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God bless your soul...Hey there - this page is filled with all my notes from studying, and a thank you goes out to all the people who helped me understand this stuff.....anytime I try to explain material (this is mostly to help keep me organized in this busy world - of course not meant to offend or mis-represent another's teachings :-) Lots of love and prayers...Take care... :-)

HipHop is Jazz -

Consumers need all the help we can get. Maybe someday, corporations will respect who drives the economy...If we ain't full of hundreds of work related folks to pay bills or raise a family (God bless), then we humans are in trouble for trying to make money on the street. Attitude of Gratitude. God is good. Life is Healing. All things work towards the good (called to his purpose), so waz good. Peace. Physical therapy is essential...

Hey Guys....10-29-15..Peace..."Trading is a lifestyle...peace through process"...we learn our favorite high probability trades, and we are interested in, and we are to the newer strategies...our goal is to have 1 to 100+ pip weeks, and transform consistently into a Pro Trader on our Micro account...that is Good...we build over time from there...try to enjoy the journey" (our new strategies are Harmonics, Break and Close with harmonic return to structure, and Economic Fundamentals Retroactive)

A Week of Discovery 10-16-15 (now "Peace of Mind, Strategy and Discovery")

Peace and Hope Channeling 10-17-15 (eat a plant based diet, and you'll be fine :-) 

Catch Up With Us - (Lyrics)   10-15-15   much love...thanks to every Person who is helping defend from the usual...Words try to express...we always hope the thoughts help...peace   (we know it's sometimes a thankless job, but it's the right side to be wins...peace)

Integrative Charting...Peace thru U...10-7-15

Happy Habitat - Light Works (lyrics) - 9-29-15

Peace and gratitude to our Friends..."That's Us!"...Famous..."In jazz"...

:o) many years of sayin' that...and "I ain't playin"...and... :o)...."That's real....Good to hear"....."Happy Habitat"...may we create positive loving perceptions...seeing the world thru the eyes of was said, "You can never be alone if you like the person you are alone with" (W. Dyer)...gratitude is the peace...Happy Habitat

Be Glad for Today (Lyrics)...7-8-15 (We share the lyrics because there are 2 sides to it unfolds, the Biblical significance becomes clearer...Love and prayers...peace)

Peace and Build (Lyrics)...thanks to all our Friends who care...peace

Scriptures: Living Word 5-22-15 

Know the Peace (Lyrics)....5-12-15

Currency Checklist update 4-25-15 (3 touchpoints for a trendline)

Currency Pair, "Yet another checklist (yawn) :-)" Well, Guys this one is different, because, now with being more a part of the Forex community, and having daily Fundamentals/Technical information...we have been making successful swing trades...even though our mutli year NZDUSD "show yer nuts trade" (ha...ha...)worked based on the significant correlations...reminds us of a JohhnyBMefmind UBlunt Roots vibe to plant roots in the Forex mission....oh yeahhhhh :-) and respect....we trade N.Y. close swing trades...that's our schedule...1peace

Everlasting Peace Team One Power Strategy---"There's Power in Trend and a pullback"...15 minute supply/demand zone filtering for highest probability structure

The reason we were studying Wave Principle is to learn to identify market turning points, and thus to better know where price was going to move, based on verifying patterns....interesting stuff. We are leaning more towards Economic Fundamentals and Technical supply/demand stuff "Forest from the trees" these days, but Elliot Wave is fascinating if you dig...peace be with U...

Be Glad for Today (New Jazz Fusion tune) 2-10-15

Spiritual Warfare clarity to "get it off our chest" Peace to RootsK :-) 1-4-14

Once a range is established with 2 or more touchpoints bounce off a rangebound level in a liquid currency pair (low spread)...with support and resistance lines drawn and levels confirmed (or in upward or downward parallel channel showing a trend "directional sentiment" flow bounce off parallel trendlines)...we draw "Intrarange Trendlines", and look for an (inside the range) countertrend line "break" for "trade trigger" (up or down)...also check for Hammer or Shooting Star candles at turning point bounce off a level...this is for Daily/4 Hour/1 Hour charts...5 minute chart is more for our "3 Point Peace" "couple of pips" breakout trades...this Brotha named James Chen at FXDD teaches the fascinating "Intrarange" approach...we can add Economics and EMA50 close "price push" or MACD for more "probability stackin" (click away the ads, and the webinar is there)...peace through study...

3 Point Forex Peace....1love...12-22-14 (edit)---see it as a part time job that is between U and the managing finances...U can do it. God is progressive....a few pips at a time....we believe together...

New Jazz tune..."U Power" 12-15-14

Peace...12-15-14 thoughts to share and a new tune link above this...Health, peace and joy first...A friend shared, that Leaders need to be at peace and not enraged like many (some say roaches sorry to say) have been...When ever working with a Universal kind of person or even a "Gimmee" Friend who needs a few bucks...(tough times for a lot of Folks)'s some Scriptures that I've been chewin' on!...:-) Romans 15:5 (Likemindedness and patience---Universal)----Romans 15:6 (Give God the Glory/Credit)---Romans 15:13 (May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in your faith)...Proverbs 27:17 (Iron sharpens Iron)...for me, it helps to be a part of a Church Assembly, when I can join the service...Matthew 6:6 (God wants a relationship behind closed doors 1st) Assembly members at Church understand my need for the Word...everyone can be a part of something...or internet collective base, because your peace is essential and human egos very easily get caught into emotional possesions that get caught into snares that ain't life giving...side note: Our 2X Folks still possibly lurking around airspace. We did not know you were there like that until, a leading Financial power shared the seriousness of the trouble and issues potentially trying to bother us?...To keep it 100%, everybody has to say..."took 2X to the gillz"...which means, the root X story is like the Star Wars movie where Luke wins at the end.. :-) We did not know what y'all were up to. We would say, to definitely find a purpose fast considering what we see is manifesting in the careful, as the root story is protected by GOD. If you believe?...if not, please just wish it well...Don't get too close...thanks...Love to loved ones who did not know the history of the Root Story X = U...We recommend "U Power" :-) to replace the whole 2X will be embraced by all of us rooted in established structures already reaching minds and home media networks, and we can all finallly unite...if the spirit moves...U and U and U and U and....everyone is a special X from God :-)

Wave Principle Organization page----note from GrandmaAuntieUncleGrandpa says: :-) "You're gonna work with all that wave principle stuff we studied right, we put a lot of study into that Fibonacci stuff...draw those trendlines and check those retracements kid"...Love you and respect to 101%...peace to all the TeamOneUniversal Beat campaigns to teach the healing power of music which continues to spread a healing balm on our body/mind/soul... :-) No pressure, just to addin' to probabilities if the Spirit move...peace

Wave principle peace notes #1 (Neely's-Mastering Elliot Wave)

Wave Principle Peace notes #2 (Neely's-Mastering Elliot Wave)

Wave Principle Peace Notes #3 (Neely's-Mastering Elliot Wave)

The Word (scripture) 10/21/14----also love to all the good Folks...when someone wakes up to Airspace, a person becomes a collective, which is why Respect was 1st in these parts...the Elders shine through eventually...especially when there's a "take 4" phase...the trouble with the "2" thing is that the "host" needed to join Airspace, and open up that focal point? It went the way it did, but now it's infinity's everyone not just "2" (especially all the Mommies and Babies)...please don't limit us...we're all points of light but nobody except God is the "1"...though the "Guys" Movie/Raps/Books/Analysis hint at something for the future/present to unite Folks...just one of the team...1peace

10-19-14 "Technical Analysis self reminder" going forward into new phase of study

10/15/14---Harmonic Minor Revelation (thanks to an Arturo lick, he played over the G7alt chord...that's why transcription is important)

9-15-14 Music Doctor notated...the enharmonics might be broken but beautiful...simple truth peace

Thanks Rescue Rehab Release Inspire...Acts 2:17 (In the last days God will pour out his Spirit on all flesh) 2X included...:0)  "Let's get it right, this is war. Reap sow nothin' more, who ya' fightin for?"

9-14-14 Jazz solo---Music Doctor Eternally grateful!!!!

God is Real - On the Rise (lyrics)

G Tech 2014 - Lyrics

Bebop Dominant 7 sounds - "departure point in every position"

God redeeming God 6-16-14

Living Word...scriptures 4 inner peace 5-30-14

(If ever dealing with an Evangelist type, who is aggresive, these scriptures generally starting with "Jesus is Lord", will bring peace...because many folks are abrasive about proclaiming that Jesus is the only way...Important reminder to this type of "faith wiring" is to lead them back to God the Father...inclusion...John 12:44...God is love right?... :-) God made all kinds of cultures, and we meet in the center which is God...1God...peace)

It's Morrrrrrrrrre Than Babylon 5/23/2014

Get it Right (Lyrics) 5-21-14 (peace to all the hustle n' bustles)

5 With Us (Lyrics) 4/27/2014

Here's to the Future....4/20/14

C the Future (lyrics) 4-9-2014

Everlasting Peace Bebop Melodics - book 4/2/2014

Not How We Doin' It (lyrics) 3-27-2014

Faith 4 tha Faithless (a compliment to culture) 3-16-2014

Everlasting Peace 3-4-2014 ...peace through music/art/education/science/math...

