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Journey in Wellness and Discovery

Journey in Wellness...and Discovery

Just a little love note...if someone was to ask..."why all the written lyrics of the tunes, and all the posts through the years?"..."It's important to me"..."It's also Gettingoin tradition to share" and encouragements....peace

6-14-24  1 min market-open trade flow, Bollinger/MACD signal idea with "Momentum Flow Support" indicator...peace

6-14-24 - Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un Dia a la vez. I know, so much for the “trying to only post musings/chartbeats 2 to 3 times a week”. We’ll see. Regarding trading, I like the idea of “Breaker Blocks” and “Fair Value Gaps”. (“Order blocks” too). Anyway…There is all this stuff going on the world, and lots to share. Here are a few thoughts if U dig…I believe that one of the reasons our shared expressions and Art is so helpful to us Humans, is because we seek connection (even an email or post is an “Artist Table Workshop” effort). Connecting through expression is another way to bring “synergy” into our lives.  It doesn’t matter whether we work from home or travel for work, we all can connect, and that is still a sense of “oneness”. We balance eachother. Its really important for Alphas and Betas (Omegas) to be themselves and not try to force things. Never compare. We’re all special. Being a “Rhymin for Rapture” spokesperson for many years, I find it helpful to journal thoughts. Even if a person just reads or likes to check on thangs, it’s a way of connecting. Aren’t we all really treasures in time when we share hope/light or read about hope/light? Light meaning “love”, or acceptance or something miraculous or creative? Its not about judgement. Some people prefer “Rhymes for Raps” Art, some people prefer drama TV or radio, and some people prefer romance stuff (songs etc…) All love. Anyway, when people connect, it creates a sense of belonging about a subject. Is sharing and reading about favorite topics, a way  “Hugging time” together? We know that time is limited, yet love seems infinite right? I often notice that responsible ones in the Movie/TV business, have been able to salvage “deliberation” stories of “our current time” and put the ideas into art. We can be grateful that they care. Now, here’s a “Quantum Universal Love” thought to ponder if U dig: When two people are physical (love -non violence) are they connecting to other people’s synergies across the Quantum Universe? Could they actually be “catalysts” to a Universal Assembly experience of the Spirit of Love? Does this connect other “non-linear” synergies to the Spirit of Love as well? Non-linear meaning not close physically, or no direct relationship. Just wondering. I think there are books and movies about all this stuff? If this is the case, then we might have a sense of humor about it all? Why? Because, the Human “couple” idea that they are establishing an absolute “claim” to someone, or “making certain” a Spirit of love, or establishing “commitment” to only something specific and detailed, is being elevated through Quantum Physics? If this is our reality, then its certainly a comedy? People may not realize that their love is “Opening up” people across the universe? :O) Sometimes we think we know everything, yet nothing at the same time? Here is a quote from the book “Practical Metaphysics”: “God is the Allness of the infinite mind process, which is present in its entirety at every point in space, which means right here as your mind” (Eric Butterworth, pg 15). Hmm. One more point. In the world of rivalries and comparisons, gossip etc…We realize that trying to compare “Miracle survivor” stories like “Aint nothin ta mess with”, and “had a Family upbringing that nurtured hopes and dreams”, doesn’t really work. Just saying. Let’s respect the miracle stories in Hiphop/Business and lean on the “survivorness” of it all, as opposed to allowing shallow comparisons to confuse the conversations? Anyway…Be safe. Take care. Peace

