmeal-said to lower cholesteral, and said to fight toxic cells.

Tomatoes-contains lycopene-said to -

Broccoli is also said to,,,,,,,,,

Good natural multivitamin daily.

Let go of stressful thoughts as much as you can, they release chemicals in the body.  Peaceful, things to do, and in no rush. Enjoy buzzing along, and the process.

For clearing toxins that build up in our tissues from everyday life, a good natural detox is Cellular Research Formulas.

Noni is said to kill cancer cells. (capsules are recommended)

If you smoke-A natural tobacco will not keep you addicted like 99% of cigarettes do.  There are so many additives in the name brand smokes. Instead of "quitting"  Try first switching to a natural tobacco, and then decide on your own terms. Take it or leave it. Slow n easy. 

"Every day is a holiday, and every meal a banquet"

If chemical dependency is controlling life----

There is a humorous way of percieving it!

Since it's a struggle to deal with reality because the chemical is always the thing to think about- - -like- - - "Oh boy, can't wait for this-or that!"- - -We'll instead of struggling, or dragging somebody else through "what goes up comes down"- - - - -

some wise soul said. "We'll since your so damn addicted and it's controlling your everyday, how bout we hook you up to an I.V. morphine drip at the hospital, be drugged all the time"- -

Or . . . . . . . "there's some life left if, you have any love left in the heart for anything!!!!". . . . " How bout we give living a try. "

By the way those 99% additve cigarettes are keeping the addiction well locked because the chemical is latched onto the "legal" one that there is always access to . It's a heck of a thing that the government allows all the additives to still be sold in stores.

With being dependent on a chemical, the body says it needs it. Just like food. . . . We have to do what we can to be free. . . .

We all desrve a bit of joy. Even if we are alone.  Unless dope is needed to be free from physical pain (take care, try to keep the spirits up, from all of us, try life, give it some time. Take the pressure off.

The reality is that because of the spirits attaching to the body, that might be addicted too,  it takes time to get free from the drug:    Don't die in the process, be careful and positive. Remember to be creative, and have things to do. . . we do the best we can.(keep zapping them off in your mind, vizualize the times you were getting high (any past experience) and try to knock the spirits out, just like dust out of a rug)

Take care. . . We promise the fun things will awake. If a higher power helps, God deals with everything, we just have to make an honest try. 

Very Important discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China's Ministry of Health has scientific proven evidence of natural remedies for any form of health trouble.  The immune system needs help to cure the body. Here's a good link.

Keepin the hope with having things to do.

For continued balance (by the way) Remember that studying and creating use different sides of the brain.......Hmmm.

If you are tired because of one thing, you might need to just rest. Then the brain would appreciate a bit of creativity to keep the happiness blood flowing.

The journey is the reward, and health not for an end: for the process of it. Another way to try to be bright about things.

"a good measure of intelligence is the ability to find light in things....."   Lets try to be  creative, bright, friendly, happy souls. It's a way to pierce the light vibes through and be relaxed and happy ourselves. Whhhheeewww!!!! That what we needed.

we'll keep putting new stuff on the websites, and there are so... many people who care, who know that joy in life doesn't cost anything. It's how we feel inside. Be happy. Careful of the radio, and t.v. Retinal implants are more known now , so we'll have to even more remind ourselves and the world around us where happiness is from. By faith, not by sight. When you can, send a prayer that the Hearing Impaired is reaching out to eachother more and more for ear implants. It's 2007, and we want everyone safe. Take care.


New  free music to create and mix with at

More  free music to create and mix with

All the my space friends with pictures of animals or the ocean are new beats. . . . . for your spoken word/poetry, rap,  singing, mixing . . . . . .balancing our lives through art!

"On the Bright Side for Choir and Piano"

Summer 2019 - TeamOne  :o)

Here's the song friends . . . ."I'm o.k. . . .you're o.k" (Finale version) feeling better-higher thoughts. . . .gotta lighten up. . . . The lyrics (click on word "lyrics") and piano chord music (click on words "piano chord music") Take care. Here's the tune. . . 

Attitude of Gratitude (lyrics-melody sheet)

Seeds of Hope (lyrics melody sheet)

God's Grace (lyrics melody sheet)

Guitar prayers (4 out of 5)

Guitar Prayer # 5

We're all friends when we can be respectful

Also here are some chord charts for musical ideas and combinations....(from myspace tunes-remember that all the friends/animal or sunset pictures at the bottom of   are where these songs are from)

Celebrating Diversity Melody (in C, Bb, and Eb-alto)

Knowledge (Hope and Build)

Knowledge (Hope and Build) Melody and Bb part

One World

Motivation Prayer 

Buzy Beez (Chords and melody-Bb horn too)


Also heres some guitar/bass diminished ideas if you dig...

Hey Guys, heres some recent Practice ideas and a tune that is good to play to work on strength, good to play tunes everyday to build stamina.