Everlasting Peace 3-3-2014 Love or Fear...which side are Global leaders on?...simple question...This Country too...we think the only leverage point to "inspire change", will be to "make" Earth threats think differently...we see this happening every day...and thank God for that!...unfortunately not fast enough or sweeping enough...the goal is to feed and shelter the people, and check the oppressor...Jesus (Jewish man) said so, and even the 2 Billion Muslims (supposed to be embracing all faith based "one God" revelations) say so...God will be providing answers in the "quickening" we are living as  comfortable and well as possible...we don't think we're tough, but God is...we're humble artists giving a perspective...peace

Everlasting Peace's always goin' the nerve of whoever it may be using our material to propagandize static....wanna join us? the people...instead of pushing greed/reproduction and denying we exist..."cash rules" was a message to the humble people, not to perpetuate  the 20% (haves) and 80% (nots) Pareto Principle things..anyway...much love to everyone who as usual...

Everlasting Peace 2-25-2014 ...This goes out to alllll the folks who have a heart bout" thangs...and to my/our Brothaz n Sistahz who are "good lookin' out" may seem like we're wayyyyy over here...but we're actually not...we get our 16 bars in, and if we want to be part, usually so much is online these days anyway...we just can't be too near to the pulse of the expressions because there is so much related to us, and it causes "telepathicc social events"...and anyone who knows us, :-) we definitley don't like the too much social event in the head bit...drama that's it for the "Ice Cream Man" stuff for this encouraged..oh, why are we putting all these jazz studies up? Because someday when Byron (and anyone who digs) wants to learn these, or teach how to play the jazz changes, that will be's a hip approach to that cool...also, the plan (after the webdesign course) is to create a website dedicated to jazz, and for all instruments..."2 for jazz" was "2 for cash" for some" ...peace :-)

Everlasting Peace 2-23-14 (we just couldn't help ourselves with this one :-)...and if we all think about it, just the name means "we believe in eachother's confidence"...absolutely Rap Souffle right...! Keeping the mind and lungs goin' through the rhymes....that's how we too now...straight through the top with that to the Brothahood...we all inextricably connected if done right...the big industry resource carriers should set up non-profits to take care of all the folks who helped and want to help....folks need nurturing, so let's pay people well to help make that happen...
"speak your space (peace)"...we build eachother up...1

Everlasting Peace 2-22-2014 "Rhythm Changes..." Things are workin' the way out Guys...we have to unite now...the big regime fish wants to know what "it" let's use the polictial and media process to do what God asked us to...let's get strong...peace

Everlasting Peace 2-20-2014 12 bars blues---(thanks for listening Guys!)

Everlasting Peace  - 2/17/2014   (Be happy and comfortable as we can, as our major tour of duty with our "collective call to unity purpose" is finished. Now we'll just be checkin' in here and there and hope/pray for everyone's happiness and's peace through music---at least that's what 75% of the "4" people that folks are trying to confuse already expressed...don't know what they think they're doin'...but we know what WE are doin' experience (ours) with the game is because of all the artists who were influenced by African American music styles and used it to become famous in the past I made peace with my people in the game...and that's good enough for our story...the rest of the hate is just seen as persecutes as we grow closer to the Lord...God is perfect, and we gotta get to work people...4 is not one color or the other...let's be responsible about that...we put in too much work for division to try to go toe to toe with us on that...that's what words like "on the bench" or "quarentine" are saved for....thanks to all our friends who care...1love/Motivates...3 + 4=7 balance 1)

Everlasting Peace "20 Solos" #7  2-10-2014 (also..."studies for linear melodic practice")

Everlasting Peace "20 solos" #6 2-8-2014

Everlasting Peace "20 Solos" #5 2-4-2014    eighth note melodic lines, but let the notes breathe as comfortable (horn players)...

Everlasting Peace "20 Solos" ...#4...1-27-2014 (Fulfillment in the stillness-Ohm...straight through the floor...peace and thanks to Andre who did 14 years, and hopefully found his transformation to live in the world"...transformation not just or destroy)

Everlasting Peace "20 solos" ...#3... 1-23-2014

Living in a Sleeper World..God bless. :-) 1-21-14

(If anyone asks you what all the writings are just say "oh I'm working on a story"'s true...we are :-)

How Bout' That Network (Elders Counsel) 1-14-2014

Everlasting Peace Guitar (Next position) 1 Chorus 1-4-2014

(Working on a 1 chorus solo in each fret position)

Everlasting Peace Guitar solo (1chorus) 1-3-2014

("We all share...and the Earth keeps revolving around the Sun" Peace :-)

Everlasting Peace Jazz Guitar 1/1/2014 (starting with Psalms n Proverbs again)

Revelations 13:13...just part of the reckoning we gather...peace through music

Everlasting Peace Jazz Discovery12-23-13

Diamond Star Symbol - Universal 12-22-2013

Everlasting Peace Jazz Guitar 12-19-2013 ("Cultivate the love, peacin' through the top n no less" :-)

21 Salutes...a perspective...(one of many) peace 12-15-2013

"Special" request scriptures 11-17-2013

Chromatic Bebop Notes 11-9-2013

Everlasting Peace (Jazz Guitar Book installment 11-8-2013)

Everlasting Peace (Jazz Guitar Book installment 10-30-13)

Gratitude is tha Greener Side (Lyrics) - 10/20/2013

Additional Scriptures 9-13-2013

As it relates 9-3-2013 (compassion, justice, power, equality)

Until Further Notice Channeling 8/16/2013

3:48 We All Deserve a Piece (Lyrics) 8/7/2013

Global Forex Team Camp MefBmind 1 hour strategy questions :-) 8-3-2013

D minor chromatic diminished discoveries 8-2-2013

Here is an interesting one that talks about 1 hour charts in Forex that allows us to have a perspective over a few weeks...Level breaks and follow throughs, Risk, Higher Highs/Lower Highs/Lower Lows/Higher lows...Fibonacci holds? Good stuff... Risk on and Risk off? Which fundamentals tell us which "aggregate way" will the market go based on supply and demand:-) It all adds up into a higher probability trade strategy!


Also, very in depth Forex Fundamentals found here...

We love to read books about this before we are going back to study the markets to stack our probabilites...everyone has their own simplified favorite way of strategy formulation, just like we all have our own faiths...

Great article from OTA - "supply and demand imbalance -  price bounces off levels"

Can it Beez - Call it like it Is - Then Truce it (lyrics) 7-30-2013

Jazz Licks 7-25-2013

Tablature Paper (Blank)

Melodic Minor Scales and Piano Voicings from Team Camp 2013

Real Eternal (Lyrics) 7-14-2013

Great Day Trading help...thanks OTA...1) where are we on the Larger (Daily) Supply and Demand Curve, and 2) place entry order on 1st pullback/retest (confirmation) as opposed to the MBO (for intraday)...thanks Sam/OTA...we need your help...we're getting many positive things we could do :-)

Make Way - A World Inside (Lyrics)   6-20-2013

5 minute intraday - MBO study...looking forward to "non MBO structure" trade confidence using Odds enhancers only, but until then...MBO...

Thank you to Online Trading Academy for sharing the above article...(note that  price left the original demand level very fast, didn't stay there long and was followed by a higher low, then a path of least resistance seller impulsion because the buy orders were at the original demand level?, then a higher low compared to original level with no "consolidation"...thanks OTA for sharing...Great "Supply and Demand" is out of balance trade....

Interesting About Time Frames

Forex Trading times

God's on tha Thrown - Lyrics 5-23-2013

4X Correlations 5-15-2013

(just for fun, maybe one of our Hiphop baller friends will try one of these trade opportunities ex: short AUDUSD or NZDUSD this year in place of a gambling choice at a casino, and that can be a gift from us :-) Why  not :-) It's a long term trade and should close out  as it gets near the next demand or supply's the time to enter if it's gonna happen...much love and thanks y'all///peace

From the "keep safe's"...everybody is...Bebop relationships between E7 - Bminor -Dmajor7 (lydian),and G#minor7 b 5 (use our dimished vibe too)...quite a thang.......A major 7 stuff too...takes time to get our minds wrapped around the rush,...that's the ebb and flow of the experience...

A Blues Chormatic vibes and the "STUCK" art piece that helped Team Camp feel would be great for you guys to create a fun story about this charachter with all the friends...soooo many things...soooo may people...Team Camp may not always be the "Hipsters", but we know about finding peace in our life...If you are a STUCK artist, and the media uses the idea...please reach out to them if you want...thanks for the love...keep creatin' friends...peace..God bless...

Joe Pass - Django...and a piece of good luck Tab paper

Minor Bebop notes...

Jazz Improvization leave some crumbs behind...