6-13-24 - Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un Dia a la vez. Still can’t post “chartbeats” yet I am working on the Momentum strategy and Fair Value Gap stuff that all these Folks are getting funded with. Meanwhile a “Food for Thought” if U dig. The Beats/Rhymes/Life people who I listen to have always shared their faith in the higher message of “Word is Bond” “Knowledge of self: Life is build or destroy” through their music, so that is the Spirit of Life I am used to. The message continues to be life saving. I know in the world that people think there is nothing significant about anything happening in our time, and that the world is not facing an extinction level event through climate change. It all seems “too far fetched”, and its much easier to just be “Sleeping on it”. However, some believe that we are living through a Biblically significant time, witnessing a “Zoroastrian” (good versus evil) final battle on the planet. Everybody has their opinion. To me, the “Good word” and even recent “Quantum Love Universe” stuff is not just a “figment of an imagination”? There is truth in energy and synergy. We feel stuff…Well, from what I’ve experienced, God is real (call it providence or luck), and the ways that we have processed through all the “iron sharpens iron” arguments through Art is a blessing from the Most High. Peace…Peace…Peace…that’s the Good Good. Whether we are talking to 1 person or 100,000 at once. What is the message? Love, and that we can solve things together though a Mixed Economy and Democracy. To me, it seems like what is marketed and manufactured is mostly “not the message”, and it tries to “replace” the Good word of peace every day. Most of what is marketed is all a “longing” for completion, not a healing, yet  just another dream or drama longing to sell with no “happy ending” --- Yes, I know :o) Well, that’s the world, and it ain’t fair, yet how about we have a little bit of hope? Its always been a few people who begin change, and a more “healthy kind of tribalism” could gather momentum…Cool. Just sharing. Hoping to be able to post charts soon. Be safe. Take care. added note if U dig...Questions...What is the future? Well, from what the past few years has shown us about how a demagogue took the stage, and the people in place to protect the Democracy haven't held? What is next? What does it look like in 2 years, and what will other Nations say? Well, I think most Nations who were watching will say that America didn't see the Autocractic trick mentioned in the "True Believer" book by Eric Hoffer, and they might also say that the barbie/ken drama energy resonated more with the American people than anything of substance or meaning (I didn't see the movie, though I hear there was a hidden "Women rights" message?) Anyway. Its how it goes. Meanwhile, praying that Democracy can shine through this year. Take care. more, thing, I know all these “Lil Ol me” thoughts. I just wanted to say, I don’t mean to be tough on the barbie/ken phenomenon thing in America, because, being a person of Spirit, I know that underneath each and everyone of us, there are sacred Spiritual truths that we will draw out of this current time. Its all beyond age and how we look, though it may seem the opposite. We’re just early in a new phase of the story (in my view). The love message is real and it connects across Nations. Any effort counts. So, celebrating strong Women roles in movies and on the stage is an important thing for the world to see. Whether its more image based than “meaning”, it still gets credit for elevating Women seen without a bunch of oppression in their life. The Quantum love stuff I have been learning and reading about is helping me understand more. What we see on the outside, and the preoccupation with how a person looks or their age, is really irrelevant in the Quantum love universe. The Senior Women of the world are enlightening me about all this :o) Younger people are more concerned with how they look, and that’s ok, they will hopefully learn in time. I know, it seems like a “controlled substance” inspired topic, yet I promise that no psychedelics were involved in my life recently, its just Spirituality. Anyway. Writing more tunes about it all…Much love…Peace

6-11-24 - Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un Dia a la vez. With the election season unfolding, and most of the Nation not paying any attention, I have a couple of thoughts if you dig. I'm grateful for the simple things in life and I try to stay rooted in gratitude. My view of today’s exponential technology is that there is a "diffusion of power" (“We-it”) occurring, yet we are living through the “growing pains”. The future is still probably going to be dealing with a lot of desensitized "center of attention" attachments in politics and in entertainment. Whether its "cult of personality" "I alone can fix it" in politics, or today’s widely marketed and manufactured "Vegas type" shows that young ones now have easy access to. Nothing is really hidden. Its all desensitized whether in politics or adult entertainment, as Humans adapt into needing more information to be satisfied, and then the subtleties/substance that were evolved into over the years are forgotten. Over the recent years it also seems that the concert experience of a singer and a band has been desensitized too? The big acts marketed at the Children don’t seem to just sing a song anymore, because the fans are used all the visual entertainment? Yeah, I know there’s trillions of dollars in the manufactured shows, yet Humans still have to perform them, and over time, Humans are fragile too. Art is Art, and our time is experiencing the new phase of it all, I’m just noticing things. So, not only are people dealing with a new overload of information in politics and entertainment, they are having trouble raising their Children because there is no filter for what they are exposed to. That is no excuse for censorship though. "Separation of Church and State" is really important and needs to be defended right now. The "terrors of theocracy" want to impose fundamentalism religion on people because there's no media filters. This is a really important time, and we also have to admit, that for some people, they have their entertainment, yet prefer to mostly "Keep it Mother Theresa". That's their right too. Many of us have noticed in reports about social media, that there is a new culture of "meet ups", "hook ups" or "bed to bed" life. It's all love of course, in the spirit of the 1960's...:0) However, with the research showing that people of all ages are having serious trouble with the scrutiny, bullying, disinformation and drama of social media, it's worth noting what's going on. In my humble view, it seems that people are having difficulty with "Life energy tanglings", regardless if its physical or at a distance. There are so many more "power struggles" these days. Whether its a "quiet person" or "center of attention", they all have issues in their never ending tanglings looking outside the self for completion. Not a thing to envy or imitate.  Of course many people really just don't care about anything and that's not so healthy too? Anyway. The new paradigm wasn't gonna be neat and tidy. Yeah I think it's worth noting that there is a chaos leading into the next election, and it's all being normalized in the day to day. A lot of the energy seem like the old Rungame days, so we’re aware of how things unfold…Much love…For what it's worth. Peace be with you. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