Here's some B minor and diminished departure ideas to jam along with a track up on

Blues and dimished melodic ideas(tablature)

For insight on life go to Gettingoin page (click on the left)


                            God's Grace (piano sheet music)

Attitude of Gratitude

Seeds of Hope

More half/whole diminished ideas(Tab)

Original guitar tunes (Tab)

Minor/Pentatonic areas

Eric Alexander Bebop licks

(He is a terrific saxophone player to check out.)

Gospel Piano Chords

Fusion Charts # 1

Fusion Charts # 2

Hey guys...if you are looking for some drum n bass...check out...

(register and go to mixtapes)

Hey guys...Love and prayers...

Minor 7 b 5 patterns

Improvization-V altered ideas, and ii 7 b 5 ideas :-) (1st position)

Spring is Here (piano arrangement)


Hey there you guys.  This page includes helpful thoughts, and some creative stuff. The focus of this website is to hopefully inspire you to feel better. Mostly helpful thoughts. Also. . . . There are different pages to the site with more writings. Click on gettingoin on the left, and there's a bunch of thoughts from all of us (this page too) Services page for some stuff from business school. The Music Beats n charts are at the bottom of this home page.

"What it is" Jazz Band 2018 (MP3's) part 1

"What it is" Jazz Band 2018 (MP3's) part2 

Takin it Out - Lead sheets and Play a long 6-12-20

Practice Peace 2020 --- Peace

Planet Intervallic - Interv - Lead Sheet   

Peace charts  4-7-20

Jazz solo from Gary's concert (Cesar - trumpet) 2019

Everlasting Peace "20 solos" Jazz improvization

Jazzpeace Improvization PDF Zip file

"Comfort - Being Present With Eachother" Concert, Bb, Eb and MP3" Peace 3-2-19

Intention Workshop Chart, Bb, and Eb parts 8-9-18   :0)

Always Connected in Spirit -lead sheet and audio sample 8-5-17

Lead sheets zipfile 5-11-17  :o)

Buzy Beez score for Big Band

Attitude of Gratitude for Big Band

The Journey Is the Reward for Big Band

(transposed score)

Seeds of Hope - Welcome to My Prayer, Reggae for Big Band

Charts for the Lighten Up Project Band

Attitude of Gratitude (jazz)

Bounce Back

Live Hope  (correction Bar 5 is Bb min9)

Water Over tha Rocks

Lighten Up

One Tribe

One Tribe and Live Hope Special Rhythm charts

Time to Heal - Respect Our Elders

Time to Heal - Respect Our Elders Eb horn

Peace Through Music - Yup - Cool!

Peace Through Music - Yup - Cool! (Bb horn)


Joe Pass Solo ----Insensiblemente :-) 

Happy Songs - Hug Yourself, Feeling Better

Happy Songs - Feeling Better in A major

Cool jazz line transcription (Farmer)

 No matter what your creative things is as long as it helps. . . . . what y. . . ou canything positive for you. . . .being creative takes the toughness out of the day. . we need structure and creativity to bring our spirits alive, and keep the hope. . .  Take care Friend!

 FL studio notes :-)

"Magic Changes" - tablature....gettin' around on tha guitar neck....

Solos to check out...Rick Margitza on "It Could Happen to You" (John Hurt's album - "One Down")...Truly miraculous how he navigates, and does both "in" and "out" melodic/Harmonic journeys that structure reality for good..peace through music...with peace and structures "changes" chillin' through time...yeahhhh man...far out..(album was difficult to find)....also check out Django by Joe Pass...and Ricky Woodard "Wilbur's Idea" a good blues---(we met him and told him he was like J.S. Bach over the changes...he said 'Thank you Brother')...for how are Rap vocals like a jazz line flowing along...a continuous flow of rythms over and through time...chillin' to tha beat...keeping us humans comfort in this..."God's silence is his confidence in us", "have faith and plant seeds of hope...he knows where they go...chill"...existence...

Min7b5 V7alt I (E major) licks,  Mark Whitfield licks from a blues solo... 

(Min7b5 is usually for resolution to minor chords, but oh well...we can work on E minor resolution instead...still human over here, I guess that really is the point...and definitely please don't get concerned with being perfect....enjoying the journey of discovery with this stuff is the point...these jazz Pros grow up eating, breathing and pooping the changes and notes, so we can all relax :-)

 Amin7b5 and F Mixolydian "Toggle" ideas for Improvization...

(at any given moment during a solo...where is the root and "departure" points...)




Ocean - Contact me for self-help services from home. Ocean - Contact me for self-help services from home. Ocean - Contact me for self-help services from home.

Guitar - Contact me for self-help services from home.

True happiness includes being happy for others and grateful for what we have. How respectful and careful can we be with others? Go by faith not by sight. Let the thought of the power and light of the sun heal what needs healing.

Hopefully, the words from our Gettin' Goin' page can help you deal with any difficult situation.
If you need professional medical attention, like a drug to help you get off an addiction (if you are truly ready to live without it), please get some help/
All of who have dealt with anything tough (just by being alive) know that we have to lighten up and take it easy about things.....Take care......

The Power of Positive Prayer...............