Ovahride 1 (lyrics)...4/25/2013

Forex thoughts 4-18-2013

It's 1  not   -1          respect peace

People's Crown 3-31-2013

Trading Software notes and "Hey Guys"   3-27-2013 

Significant Time Frame Reversal Long Term Position Strategy 3/23/2013

Hearts and Minds (lyrics)   3-14-2013

What is "It"? Mythology... 3/10/2013    (peace through art)

Thoughts from Byron...(Byreeeene)  :-)  3/1/13

Protective Scriptures....2-6-2013

Cruisin' Music (Lyrics)  1-31-2013

Faith Hinge Lyrics  1-22-2013

Extreme Market Reversal in Supply/Demand zones strategy 1-9-2013

NZDUSD +167 PIPS 1 hour swing trade strategy inspiration

Let it Rest (Lyrics)

(by the way, we are diggin' 4 hour reversal patterns as our swing trade strategy, which is a way to maximize turning point movements)

Turning Points is our Quest...humbly amateuring along...12-17-12

Adjustment Department Poem 12/2/12

One Spirit Takeover (Lyrics) 11-30-2012

Under Siege (Lyrics) 11-29-2012

True Through It (verse) - Happy Holidays 11-16-2012

Peace Guys...a few real thoughts from what we saw through...11-6-12

No Need ta Trrrrip (lyrics) 10/18/12   Happy Halloween guys...

Here We Go - Price Trading 1   2   3       9/10/2012

Make Peace Not war (lyrics) 9-4-12

Hey Guys, here's a great one below on dealing with negative people (they don't know they are doing it....)

Our thoughts on motivation and how to deal with church folks :-)   8-14-12

2012 Political Litmus Test to quiet the emotionally charged news circuses

Hey can send this to political negative people if you dig...much love...

Politics...2012...historical perspective...stay loving and discerning... :-)

We Live too - Lyrics 8-1-12

Bounce - Lyrics - 7-24-12

Quarentine - Spiritual Warfare 7-11-12


Carry on - lyrics 6-30-12

"Carry On" has nothing to do with the inspiring "Mind on the Money, Money on my Mind" song. "Carry On" is a response to some hater telepathics sayin' we don't hustle like someone....well, we're hustlers in our own way. We navigate through the world in our own way. Besides if we were all just about the dollar, would we have been doing any music/art/movies? Peace through art is the ultimate message we have to leave, and of course keep the hustle goin'... that's survival...not everybody has family to work with or stay with, so God Bless anybody having a tough time...So we thank our blessings. Feeling better and having a bit of our own mind space is a priority for us. Onelove..

Live n Let Live - Lyrics 6-22-12

We Don't Play, but Lighten Up - Lyrics---6-10-12

Let it Deal - Lyrics

God Cypha U - lyrics  

Feeling better in life IS a serious subject. So o.k., and back to trying to relaxing through time....just healing along...we like to have a bright outlook...and have fun...much love and peace....

Let's Rejoice - lyrics

(Hey guys, just a note. We found out that if you download the track from Soundcloud the "compression" buzz ain't there whewww:-) didn't have it when writing it...and to my hearing impaired friends...lots of love...we all have our own time and way in life...we won't go into the Cochlear implants talk or anything, but these days technology can help us go through a procedure like that with much less discomfort...tayyyke it easy..much love... :o)

 Reconciled - Lyrics  4-5-12

(here's a code thought -below----from one of our friendlies :-)..."thanks Bub"

73E4D4D8711C9B4AF9C37968DCC4B307?     Fascinatin' :-)

Check yer Faith lyrics - 4/1/12

Relax Your Shoulders - Lyrics   3/31/2012

Good vs. Evil Lyrics (dedicated to "California Copy People" for helping us study and learn to enjoy it...we love you....:-)   (California Copy was a printing place that had a man who owned the place down to the penny and we appreciated his (and wife's) way of efficiency and the joy of organizing and "pushing paper". Friendly peace...

We can heal our brain - Thoughts from "Brain Power" by Gelb and Howell

Love is the Law of Life - (apple of his eye) Lyrics (Hey Guys)   :-)


It's Cool Lyrics :-)

It's Cool Lyrics---PDF :-)


Hey guys, o.k. so....any repetitive activities in one direction like practicing an instrument for hours a day can cause a mis-alignment. If we think about it, eventually all the energy ends up in a non-aligned area, and this is what happens in all kinds of cases. Take care and be gentle in the re-alignement. This  was a revelation to most of us and common sense to others, so we are just so grateful. :-)

Try an internet search for Sam Seiden's "Odds Enhancers"

(for Price Charts trading)

Below is Supply and Demand explanation link :-) click on "go to fxstreet" - basically this webinar explains that supply and demand is key..and techniques like Fibonacci, pivot points or Elliot Wave should line up with supply and demand zones or it does not work....

Here's a PDF - of an interpretation from the Webinar :-)

Thoughts on SUPPLY AND DEMAND 2-9-12

(we are looking for a "Big Imbalance" in Supply and Demand)

Price Chart trading Thoughts (PDF) 12/30/11

Price Chart Trading Thoughts (Word) 12/30/11

Are We Here? Lyrics.....  Happy Holidays (have something good to eat and remember you are specail just for who you are :-)

Lyrics to "Zappin Along" and much needed (daily stretching) discussion

however it is in the minds eye (swatting, filter screens, explosions) we want these evil pain causing drama people out of us. :-)

Zapping notes #2

Zapping notes from us to us, hang in there

Water Unda tha Bridge - lyrics (an express train to expression)

What is that stock trader thang? :-) we just are asking a question :-)Peace to 'intervention will settle' - respect...slow n easy. Every day's a holiday, and every meal is a banquet. Attitude of gratitude. Healing along, one moment at a time. Enjoy the process...and discovery along..'on your journey' We don't mind ourselves. We all smell. Take a shit.. eat, and let the gas goes...well enough alone, stay out of trouble, don't be a sucker for punishment...respect..peace...Tayyyke a break...

Take tha Lead - Lyrics :-)  11-15-11

Respect Love - Lyrics :-)

Somethin' to believe in

Peace and blessings - the elders said for the kid media rappers to take a seat

Keep the Balance :-)    9/26/11    the haters are death we are life - it will be o.k.

No Offense But We're Over It (Lyrics)   :-)

Thoughts on Dealing With Negative People :-)

"Straight Ahead", like the jazz dudes say :-)

We're a man on a mission :-)

God's Love :-)

It's simple. It's all about heart. :-)

Grounded in LOVE

Love is the Stronger Movement. :-)

 Hey guys, we had to get this off our chest. Happy 4th :-)

Divine order, Honor something :-)

The Respect lesson is right unda their noses :-)

"All Within" verse and a "power to the people" poem

One World Wisdom spoken word and verse :-)

Gettin' Clearer, Gotta Lighten up :-)

All things work towards the good. It's all good. :-)

Clear It Up   verse/spoken word - We are people of hope :-)

Bounce Back verse :-)......"we can do it no doubt Bounce Back."

Hey Guys :-)

One World Power :-)

Help the world, and oh yeah, the twin miracle

Calm Down (focusing) verse and surprises

Squeeky Squeeky - Don't Compare lyrics :-)   From all of us to us

People Not Celebrities verse - love ya.

A special Thanks -and verse to "Back That Up"

Nobody is the Center of the Universe - It's about Community - It's all love

Respect First and stuff

Hold it Down - Raise it up -

We're over it. Respect.

A Thousand Smiles -   :-)

One World- A Dialogue Within

  Just a few thoughts to maintain the mind and keep peace 4-26-11

Pawleeeeze Don't Get it Twisted :-)

We all have gas, now that's multinational :-)

3-21-11 :-) Looking for a Better Way to Get Our Special Point Across

11-30-10 (click here) Health Notes From Everlasting Peace

A nurse said that a positive healing mindset is 50% of the healing.


So here are 3 main points to mixing a Hiphop audio track..... :-)

We create for ourselves and share with others. Just like having to put your oxygen mask on first if on the airplane. :-)

When writing a track. It's progressive (life is moving/healing forward :-)

It helps to have an idea of a style before placing the kick/snare/high hats

or it's your usual beat which is spiritual healing regardless. So if everyone

has their own fundamental style, imagine all the styles we can be inspired

from in the world. Wow! Sometimes the thing may start with a sound

after deciding the structure of the kick and snare basically, then create

your landscape of sound.

God bless. O.k. so next is the mixing part of the beat for balance and clarity.

1) strong clear many snares each with maximizer panned left mid center mid right-can be stacked (or stereo imager) and make sure snares together don't sound distorted like duplicate phasing of same sounds (or use a few not in the same frequency panned and in center)

some engineers probably have a couple of mics left, center, right.

2) Clear harmony with instruments not cancelling eachother's frequencies. Use panning.

3) Clear kick at all volume levels. Nothing should be over powering the other. :-) Try raising the boom drum pitch.

Place kick with bass line for emphasis and that's how a bass player and drummer thinks...also sometimes we write the bass line first to compliment the melody or however but think of everything going on as a band playing :-)

Only apply Maximizer,  and stereo imager to the overall track once for mastering purposes...or will sound distorted. :-)

Play the track loud and soft and check if kick/snare is clear at both levels

Normalize (then boost volume and not clip) ...Volumes at any level should not "clip". and fade out the ending in Sound Forge. Boost levels.

Where the beat starts is where the 8 bar intro actually is..."allright yeah-yo" :-) and stuff... we must remember that part :-)

For the BOOM, you can combine a regular kick, boom sound and a bass, then EQ it to bring the healing powers out...have fun.

The chorus for a rap is a journey and can  have instruments go in and go out. Example is to use the main sounds then add sounds one by one and accent the vocal with backgrounds or sounds and cadences to bring out the journey.

