Keep tha Hope
Gettin' Goin'
Journey in Wellness and Discovery
Gettin' Goin'


From all of us to all of us. Take it easy friend......

Let the thought of the power of the sun's light heal whatever needs healing.(by the way it's a  star to someone else on another planet; we hope they are o.k. with what they are doing too.)

We lose our peace when we want things.

What goes up goes down.

If we are aware of what troubles us, we have a chance to get passed it. Keep the hope.

How respectful and careful can we be with people?

True happiness is being happy for others and grateful for what we have.

Go with faith, not by sight.

When we settle into a sober life, the fun things awake.

We get credit for anything we do, any amount of effort: We have to give things an honest try. We can't fool ourselves.

If we go into things too soon, life crushes us.

The energy known as God, Allah, Krishna, Universe hears us..

Any amount of prayer helps. It's a fact  now that when people pray (alone or together)-it works.

Have faith that through action towards a better change, yours and others life will change. Even just the thought of hoping for something better helps.

Any chemical dependency that we don't need to survive is possibly holding us back from more peace.

Be content with "things to do". Learning to awaken the joy of the prcess of things during wake time. We pray the healing continues.

Just like an airplane, we have to put our own oxygen masks on first before we can help others.

Early........ good...............Rise n shine....

God, Allah, Krishna, Higher power, Universe, will take care of everything. We have to give an honest try.

Universal love--all beings that means cats and dogs too!


"Let go, and let God."

People...........not celebrities.

Rest is good fortune.

"We must accept finite dissapointment, however never lose infinite hope" Dr. Martin Luther King

Don't force things-just like your playing in a baseball game-"It's a nice day in the ballpark"......and you'll just connect with the ball

Don't start comparing special people...we're all special....don't be mean...........thankyou.

The journey is the reward.

If you are at the end of the rope, tie a knot at the end and hold on. Have faith the love of everybody will pull you through....just believe that and take care.




We lose our peace because we want things.

What goes up comes down.

If you're at the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on. God pulls you thru.

We really need help getting the vision technology for the Visually Impaired. It's not fair that we can build a space station, and our friends can't have eyesight too.  In the next few years, someone said that a new technology will be commercially available. I've given up t.v. for studies and a bit of music.

We also need to help inspire education, and counseling for the Hearing Impaired. Cochlear Implants, and the latest technology is much more common now. Anybody can hear. Hopefully the procedure for implants will continue to get easier for us. For surgery, I know a friendly anesthesiologist who makes the whole thing a breeze.

Also very important is counseling and education for people who get around in wheelchairs. I make it a point to reach out to people at the market. Instead of walk, we say stroll. However we get around, were friendly people.

A lot of us have decided to take classes to keep things busy. It give us something to do. It could be anything. Nice and easy. No rush. We found a Huministic Existentialist view of learning is real. We have to want to learn about something. The saying, "can lead a horse to water, but can't make em' drink,"

We are all seniors in training.

We are spreading the light or the mirror that reflects it.



IGC hopes the words help. Make things happen for yourself. Create change in the mind that improves things, then put thoughts to action. Life is relative, be where your at - better your days - don't compare - whatever your doing do it well - don't fool yourself - be responsible - keep the mind clean.

Something very valuable to me in helping create a path of success has been the chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo-  

The pronouncing is important-please check with a profesional website.

Thankyou to S.G.I. International for propagating Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

If you can, please check with S.G.I. or learn the guidelines of respectful ways. The chant of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a sacred thing, and is to be honored.

Through chanting when I need to focus, it really helps me continue on my path towards my studies. I am so respectful, and thankful for the power of prayer.