6-9-24 Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un Dia a la vez. A few reflections from ongoing ideas I am working with for tunes, If U dig :o) Let’s call this one: “The Relativity of it all” (meaning, we all have our own perspective based on our experience). Sharing ideas with eachother is our way of "strutting our stuff", just like "center of attention" people, yet in our own special way? Anyway. One of the most important lessons that I think Seniors can teach us, is to learn how to find happiness, satisfaction, joy and peace in the simple things. There are trade offs with everything in life. In the world, people are generally (and historically) looking outside themselves for completion and entire markets are built to help keep them searching for completion. The book "Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life" calls this "chasing the 5 senses". To some people, many of us may be considered “boring” book readers, “amateur artists”, or just "fans" of artists”, or "subscribers", yet a humble person will see others for being a Human being. Not just a “subscriber” or a “ticket buyer”.  Sure, compared to “Who we know, where are we goin”, the simple life seems boring, yet how are we feeling on the inside? Wherever we go, we always end up in the same place. U. Its about feeling good right? My job in Senior care, is to meet people where they are, and honor them for being a person, and that helps them feel good. We are all really just people. Whether we are famous or not, we are still just people, and all subject to the same relativities in life. I notice marketing towards couples/families always promising satisfaction and completion about various things whether its vacations, healthcare, "bed life", worklife, wellness etc...It always seems like the goal is actually not satisfaction, yet "selling dreams"? Being an Urban Monk type, I have valued inner peace more than anything in life, so I have my own little idea about it all. An important idea seems to be about the "search for synergy/peace within" and I have noticed the reality of desensitization in the world. When a person finds synergy/peace, its really a treasure of a lifetime. That’s why I appreciate so much all the TeamOne Art, because it touches on the shared presence that we have all experienced together. We create a “Sense of belonging”. That’s why I write so many rhymes, because I am trying to make sense of it all. Being at peace within is about being satisfied, and not always looking outside the self for completion. Meanwhile in the world, it seems it's alllll about looking for someone else to complete us? It seems like a never ending quest? Another "never ending quest" might be trying to get art heard or seen by a large audience? My remedy to that for myself, was to create for healing purposes, and if anyone digs to enjoy the art, then the healing and peace is shared. The relativity of it all is that it seems very ironic and poetic how the world perceives the “chasing completion” journey. The “Simple people” wonder what the “Famous life” might be like, while they get to live the simple "Raise a family" life, and not being noticed in public, while the Famous are busy being the center of attention with their work, and always being recognized in public. Of course, money is the necessary goal, yet, then what is the path to “satisfaction”? Most people are struggling, and through that struggle learn to appreciate the simple things? Its how it all works. Many humble living families stay close and many wealthy families drift apart? Is it all about “who U know, where U been, where ya goin”, or is there inner satisfaction and feeling good involved? Hopefully our favorite Famous people are finding peace and balance with it all. Regardless of all of it, everyone agrees that gossip and drama makes a mess of life? Whether we maintain "empty shells" of gossip/drama or are "Spirit-full" through gratitude/kindness/substance, we are all subject to the relativities of life. Anyway.  Just sharing. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

6-7-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I have been working with the “Trendline v1.7” EA and “Qualify/Quantify” and it makes complete sense how anyone could make customer service wages trading a small account. It would just be setting an alert at structure, and when there is a momentum break, then placing the EA trendline if price returns to the level. Then if a “Break and close” of the Trendline EA, the trade opens. Still can’t post charts here yet…Hopefully next week. I’ve learned about EA stuff from some of the best. I believe Team “Prosperity energy” is for us too. When working through things constructively, we can use growth towards the good, because it brings us closer to who we are. We try to treat it all with realness and peace. I’m praying for more peace, and giving thanks for New Friends. A “Food for Thought” if U dig, considering what seems like Biblical stuff goin’ on in the world, here’s a “simple peace” thought: In the world there is a big difference between our many years of Spirit Peace “makin sense of stuff” energy, that has subjects and Art to draw on for inspiration and a “Sense of belonging”, versus the “Center of Attention” topics. Our ideas are very important, because its about alllll of us. The love knits all our hearts together. Our peace is definitely not just a place of power draining the energy and claiming attention. For example, in the next election with “Center of Attention” figures, we will all notice that there are people who worship at the feet of a single person. There is a lot of money involved in that “worship” situation. Whether politics or Art, it all seems like the same thing. That’s a big difference from the “All of us makin sense of stuff” energy. We don’t play idolatry drama, we work through collective peace. I know, a famous band or something naturally has really devoted fans etc….All due respect to anyone who creates, that has followers or fans that get a bit into “idolatry” about things, I’m just saying generally. The HipHop stuff I’m talking about is for empowerment, culture and “Word is Bond”, so its just wayyyy different. Some topics are just more empowering/protective/loving for people than other topics to have in the center of their mind? Cool. For what its worth. Much love. Hope everyone is able to get enough rest in this noisy world…Be safe. Take care. Peace.