Always check the track in the monitors because the headphones are so close...the balance of the multi tracks is important... :-)

3-12-11 Fibonacci Price and Time clusters approach

1-20-11 Wave Principle Financial Market criteria condensed :-)

God bless.

1-13-11 EURUSD studies Just amateuring along. Practice until consistent pipage.

1-9-11 Risk Appetite and Risk Aversion

1-7-11 Oops! :-)  Employment report and Truncation like price behavior

By the way, an expert said all of this stuff is supposed to be practice.

The market will be there. This is considered a necessary part of learning.

1-5-11 USDJPY and risk on/risk off studies

12-14-10 Structure and price level breaks for Highest Probability

12-12-10 USDJPY and 3 main strategy points to remember

Swing vs. intraday trading

12-2-10 (click here) USDJPY

By the way regarding 5th wave behavior. It has to do with the even larger time frames wave cycles than weekly and Daily. Remember that during loss of momentum, the 5th wave will truncate. God bless.

11-30-10 (click here) USDJPY study, 1st wave n a pullback/4th wave n we'll see, strategic trade plan and correlations.  Remember the stop is behind the nearest pullback, and we move the stop when price has gone out of the range of being "stopped out"

11-26-10 (click here) USDJPY bounce from 80.00

11-22-10 (click here)Check list-We have to remember to have fun studying and lighten up Happy Holidays, and if you are at home alone for the Holiday, please do us all a favor by getting something special youlike to eat and know we all love you "special just for who we are and don't forget it bub! Take care

11-19-10 Here is a grrreat lesson in price turns/channeling

FOREX Golden Spiral thoughts Comprehensive

11-14-10 USDJPY

 10-24-10 Hey guys (click here)....Forex is an Interbank market...we will learn together..Interesting how we will follow the difference between Daily, 4 hour, 60 min, 15 min and 5 min time frames...what about the 1 min? Well we will check them out over time and follow EURUSD and take note of how other currency pairs reflect fundamentals, wave principle and price level movement sentiment....Knowledge, research and patience....the Ed Ponsi book (Forex playbook really helps to think about fundamentals) :-)

Forex trading is not about pushing's about researching the flow of money between countries through the interbank market...this is why our LIBOR-OIS chart is important. It tells us what is going on in the Interbank market.

10-26-10 (click here)  EURUSD and USDCHF correlation

Next study will go over using the wave principle to verify impulsions and corrections.We will use EURUSD and USDCHF and have fun :-)

10-27-10 (click here) Fundamentals and Technicals EURUSD and USDCHF

10-28-10 (click here) Impulsion verification rules

10-29-10 (click here) 1st wave extension

10-30-10 (click here) 3rd wave extension

11-04-10 (click here) EURUSD and USDCHF inverese correlation confirmed WOW! We will keep discovering to prove to ourselves...

11-6-10 (click here) more corrective phase stuff

11-8-10 (click here) Fundamentals website links

11-8-10 COT and a chart

11-9-10 (click here) EURUSD, S and P, and USDJPY

11-11-10 (click here) Notes from class

Thank you OTA

11-12-10 (click here) Fibonacci guidance system

For fundamentals we check economic indicators and overall trustworthy country economic strength news, and the equities markets as benchmarks for risk appetite/risk aversion status (risk on/risk off) Take care

Interesting thought that if Japan (one of world's largest economies), exports over 20% of all exports to US, and the economy relies on the purchasing power of other countries, then we can expect strong price moves meant to maintain the trade dynamics equilibrium. Someone once said that the two currencies like to stay within "ranging" (between price levels). This is probably because of the reliance on eachother. Interesting stuff.

By the way, the triangle trade is setup by using and "order cancel order" entry order, so when one activates the other is cancelled out. The breakout may occur on either sides of the triangle so we draw a parrallel line at the beginning of wave  a and the end (unless another wave is the widest wave). Place the two entry orders (order cancel order) just beyond these points, and have a trailing stop so we can lock in the profit. The trailing stop I have to learn about better, but this is for good risk management. Take care. 

(this last one kind of seems like the 5th wave is overly subdivided too, but wave 3 was a bit more in pips, so we used it to talk about other criteria and have some fun :-)

America is a place where a lot of friendlies also live.  

(but it's not safe in the satellites....the technology is known to project our energy so that we aren't grounded at home....if you are knocked out the place you are projecting...."hope you go to heaven..." hope I'll be there with you some day friendly......)  A good way to frame American history, which is a reflection of human nature....(how people tend to be), is to understand that there were people living in the land and it was taken from them. ..but of course in business school..this is called having "competitive advantage".....regardless just being aware of the Native American spirit for us 2010 people is important to finding peace within. The people that were there (Native Americans), didn't think of land as something owned, they just lived there.....the new place that people from all countries found was eventually called America....supposed to be "for the people, and governed by the people"...thoughts like we are "proprietors (owners) of ourselves", and that property ownership (like food or a plant that is yours...clothes..dolls..etc.) is just an extension of our human rights.

Well... humans tend to be greedy....and as we know...can be really there was difficulty getting everyone what they need.......

Lots of people weren't able to get jobs because a majority of a type of people who were able to get land first, or might have looked like a lot of people who had money....wouldn't let others have things too.......The laws didn't say that businesses had to hire everybody. So...people were left out!  "plenty of people working, and only few  making lots of money"......Not until 1965 was there a real plan (statute) called The Civil Rights Act, which created the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) meant to keep track of all these stingy people.....And here we are....It wasn't until 1920 that women  were aloud to vote.....No wonder lots of people still aren't loved.......people get tired of not having a chance.......hopefully more and more people are encouraged to try to make things better for themselves ...............

So when the people on the radio talk about politics..........I wonder....what's the question that we need to answer for them.........just help everyone.....why is that so confusing to them? friendlies (risking themselves in the sattelites) might say..."we're all good" matter what shape, size, color....we get credit for trying....

Everybody has a different starting place in life, and it's not fair that some people don't get chances to do things. Yup! We have to be good and learn to do what we can to enjoy the process of things, but when the sattelites are pushing and rushing everything so's tough for a person who doesn't know how to zap them off of relax....(how to zap em out of your body should be on the gettingoin page)

There's lots of hope these days through the power of the internet to unite people towards the same goal...everybody having something..........

Maybye if women get more involved we can save the planet....

an ecosystem is our planet------a good example is a coral reef (they're home)where all the fish and plants live together........

So here's some stuff from business school. Mostly the teaching is about how to get a company working towards one goal meant to last in the future..."sustainability"...People--called Human Resources are to be valued and motivated...the best way to do that is to give them hope for a future (job security) and try to make the job fun. Also concepts like "strategic objectives" should be the focus, and "organizational alignment" are important.

There's alot of talk about money in business school, but the real stuff is about how to respect the customer needs (customer value chain), while helping the company continue into the future....

Also when people talk about all started when someone wanted to build a ship for  a sea voyage, and a bunch of people got together to put money for it to be built......All the stuff we all hear about is the same thing...

People can get rich from a stock value rising (example: if the ship started making lots of money from bringing things home and selling them...the value of the stock goes up) People think they're so smart if they know all about stocks and all that...they are actually confused because money is not happiness...if they have enough to live they should know that "money is the root of all evil" (famous saying)------(stocks are very risky by the way..they could lose all their money too!) Anyway..........take care-I'll try not to pay attention to all the advertisements's really mean of them to keep trying to make us buys things...or not helping visually impaired people get the new technology available to watch Star Wars too! Until then.......there's ways to watch the's just too dangerous in the sattelites you guys...hope you  are o.k. or if you "go"...hopefully we'll see you in heaven friendly......

04-27-08-Hey there. Been reading the materials for the Economics class which is next. Pretty much here's the vibe of this stuff. People needs things and the rest of what people buy is for recreation or leisure. There are people controlling businesses and those who appreciate the process of working and are ethical. A lot of companies try to squeeze as much money out of us as possible and others are just there doing their thing, hoping to pay employees fair wages and carry on. The readings talk about elasticity of demand (consumer reaction to price changes) and inelasticity (Ex. people will buys flour, or ketchup no matter the price..........just a joke.... hamsters, and kitty cats, birds, dogs-are inelastic because we love them sooooooooooooo much) Here's a paper on human resources if you are interested..

So pretty much there are descriptions of companies who have control over prices or don't. The book recommends that people seek employment at companies in the service industry or those dealing in products that are inelastic because if there is a recession we'll still have jobs (in the service industries or those dealing with non-durable (food etc.)  goods). A recession is a situation where getting a job is difficult because companies are not able to pay wages. There are many theories on why it happens...Truth is that humans are generally stingy, and when times get tough, the company executives don't take care of the people. (mostly) This is a good argument for more socialist (like N. Korea or China) ideas. Probably the future is a combination of free enterprise (being able to start a corporation or own a business), and hopefully anyone will be able to get healthcare if they need it...We're all good and most things we buy is taxed ....the government decides what to do with the money. That's about it for now....There's alot of confusing stuff in these "technical" books. The truth is that our depth of understanding about being friendly/sharing people is the way to be. 

