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If you have trouble with dealing with doctors visits, get the blood test done in the lab before. How bout' that! Also have them find a vein in a place that doesn't frighten you. Nice n easy. Right friend? Right friend to me too. Just let the office know you feel better staying ahead of things. Its drag waiting around for people to do the tests. I know It helps me getting things done so I can relax. The main thing is for us to take it more easy. We're all dealing with enough to worry about anything in life, besides it's not healthy to.On

Also, regarding nervousness or queezyness,

know it's not not the needle prick at a test or shot, it's the environment and psychology around the
blood test. We just have to be aware that it's not the test we are
afraid of: it's the effect afterwards or during. So now I know I might
as well tell the person "Well I'm going to have to take this one to the
floor, so be quick, and thankyou." For some reason the spirits get real
queezy at the blood lab, or doctors office.(be carefull with shots,
some people have been reacting badly in health to extra vaccinations by
the way)

From a strong person : "Just Go Through With It"..also "get used to it kid"...and "taking control of our health is our own choice"..."the Doctor patient relationship is what people are going for"..."it's what we eat"...

O.k., so in some of our cases, now that test results are do we protect from hacker haters that want to mess? (Which they do, and we witness it here and there)...if results are tampered with, it could cause hell to the patient (financial, physical and mental) so putting a computer chip that is online accessable in cars or people is the wrong thing to is making someone's healthcare expenses a profit motive...obviously...Well, as we have witnessed on occasion, there's no way for us non computer tech folks to prove the tampering...our idea is true (as the "quickening" continues)...A company should be bold, and create/advertise home test kits (like the blood sugar one's, but for all around health too) for folks to check cholesteral, blood pressure, blood sugar etc...they probably have that already, but folks should know what we are dealing with as the future fast approaches, and the kit will need to be accurate...the point also is to relax about things, and not "over do it" as so many people who are health nuts like to do...also, in our experience of the space camera reality, and being in hospice work, I think (humbly, everyone is different) that people who are terminally ill should have the right to "pass on" with the help of medical professionals...a very humane way to deal with a person, intead of the inhumane terrible gradual "passing" we allow that "pays the bills" for whatever facility that keeps the ailing patient (yes, it may bring the family peace, but we need to be stronger than that, and have more compassion in my opinion)...sometimes it's just disgusting to witness it...but the current practice is how it goes most of the time...God help us...o.k. so the all around health kit should be accompnied by alternative medicine choices to help the person heal and maintain better...Isn't that the point of healthcare?...we need alternatives that don't provide synthetic choices for natural remedies....of course the person has to want to heal though...that is the key...our friends in "High Tech Places" try to let me know that this "online access issue" point is a reality, and we love them for it...if it wasn't for good folks lookin' out, I wouldn't be typing this...the haters don't realize that they are messing with a powerful message that has been cultivated over many years...verrry important message of love that we are uniting about.... 


We  have to remember when we feel down or forget to appreciate what
we have, that it's having a lean towards something we like that gives
us forward motion.
  The reality that we all need to remember is that the commercial,
money flowing world forgets the real way to happiness, which is'nt who
you know, or what you have. It's easy to forget when stuff around you
does'nt seem to care about being friendly.

Its also important to stay close to the thought that a positive
friendly attitude is more relaxed and feels better.
Friendship----A place where there is not supposed to be trouble.
"Team Camp"-like a collective of beautiful souls would say is a
friendly place.
Where nobody's mean. Like a "meet people conference" that everybody
named it to be, and where anybody friendly can find a new friend.
Friends don't pressure eachother or bother things, they are supportive
and helpful(when friends can).

"Don't Forget, Your Special, Just for who you is"

Another Health thought from a lot of caring people.

It's what we put into our body, and that we rest, and stay as peaceful
and positive as possible that leads to health. Body, mind, soul. There
are new natural de-tox pills you can take that are supposed to help
humans be more well. We fortunately have new herb preventative medicine
available to us these days.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"(an old saying)

Take care-