  • If your having trouble dwelling on things. In you mind's memory you have to knock out the spirits that were in your body when you had a bad time. Often also spirits were in your body, during a good time in your life and were still there. Create a picture of where you were when the bad memory happened, then knock out the spirits from where your body physically was. It's a drag because the spirits actually die, and you have to deal with their dead spirits lingering around for 2-3 days, so make sure there is time for rest, and reward yourself (healthy stuff) so you don't get negative or depressed. Zap the pictures out of your mind. Bad stuff repeats and bothers things. Create a picture of where you were when the problem was, then destroy the picture. ........ Bad things shouldn't be thought about. Take it easy and rest. If you're in difficult transition. Lighten up. Take it easy. Zen mind......if you can find out a bit about what Zen buddhism's helpful........... I'm just doing things like laundry,'s something to do. It's a process just like the Martial arts mind.  With enough rest be awake to deal with the other souls around. No need for extra talk or conversations. People say the worst things about eachother. That's mean! Don't be one of those. Don't even think those type of mean thoughts. We can't envy or compare.  Talk might cause problems. Everyone has their own opinion. Take it easy. If it ain't positive, what 's the point.  Anyone's ego is a drag. Button your lip. If it's not your buisness stay out of someone elses talk. Do unto others.
  • "it ain't what you look like it's all what you got on the inside"
  • No jokes-senseless impulsive
  • Drink water, eat fruits and stay at a low stress level. Please don't worry.....we're all important. No matter what we have. 
  • If you can't talk with or are short with people, let them know your dealing with balancing things and conversation is a waste of energy and no offense.
  • At first it might be a drag not getting a call from someone your used to. Live for mental and physical health: Forget the attachment.
  • Don't confine yourself to useless emotional drama talks. It's a drain and wastes time.
  • Trust. It's real.
  • Nonsense between friends will effect you later.
  • Positive thoughts (prayers) 
  • Raise levels  instead of being a distraction-that's a law wherever training happens-A great example is any martial arts  dojo
  • Keep mentally and physically busy then rest and enjoy
  • Don't focus on negative points. It's a drag. Lean at your strengths.
  • If someone has criticism, they're either a friend or they're not.
  • Don't listen to selfishness; go beyond the pain.
  • If it's doctors appointment, don't be a coward. Be a good patient and go thru with it. Make friends with an anesthesiologist.
  • In life, don't focus on faces. That's shallow.
  • What happens effects others.
  • Help others when you can.
  • If there's ever a drinking problem:
    • Take it easy on yourself. Life is process. Anything other than work should be in moderation. We all hope you are feeling alright. If not maybye there are a few issues needed to be addressed. For instance: I had no idea why I was doing anything until someone told me I was reacting to someone who told me I was stupid when I was young. I wasn't doing things that I liked because I was doing things as a reaction. Often a family member is a trigger that you might need to address with someone kind and professional. Don't let them make you visit them too much, unless you need a friend. All it is is an understanding of why you aren't too happy with things. Maybye there is  friend you really shouldn't talk with, because it bothers you. It's o.k. Just be honest that you don't have enough time to talk. "It's just too much". Even if your not necessarily trying to do anything (well too many it's watching or listening to baseball or football games) Don't hesitate to find a goal to lean on. (poetry book, arts and crafts, listening to a book) Take it easy. If they keep bothering you. Please don't become their counselor. We have have enough going on just to try to stay peaceful. If you hang around and think about problems, that is not healthy. The first part of this page is how to stop dwelling. Trust me not dwell and drink. Lighten up. Zap those bad thoughts out, and find a weekly regime (over time), where you have good things to do in the day. Also.....Take it easy on the drinking, cuz there are a lot of people you who don't even know (who like a drink or 4), and they want to be alright too........... So remember it's been tough for them too. We don't want them dwelling or feeling sad and drunk. Heck no! Lighten up and Take it easy from a friend.
    • Don't hesitate to find professional help regarding an issue that make you want a drink to get away from the drain.
    • Try not to be attached to anything, but mindful of the right things that help keep you around.
    • Find a focus that's fun with no hazards.
    • Don't latch onto any human. They might let you down, or won't be there when you want to bother them with your need to talk.
  • Arts-education-sciences-maybye a bit a math .
  • If you want to change for the better, you have to do it yourself.
  • Don't compare or envy. Maintain.
  • Never project your frustrations at others. That's mean.
  • Try to make Make life fun.
  • Establish a routine to survive the week-month-year. Share it with others sparingly.
  • Keep hope. Develop faith.
  • In the world of necessity (jobs, or heavy responsibilities) Don't let the negative get to you. Try to lighten up about things. When maintaining it's important to have a positive outlook to achieve health and wealth. Be a good example. Words and actions. A higher faith in something beyond  physical life is a powerful way to examine your progress. Be a good soul.

Human Race
Don’t envy of compare – once again, maintain – never project your frustration on others. That’s weak. Make life fun – establish a routine to survive the week, month or year – share it with others sparingly – keep hope – develop faith.

We have to understand the issues that make us unhappy, and be creative with an art, or keep ourselves interested in something in order to stay positive.....