5-18-08 Hope you are well. Trying to rize above the conflict with this planet. Any opinion has an opposite. Gotta just know that we are right to believe in equality and that the world will change. Humans are just going to have to get along as we unite and then will travel space someday! Cool then...

 Economics stuff...People say Supply and Demand captures the essence of the subject. 2nd classthis Monday. Finished with the readings (for entire have an understanding) and the main things is a few thoughts...

 Demand.....that's us! We want our stuff (product bought from companies)cheap so we can afford other things in life.

Supply-that's the businesses who set the price. We know how that can be. The book and teacher says that businesses want to "maximize revenue" Same stuff as before that creates an unequal distributuin of wealth between the people who have and don't have things. the main reason is that there aren't enough opportunities and incentives (reasons to work...for example.."how can I make money?" or "why should I try to go to school?").

Some of the answers on the planet tend to involve helping everything with basic things like un-employment, healthcare, school.....A good example is I believe it's Denmark. "Yan Tee Loav" Danish for "no body is better than the other person." Keep hope alive. The fact is that by involving people in education and healthcare creates tons of jobs. Mostly businesses are stingy, as we know, which keeps some places from changing and prospering. Even when the ability to vote is available, most people don't pay attention to it because of not believing it will help. Lots of new, good things going on in the world to be positive about. I'll try to focus on those things too! Take care buddy!

5-21-08 Well... the professor spent some time talking about the stock market. He said that understanding the patterns of supply and demand based on analysis can help predict what happens to volume and collective (called aggregate) price in the market. By downloading thousands of transaction data (7-8 thousand)  over the past 480 days from the stock market index and "number crunching"...a relative prediction can be made? The teacher says he has been correct most of the time. The advice was to choose lower prcied stocks to maximize profit. When the stock increases in price there is a greater percentage jump. Also.....if price is going up and volume of trading (transactions) is going down.......sell the stock he says.....

Oh...he also said that you can know if pressure is builing in the market by an increase in volume (trading/transactions) and the price not going up...good time to buy one of those cheap stocks...As the price increase you can sell it someday and make a profit! The teacher says he views the market in the short term (time), and that because of all the fluxuations in the market (changes in volume and price), long term doesn't make sense to him.

He uses a "market Analysis" technique to decide if demand is more than supply or if supply is more than demand. I'm not too clear but...demand being the price going up (buying) and "Sellers market" is supply (when share owners are "dumping" selling shares)...

"?Changes in both the supply and demand side can tell us what will happen to the demand and supply side?"

Here are some questions......?How do we know when the collective market prices will increase?  ?Over what time period has the market been supply focused or demand focused and how does that tell us what will occur next?.....?What are the criteria (points to evaluate), and what statistical formula is used to "number crunch?.....I would like to know too......?How do I know when to buy a stock for sure?......

Patterns that happen over many months can help us understand how the market lives. We are all people, which means the market is relatively predicable....

May 29-08 Well... after a few e-mails back and forth with teacher, I went ahead and downloaded an e-book about the stock market. I found one at that seemed pretty good. Pretty much, gotta learn what the stock market (securities is another name for stocks) is all about. There's so many different things to be aware of. Thought there would be an easy way to learn, but for me there isn't. Unless you have a friend who can show you stuff, there's lots of writing online that teaches about the stock market. For now I'll be getting familiar with what the terms and possibilities through the book.

So no magic formula or anything, and the real answer always seems to be "take your time"....there's no rush with anything.....enjoy the discovery....buzzing along....with things to do......Take care.

6-26-08 Hey you guys...well trying to keep positive about things even though sometimes I seem to not get returned e-mails from some friends. School is a good project because I always have something to focus on. Creative when I can and fell like some artistic stuff. Hope you are o.k. 

Economics finished and now it's the management course. I'm attaching one of the papers from the class that has all the hip business terms and all that stuff. Anyone who wants to know the latest (pretty much) that company professionals need to know....Next class will be more technical (Accounting)..I'm preparing for that one by writing the management papers so I can relax a bit....You can click on this    Kudler-Operations Management

take care.... somebody said this morning.."I'm getting my ears for real." take care. Brian.

07-10-08 Hey there you guys.....we have the ear technology, and a few websites are saying retinal implant patients are able to see!  I'm praying for more attention to the visually impaired. There are ways to contact the schools that are making great leaps in the field.....We have lots of hope.First, we should let the world know...(actually first everyone should be able to eat and get medical care)...then tell em'...."stop looking in the mirror" makes us sad...too much worrying about what is not important...we're all good and it's all what we got on the inside!!!!!!...and number two be friendly...we can put a machine on we can help the visually impaired watch the Olympics...thank you...Until safe. Hope you are not addicted to the satellite. Too many people have died from looking too much through the thing. Lots of love, from all of us........

Well, here's the strategy paper (lots of good strategy terms) from the Management class. Next is Accounting and I'm waiting to get the link to start reading for the next class.

Kudler Fine Foods Strategy 


07-11-09 Hey there-just wishing the most positive......Hope we can all survive the satellite problem before someone with military power gets fed up. The best thing someday will be the space wars....If people really knew how watched we all are by eachother a lot would change...however, all the nonsense will have to stop, after the shock that someone (lots of people) know everything about the person. Most poeple are just trying to catch a t.v. show or have "any" visuals. Wondering how the future will deal with our situation on earth.

Well my friends, lots of love from all of us today.....Who is all of us? Tons of people who care, who know about the "space cameras" that understand why you are projecting your energy through. Remember that when you project through the thing, it might end your life. Also, it hurts and controls them....O.k. then. Take care...

 Just updating on the's the Marketing one....


Kudler Fine Foods-Marketing


7-26-08 "We are all trying to find peace in our lives" Aint that the truth. Lots of things going on in the world, and the reality is everyone needs to find peace. Of course food. Everybody needs to eat. It would sure help if the powerful media and leaders of the world could decide how we can all help eachother find peace.

Well the next class is about financial management. So far the readings are about how to lower the costs of assets (cash, inventory, property) The book talks about the cost of cash being the interest required from getting a loan. Lets say I need $10 to buy the paper to make some holiday cards. If I borrow the $10 from someone and they say that will cost me $1 for every $10 to borrow the money (10% of loan) then the $1 they charge is the cost of capital. ......The idea in the book is to "minimize the cost of capital (money) to finance assets" We all hear about people losing their jobs. People lose jobs because companies make decisions to reduce the costs of doing business. Sometimes corporations (companies) are so stingy with funds to help the company have more profit that the world suffers........It's the main reason all the trouble in the world continues. Peace.

So as the class starts there should be more to share, however for now I'm still getting the idea of the next class. Take care.....gotta have things to focus into something or the world can seem like a burden. If I have a focus like school or some artistic stuff to do, I feel alive, no matter what the world is doing. We're all important, no matter where we's all what we got on the inside.

08-01-08-"Keep your spirits up." Here's a few thoughts if you practice music or any art form("we're all getting our ears"-don't forget-it's easy when you have a friendly anasthesiologist)

just sending healing thoughts to you. Wanted to share a bit of information
gained from an expert about tendon sheathes. A lot of musicians have tendon
problems, mainly because any over activity decreases the amount of oxygen in the tendons. The specialist will know, however, here is the approach I have applied.
When practicing I used to take breaks when muscles felt fatigued....I'd raise
the paws above the head....let the bad old blood out...then slowly drop them to
my side with new blood. This technique re-oxygenates the tendons. Musicians that
play and don't re-oxygenate the tendons or take breaks are known to develop
soarness that they find is called tendonidis. I have known people who have
turned it around through all types of ways. (again)....To me the best way to
prevent and heal is to let the body's heart give new oxygen to the tendon
sheathes by raising the tendon areas above the head, then when you can feel the
old blood gone...dropping them slowly to your side and relaxing while the new
fresh oxygenated blood fills the tendons. You'll be able to feel the healling
happening. Take care. Slow n easy......

8-14-08 Good day friends. Sending the power of positive prayer to you always. Keep your spirits up. Just wanted to leave a few papers just completed on Accounting Financial Statements

A paper on costs for a company. Costs

A paper on Cash Management and Short TermFinancing



Long Term Financing Paper

Other than that, just been trying to stay positive and have things to do without rushing. If you feel alone, nobody is. It's just our attitude that is the window of how we are viewing things. Everything is relative to our situation. If really honestly need to be around people then I will have to make arrangements to live in a retirement home. I'll just try to be thankful to be where I am and have what I have. Tiil the next time. Take care.

8-17-08 Hey you guys! Hope you are well and that there are enough safe things to do. All sort of courses to take. Depends on what you like. Of course, no body said "have" to take a class. As long as you are balanceing the creative with some focus on math or science, history whateveah! That seems to be the key. I have to study business in order to live and help otheres eventually, so I trying to maintain interest and share as much knowledge as I can at gettingoin.

The finance class started this week. Here's few thoughts: the easiest way for companies to reduce expenses is to let people go (fire them). We know how humans who aren't aware that we are all part of the same thing act..."Me" type stuff all the time.(of course it's good to think of yoursel doing things that's o.k., but stay positive and send out real good thoughts into the Universe--like that book "the secret"----I haven't read it but the thought is cool... says......

Also form the class. A company's cash will always be in an interest-earning (making money for putting the money in there) account. Mostly learning about the documents (financial statements) that contain a company's information.

Trying to stay positive and balanced. "Do your best, let god do the rest"! Or if this is better. Doing your best is better for you, and there will be less pain. We have to try to do better, so we can be positive and live happier. Take care.

9/14/08 -Hey you guys,

it's been about a month since the last update. Still around. Sure wishing you the best. Positive thoughts n lookin on the bright side os most important. Always praying that our friends make the call to get help if we need it. Living with Pe n Poo smells can be easily helped by reaching out to a friend or relative to contact someone for us. Below the belt incision seems to be recognized now and takes care of the waste just as well. I talk with a lot of people dealing with different kinds of paralysis at customer service. Really trying to keep a positive attitude and show that I care enough that people feel better after calling.

Let business stuff......Well, the most important thing recently is about how to lower the cost of Financial Capital (cost of borrowing money for a business (debt) and issuing stock (ownership in the company). There are formulas to show how much the "Cost of Financial Capital" effect the Real Rate of Return for a company. The Real Rate of Return is the amount that a company has to make to break even......for example...let say we have 11 Hello Kitty story books and 11 Transformers story books. The cost of being able to create more story books to give to more people would be the "Real Rate of Return". That's pretty much it. Other than that, just been trying to stay a bit creative with music. Really hoping people know that having a good anasthesiologist really helps me when I have had operations. Lots of new hope to everybody getting their ears. I believe......Not paying much attention to any hype of the t.v. or mean opinions about politics and all that. Life is supposed to be peaceful and simple as we are. Trying to keep things to do and be kind to others. Maybye they just have to learn. We'll we know that being friendly is a real adult and that's good. Take care.

10-09-08 Hey you guys, just sending lots of positives. Hope you are finding some good ways to deal with time. We all do our best, it's just a matter of how many thoughts or distractions are keepin us from living happy. Nothing really new over here. Maybye a beat or two at the my space friends link (latest one is god is good-can find at

Other than that, school is moving along. Went through all the material for Statistics. Now in week 2, I'm trying to get the work done so I can create some music. Still on the phones at customer service. Lots of senior people who need friends. The world needs more kindness. We all know that, that's for sure.

Here's the recent paper in statisitics. it's what the school calls a 9 step problem solving approach.

World Bank Rewards Card-9 step Problem Solution

Trying to put a much stuff on the site to share some school and creativity.

Everyone is different and we get credit for anyhing we try to do.

Hope things are slow n easy for ya friend. Take care. We can't compare ourselves to anyone, it's always relative. All of us have our own situation that deserves respect. As long as we are friendly,  "thinking positive to lighten up" Nothing is worth worrying about. It doesn't do any thing to worry. it just makes us sad, so lets try to relax and we will be o.k....

Keep the hope


Been working on learning the program called Excel:

I tried to put up some Excel hints I learned, I've put too many PDF's up so far, so the site won't allow it. So the main thing is what is called "Excel Algebra"

example....           =(7*4)/(2*9)   this says (7 times 4) divided by (2 times 9)

the program expects to have an equals sign before the equation.

Thats the main thing. It really helps with calculations.

Excel Hints

Sending lots of prayers.


Good day you guys. Hope everyone is o.k. and not in pain. Sending lots of hopeful, healing, pain free thoughts.

Here's a perspective that developed from reading over the new finance material for the next class (maximizing shareholder wealth). As with the Human Resources class. "Human capital is or most important resource". (Capital usually describes money) In finance, whether it's how much it cost to borrow money or issues shares of stock (like when all those poeple pooled money to build a boat in Europe many years ago) The book is saying that the timing of money recieved (inflows) and money paid to people (outflows) should be balanced. Inflows should be used to pay bills. With this in mind, finance is really not supposed to be difficult. The book says it is difficult to be perfect with balancing, but the idea is too make more money than paying out. about the leaders of the world? How do they think. Leaders are supposed to help the future of a country. What if leaders had heart, and thought to teach the world the importance of kindness with a balanced budget that is actually making money. Possibly thinking positively for generations...

Freedom is a commodity (like something precious) about using hope as leverage (the strong activator/creator for change) "Hope is the greatest leverage to change the world? What if leaders were supposed to be teachers! That way there is a fundamental source that they will draw all there decisions from. Other leaders will change because of how every person, including themselves are benefiting from the freedom/hope perspective. The business books always talk about "Stakeholders". These are the people directly effected by decisions. The old saying. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink". No one wants to be forced to eat or drink. If all stakeholders are benefiting, then that works for everyone. If humans can go into space, someone has to be smart enough to design a philosophy that works for all countries. Focusing on something in life that is a positive. Like learning something...there are so many things to learn about. Why? Just to have things to do, and hang around...Take care.


Hey you guys. Hope things are positive. We have to look on the bright side and detach from attachments that drag us down. Lets hope none of our souls have to return to this planet or any that allows satellites to control so much human life. It is true though that so mauch change has occured (in a good way) that will unify the planet. "We're all good". All kinds of people. A melting pot of souls.

Just in case you are ever interested in management statistics for decision making. There is lots on the internet, however it really is making the time to focus (could be anything we are trying to study). The three main "statistical methodologies" that the school recomends learning about is Hypothesis testing, ANOVA and Regression. Still working on understanding these. There is a multi-phase process to go through that takes the data (the numbers to evaluate) and uses the process and formulas to eventually make a decision. It just takes  a lot of time to focus on it. It's good to have hopes. Keeps the heart going.


Take care friendlies. Next class is about more finance stuff, which should be good. So far in the readings: there are ways to put together stock groupings ( is approximately 30-with a good covariance (good balance...when one stock gains value the other adjusts----) Also the book says a company creates value by creating cash flow. basically paying all bills with enough to expand and "make it happen cap'n".

O.k., take care buddies....Peace.....remember to lighten too...



Hey there,

Well ...been doin some thinking about finance. The book talks on so may things...

I need to keep things simple. Here's a 2 page review on how to make business decisions. For any business....   Profit = Sales-cost   n' thats it!

People try to make things too complicated sometimes. There's no need. No matter the company, the same thing applies. Finance

"People are starting to see through the haze of Imperialism" Thanks to the internet, people all over the world are connecting about good things and critically thinking about the way of the world. This will change the planet.


Sending lots of positive thoughts to you...from all of us people who care in the world..and thats a lot of people!

 Here some stock (also known as securities) market information that is useful for studying....

Stock valuation

Take care. Don't forget we have to lighten up.

 It helps to put these formulas up because it takes some time to understand things. Hope things are well. This next section is about Covariance and Correlation. The idea is about how to know which stocks (securities) are the least risk (lowest standard deviation). Also which stocks work well together ("minimal variance portfolio") Lots of positive thoughts! Take care...Lookin on the bright side and trying to have some hope to forsee a future for ourselves..

 Covariance and Correlation

Good Day....Hope thoughts are positive...

Just a thought on the finance stuff. The main idea so far is to try to reduce "variability" when forecasting cash flows. The book still says that Net Present value is the best way to decide on projects. Ways to evaluate such as "sensitivity analysis" (analyzing one variable at a time),and "scenario analysis" (using real world situations to "illuminate important issues"). Also, here's a good formula.

"Break even" = (sales price -variable costs)x(1 - tax rate)


contributing margin = (fixed costs + depreciation)x(1 -tax rate)


Here is the break even point for accounting profit (formula)...

Accounting profit is different than financial profit because we subtract depreciation (expense over time as asset lose their value)

contributing margin/break-even analysis

 The book then describes the "Present Value Break Even Point"

(EAC) + (Fixed Costs) x (1- Tax rate)- (Depreciation) x tax rate


(Sales price - Variable costs) x (1 - tax rate)

EAC (Equivalent Annual Cost)

Initial investment/annuity factor (how many years  and %)

Well, that was a bunch of finance stuff that the book says is the good stuff.

Other than that, gotta keep creating because the soul needs to...

Take care.

Hey guys, heres some stuff on finance from the next class...

How to decide on a project...(the text is about a fictional company called Lester Electronics Inc.)

Lester Electronics Inc. is dealing with similar important issues that Office Depot, and Google were dealing with. The possibility of either a merger with ShangWa Electronics (for the new manufacturing facility) or the acquisition of both, surfaces important parameters to be evaluated. The deciding factor should be based upon the result of Net Present Value calculations. Accordingly, the acquisition option will allow  Bernard Lester to retire and enjoy his grandchildren. Considering Mr. Lester has no one to replace his role, alternatives should be well studied.

Initially, both Lester Electronics Inc. and ShangWa Electronics should critically consider merger options before allowing Avral and TEC to acquire both companies. Too many years of loyal business relationships have been developed to allow the firms to miss out on the manufacturing facility opportunity. Mr. Lester and Mr. Lin will need to assess the critical success factors involved in mobilizing the project.

As with the Office Depot/Staples merger, the firms realize the cost advantage from combing the manufacturing and distribution strengths of the companies. In order to evaluate the feasibility of the operation, the financial analysts must develop the Internal Rate of Return, forecast the timing of cash inflows and outflows, assess short term and long term operating activity effects on cash and working capital, and how exchange rates will affect the value of both firms. After evaluating these factors, if the Net Present Value of the project is positive, the plan will proceed. “NPV analysis is a superior capital budgeting technique. In fact, because the NPV approach uses cash flows rather than profits, uses all the cash flows, and discounts the cash flows properly, it is hard to find any theoretical fault with it” (Ross et al., Chapter 8, 2005). Additionally, using sensitivity analysis and real life scenario analysis, the firms will be able to greater reduce the variability of the project. Both Mr. Lester and Mr. Lin will want to know how sensitive the “NPV calculation is to changes in underlying assumptions” (Ross et al., Chapter 8, 2005).

Net Working Capital is the current company assets minus current liabilities. Cash budgeting will depend on how the new facility will be able to generate sufficient cash flow to liquidate current obligations and allow for optimal expansion opportunities. The success of this will depend on how well the manufacturing facility can forecast efficient timing of cash inflows and outflows to take advantage of the inherent benefits of the merger. The same applies for any potential merger, such as the Office Depot/Staples example that was mentioned. “The need for short-term financial decision making is suggested by the gap between the cash inflows and cash outflows. This is related to the lengths of the operating cycle and the accounts payable period” (Ross et al., Chapter 26, 2005). Financial experts on the project will have to either fill the gap by loans, having a “liquidity reserve for marketable securities, or shortening the gap by “changing the inventory, receivable, and payable periods” (Ross et al., Chapter 26, 2005).

Not only will the capital budgeting decide on the future of the project, exposure to foreign currency fluctuations should also be considered. The changes in exchange rates could potentially effect the firm’s competitive position due to national economic differences (economic exposure), or short term contractual obligations may alter cash flows (transaction exposure), and currency value variance may cause concern when translating international financial statements into domestic financial statements (translation exposure).

Calculating the Net Present Value of the project should include realistic forecasts that include any potential need to manage exposure by using hedging strategies. The companies that developed interest in both Lester Electronics Inc. and ShangWa must already know that forward contracts are often used to mitigate risk to due foreign currency fluctuations.

There's some more ideas about finance, if it interests anyone...

Money is the root af all evil, and we all wish that corporations would remeber that people and animals need to be matter what...

Take care.

11-13-08  Hey guys, here some more investment analysis stuff.

Risk Analysis of Project Investment

Just sending lots of positive prayers because the best way to deal with life is try "pro-actively" mentally rize our spirits above whatever it is......

Take care.


Good day, hope we are all trying to lighten up. "Just a nice day in the ballpark"...

Here's the recent Financial Planning paper.

Take care friendly....Happy holidays...


Hey you guys....Happy Holidays in the spirit, no matter who we are, where we are, who we have in our lives...we are o.k. just the way we are...

Take care. Here is some finance stuff. A problem solution paper for a scenario merger from an MBA finance course. Lots of good stuff in there that is applicable to any company.

Finance Problem Solution


Hello there...lots of love and prayers from all of us who care....thats a lot of people...most people do, they are just busy with some mental stuff....doin the best we can with what we got...

Here a paper about

"Resource Optimization" it talks about some techniques and concepts for increasing value for a company through better credit policy and cash management.

(It explains some good business terms...hopefully) Take care..Happy New Year..we have to lighten up..Benchmarking Paper

Take care, "Take it easy..."


Hey there friendlies.....hope the search for peace is improving. All we can do is try. A project to give us things to do.......

Here is a paper on "Resource Optimization"..

It's about the importance of a credit policy in a company. Lots of love and prayers.....Take care.

Cash flow Paper

This is a preview of forecasting techniques, I apologize if it doesn't work on the reader. It helps me to track the studies.

Mostly about the prefered model, Exponential Smoothing, and the importance of Decomposing time series to know what components are effecting demand. Examples are seasonal variation, (like the holidays), trends, operating cycles...I'm still trying to understand it.....There's always something to learn....

De-seasonalizing the demand and stuff....

Forecasting review

January 16, 2009

Hey there,

Keep hope alive.

Wanted to post up the inventory section.

We have to remember to lighten up n take the pressure off things...Take care...



Hey there...hope we are working on keeping our spirits up. It helps to have some sort of routine that guides us along. Time can be difficult otherwise. Just trying to lighten up..

Here is a paper on companies that use lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Synchronous manufacturing and strategic pricing...

Resource Optimization Paper

Here are some special thoughts from the author below.

Really helpful stuff when thinking about organizational processes.      Take care friendly.

Six Sigma thoughts

Pyzdek, Thomas. (2003)

The Six Sigma Handbook. McGraw-Hill Companies. New York.


 Hey guys n gals! Sending lots of positive prayers that times are o.k, and trying to be at peace in this world. We are all here together. Here is a paper on leadership.

Take care friendly!!!!

Leading Change


Tryin' ta look on the bright side, and

take care...

Here is a change management plan (paper)


Change Management Plan











































































































































































4-10-09    Hey Guy n Gals.....just finished a study (Online trading academy-Mike Mcmahon-all of the material I mention is thanks to him) on how the stock market can become an interesting subject for analysis....before....all the numbers and charts seemed so confusing...Stocks don't move individually, they move as a group....I'm working on putting a few sheets together that may be able to communicate concepts about trend indicators (which way the price is going to go (up/down), Fibonacci  (this mathematician discovered very interesting ratios that appeared in nature), candlestick charts (this stuff can help us make better decisions of whether the price is stablizing, on down/up trend....we always need to confirm if the speculation is true).....Other methods such as Regression (using past information to predict the future), and  tracking through different moving averages (whether contracting/expanding tells us about the momentum of the trend)...Pretty soon I will have a couple of sheets on this might take a few weeks to do a bit of compiling...Until then...

Please take care...and if we need help, we need to "make the call".....People are there to help us...

with most things, we have to get going ourselves.......If there are chemical addictions, we can't change how we feel, but we can change what we do about it....."Leave well enough alone"

Sloooow n easy buddy....

Hey you guys, here is the complete study of the FOREX market. Next information will be after the "official class". Special thanks to the teachers we learned all this from. Thanks to Online trading Academy. Mike McMahon,Sam Seiden and Ed Ponsi. So here is a pretty good bunch of stuff. This is our own God based thinking on the subject. :-)

Studying FOREX :-)

(This is the most comprehensive one)

Most recent Forex checklist condensed


Special Forex Thoughts 5-28-10

Special Forex Thoughts #2 5-28-10

Special Forex Thoughts # 3  5-29-10

Forex-Order of Operations (5-30-10)

Forex -checklist 6-2-10

FOREX economic indicators 6-6-10

Trading Journal (blank) for notes

Hey there, well, we really have to understand that supply and demand is the thing, and levels of clusters (example cluster levels decreasing in price) stacked show us how strong the "supply" or "demand" fortress is when the price trys to break through. Also, past price turns are important. :-)

Well, we are going to take the pressure off of things now because we have discovered that us humans create market cycles, and actually exist within a "crowd psychology" or "herd based thinking" when discussing freely trade markets. This means that the Elliot wave, and price based analysis is the GOOD STUFF. (and also means that economic indicators are not highly correlated to the dollar index). So now, on to discovering the books by Saettele (Sentiment in the Forex Market), and by Prechter (The Wave Principle of Human social Behavior)... having fun and just hangin' around reading and resting....good.

Take care.....from Brian and "us too" (of course).. :-)

Hey the teacher said, we have to follow the rules.

Price based trading from strong price moves with the path of least resistance....and knowing where any resistance to the path of least resistance (happens....speed bumps---candles with 3 or more and...check the charachter of the candles too.... so they don't get in the way of our profit path....the more time spent at a clusters the less supply/demand imbalance...imbalance of sellers and buyers is where the price move opportunity happens......slow n easy.....plan the trade, trade the plan....keep adding strategy and stacking probabilities....and make sure there's something good for lunch.....dinner...too... :-).......  :-) Take care buddy...(also by the way, check out you tube stuff on elliott wave and a man by the name of Robert Prechter is supposed to be pretty knowledgable about this stuff........  :-)

from all of us to us...

There are fibonacci calculators online for free.

( fibonacci) Still working on that one. :-)

(peace-remember 10 to 15 pips is a good risk and we must have at least 3:1 reward to risk, so at least 20 pips of potential gain (so from pullback to end of measured move at least 30 the intial impulsion must be at least 30 pips----try "measured move" after and impulsion, wait for pullback and then Momentum Breakout past the recent price turn :-).....also don't forget the 61.8% bounce that tends to happen. :-) Also :-) This just in ..."beep, beep ...morse code sound.." Afterr a trend line is broken by price we are out of the trend....then these because 68.1% and 38.2% mean something. The 38.2% retracement (pullback) later may indicate a re-engagement of the previous trend. :-) Well, the Golden section really is a phenominon. :-)

Trading Journal and checklist :-)

Trading Journal blank template for notes :-)

7 Trading Plan points

Wave Principle part # 1

(pg. 9 waves 2 and 4

are 8 and 5 by the way) :-)

Try searching for the 1st and 2nd wave of the MOTIVE wave, and then we have something.

Also, remember our reversal patterns and the measure move from the most recent top for targets...    :-)

Wave Principle part # 2

Wave Principle part # 3

6-22-10 Forex thoughts :-)

Forex analysis thought process :-)

First wave n a pullback

:-) Thoughts....always MBO :-)

1st wave (#1) n a pullback (always remember measured move and MBO)

1st wave (#2) n a pullback

More thoughts 1st wave n pullback

...check out 200 EMA and when price crosses or tight 10,20,30, and 50 EMA's cross...hmmm :-)

Well...with the micro account only trade one pair...the positions may close due to "margin call"..Honestly, we have to allow enough protective stop room so price can I have been  doing better going with "significant" sentiment and swing don't feel bad if that's what you are doing too. People call it "set it and forget it". Check in though :-) Have fun...

If there is a gain showing, don't hesitate to collect it, and open a new position if opportunity is still there. Intraday rules apply in swing, except the time frame is more "significant". We all find our best way for ourselves. Take care....Brian....

(6 points + are we following the rules? back to # 1 :-)

Hey guys, well it's been quite a time studying Forex.

Treat it as a business.... :-)

Taxes have to be deducted when we finally become a profitable trader.

We all know now that cluster areas (short, dense, multiples candles) are origins of supply/demand areas, and we can draw our support/resistance in these "range areas"...never try to trade in a range area. We just have to hang around and wait for familiar signals indicating opportunity. Find the currency pair that you like, and be patient waiting for the chance to profit and get out. Risk management is the key. Only enter a trade when momentum is clear, and enter after the impulsion and pullback, just after price breaks the line drawn. This is called a momentum breakout. For reversal patterns,the move back to the supply/demand area can be swift for a retest, and then we can enter with good risk management. The first daily prayer on page one is the most important thing, and then this stuff is a good study.

Always a maximum of 5 trades a day and only engage for a few hours because we are human 38% above the belly button, just like the pullbacks in Fibonacci...thanks God for your grace....One love:-) Also sideways movement, consolidation is a building of Support/Resistance, and remember buddy that previous resistance can become a grrreat support... :-)

For the Trading Journal:

Symbol (currency pair) - direction - Entry time (date) - Exit Price (time) and explain what the plan was.

We have to chill, and wait for opportunity to happen...

If the market is not doing anything familiar, then don't love....we are practicing patience and humility...asking God to guard our hearts from pride....and praying for God to help us receive his grace in the moment...and to be able to recognize God's presence..Amen...

We are just grrreat support for eachother... :-) We all need eachother...!!! Peace...

Lots of love and prayers. Take care buddy.....

Love from all of us... :-)

Supply and Demand.....

(thanks to Sam Seiden for sharing this on the internet..with others...this is the core stuff....and the technical indicators can be used to confirm the positions....)

---Make sure the risk (difference between entry and protective stop) has high probability reward potential (3 to 1 ---or 4 to 1).Where price gathers before a downturn is Supply (resistance) and before a rally up is Demand (support). Check larger time frames to the smaller (15 min to 5 min) to find if any larger trends exist. When the price breaks resistance or support, then wait and find out if it breaks this may keep going...if not...close position... How long price stays in a "basing" or "consolidation" tells us how much of an imbalance there is between supply and demand. Are the gaps closing/shallowing when moving back to Support/Resistance ?.......this indicates a potential reversal....(supply may become demand or vica/versa...)..The downturn may rally up this time ...or..the rally up may be going into supply area (high probability sell area..).When price moves.....why? many orders are there? Is this price really going to move or what?... :-) When the price moves..... move the protective stop to where the entry point was to break even...a breakeven is a winner...still...if we lose $...lose very little...that's the point of the protective stop :-) ....use MACD and Stochastics (oscillators) as confirmation.


Forex – Foreign Exchange Market

“Over the counter” market….this means no central exchange…

Amazing $3.2 trillion (USD) turnover daily….the most traded market in the world.


The market hours are (open) Sunday 5pm (EST) to Friday 5pm (EST)





































































































































































FOREX market hours

Forex notes (5-23-10) condensed

Candlestick Charts, Trend Lines, and Simple Moving Average

Pivots (support/resistance)- and surprises :-)

Fundamental Analysis Thoughts :-)

More thoughts..... :-)

Notes on Currency History -from studies -

(thank you to James Turk and John Rubino for helping make this more understandable)

The currency material is from The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from it - by Turk/Rubino.

History allows us a perspective beyond the "prevailing political winds"....more honesty and objectivity....:-)

Nothing is new under the sun....Lots of love and prayers buddy

In financial's

       Buy - "going long"    or  Sell - "going short"

Up trend in price = higher lows

Down trend in price = lower highs


Short position - when price breaks lowest with volume.

(volume is fuel......)

Historically, the market is on the "buy side".

The idea has been..."buy and hold onto the stock"...

well.....many people also make money on the "downside"'s more tricky though....

Some experts say that stocks move down 60-80% faster than they go we have to be careful...

(again thanks to Online Trading Academy for the lessons---these are individual interpretations, and should not reflect on the school at all....this stuff is all to be a reminder of important stuff to remember.....informally...cuz it sure is tough to remember everything.... :-)...




(Remember to work on using different techniques to confirm)

Continuing Patterns, MACD, Linear Regression

Be patient and careful when analyzing...

5-7-09 Hey there...There is one religion in the world-"love"

there is one language-"the language of the heart"

Take care. Keep your spirits up...

Here is a recent paper on project management concepts.


          Project Management Implementation Plan

5-24-09  Hey guys.....Hope everyone is feeling better.We have to try and lighten up or the energy starts to go in the wrong direction. Lots of love and prayers...take care friendly...

Here is a recent paper on

 Project Process Control

6-09     Hey guys....We are just trying to stay positive...aren't we...there are two that focuses on having faith that we are o.k. and doing the best we can...and the other one isn't worth mentioning...Here is some material on how to try to understand a broad perspective of the stock market...This is some thoughts from home studies I went through from Online Trading Academy. It's all new, but at least touches on some important points...and we can only do the best we can...right buddy? Take care. Try to keep your spirits up...from your brother Brian.....

Broad Market Analysis  - 1

(had to put it into two parts to make it fit the PDF megabyte limit)

Broad Market Analysis  - 2

Hey Team....We always pray/hope with the most friendly thoughts...that our souls go to a safe place.....Take care...


Here is a Marketing paper from the recent class...

Good thing the course readings communicate that the customer is the most important.....Anything else isn't worth mentioning...lots of love and hope...we HAVE to lighten up..oh and...(if you smoke...try electronic an internet search on it) If you don't...good for you and keep going...

So here is the recent paper above that has all kinds of stuff....Strategy class is next... then the Accounting emphasis...We will be in contact then...take care...and we have to lighten up.....


Hey team...The world is always on a spiritual quest whether we know it or not. Hopefully our souls will go to a safe place after this life....We know that earth people are on a spiritual quest because all religions point to the same need for a higher power that frees us from this place.....and prayer works....Lots of love and take care......


Marketing paper # 2

August 12, 2009

Hey team camp!!! First of all lots of love and positive thoughts as we are all trying to survive the difficult task of living in a satellite world....we HAVE to lighten up and find some humor in things...we will feel better...if there is a phone call to make for health issues or psychological stuff...lets just go through with it....

Here are some thoughts from a book that has really helped in business studies called The Fifth Discipline..

The subconscious mind is important to us, and we should try to work with positive imagery and visualization to send the right messages from our conscious states...this is supposed to improve things...

Where is the rudder (like a boat) in our lives...? If we know the truth (will set us free) of where our issues or confusion exists...Six Sigma calls this "finding the root causes" ...we can really make things better friendly..

Also...we must try to create projects for ourselves to keep the energy going...embracing the mundane and the profound throughout the day...

When we learn...are we creating mental models that actually stay with us..?. Most of the time people talk about "learning"..which is actually just becoming familiar with a subject... How about if we can create mental models of what important information is valuable...mental pictures or connections...good stuff....

We are all a system...from individual humans to the entire world...

Every function should be communicating with the other to achieve balance and reinforce loops to create viruous cycles instead of the alternative (not worth mentioning..'viscious cycles'...yuck)..Lets focus on art and healing....positive thinking and friendly kind to our thoughts. please...thank you..."clunk"...

Chatter can become distortions that effect our subconscious so be careful of what we subject ourselves to...Peace and tranquility as much as possible...and focused efforts to re-center our hope to have a healthy subconscious mind...remember..everything we think and choose to do has an effect...

Lots of love.....take care...

Here are a few papers from the strategy class...

Mission and Values

Environmental Analysis


Hey team...We hope everyone is trying to relax and lighten up...

Lots of love from all of us...

here is a recent paper that also involves global environment analysis...

Strategic Plan 

September 16, 2009

Hey team...sending positive prayers that you are looking on the bright side today...trying to feel better and confident about making efforts to live happier...We have to not worry about people...The reality is that through faith in a higher connection...everything is going to be o.k.....just keep praying that souls everywhere will go to safe place....I always pray that after this soul will go somewhere away from pain and all the life stuff like opinions and whatever....Onelove...Keep those prayers goin'....take care..



 Here is the recent Cost Accounting Paper


Hey we are...

Ready to improve ourselves...yipeee...


 Thoughts from The Fifth Discipline

(Thank you Peter Senge for the inspiration)


Thoughts from Who Moved My Cheese

(this is a short book on dealing with change)