6-6-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Just a Good word if U dig, since I have been sharing a lot recently. When a Nation/World is going through growing pains, or a major growth phase as it seems to be, I find its purposeful to “chime in” for what its worth. I have been trying to put into words my new understanding of life “synergetics” (Spiritual/Physical), and how my understandings went through a “growth phase” as well. The revelation is that its all really “ageless”. Its difficult to learn about synergy when dealing with the day to day work life, so it has to be prioritized, and I notice “wellness” topics more in advertisements now. I try to implement synergy ideas in Caregiving. I know there is so much concern about age and looking youthful in the world, yet all that stuff is not aware of the truth of synergy and feeling good (in my opinion). Age and skin is all superficial, and subject to social experience pressures that distract us. Life is an unfolding journey and if we are constructive and listen to ourselves through habits (Mindfulness - learning to be present), we can gather the inner truth into a more vital life. (Check out the “Success Through Stillness” book if U dig) I think a major lesson I am learning is the reality of the “subtlety of synergy” versus the “desensitized world” that most everyone lives in, because the world of scarcity and physical temptation is where all the money is (marketing). The complaint I notice about people, is something like “Oh, they changed”. Well, if people change, then can’t they also change towards a more vital self too? “Epigenetics” says yes, people can change towards their more vital selves if they try. Its difficult in this noisy world though. I think the conflict between “Subtlety” and “Desensitization” is what makes or breaks marriages? Possibly? Being an Urban Monk type for most of my life, I don’t know about all that, yet I do know about attachment and how physical stuff keeps power over people. The cool thing, is that synergy awareness can help diffuse power away from “Center of Attention” attachments. Finding “likeness” in others who resonate with your natural synergy can help put a person on a more vital path. A person’s voice, or thought pattern is a good way to engage with things. These days there are podcasts, shows, and plenty of Art to connect with to find “likeness” flowz. Its all helpful. When we can quiet ourselves and listen to the Soul Spirit within, we can sense the truth. The Soul is always there, and its Spirit. A piece of God’s Spirit. (Call it providence or luck). I guess that’s what all the “Mindfulness” meditation Sages are always talking about. Its all about returning to “Special U”, and every person’s soul knows what that is, if they get a rare moment to listen (ongoing). Anyway…What’s the Good word? “Special U”. If the world could learn to listen to the specialness within, then it would teach specialness to everyone, because that is what unconditional love wants to do…We know if we are more synergetic, life would be better for people. As is said: “time flies when you’re having fun” (in your “peace zone”, or however). Cool. I know this stuff is not the usual, “hey Democracy is under threat”, or “checking our opponents” material, yet just sharing…Be safe. Take care. Peace

6-5-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Yesterday I noticed on XAUUSD and US30 that when there was a “Qualify” (“B.O.S.” Break of structure), and a return of price to near the order block area, the 15 minute chart “MFS” signal identified the price moves. I am finding my way into a strategy flow, and adjusting to life as a Senior Advocate and Artist at the same time. We are all ages, and we ask that younger ones respect those more mature. What I am reminded of this week, is that no-one is too old to Peace or be an Artist. Art can help bring order to chaos through expression. Also, my mindset has evolved through maturation into seeing younger Artists as having a time window in front of them as a chance to grow. So, I am seeing the younger generation as hope, and praying for them. The “Group Conscience” is where the wisdom is from, not in “Center of Attention” personalities as John Adams warned about. Therefore, I am concerned about the next general election, and the expanded executive power in line with autocratic forces in this pivotal time of the world. Anyway. Be safe. Take care. Peace--------------------an added note if U dig, as I am journaling along processing through stuff. I like to share, yet its also helpful for me to have as a journal for the future. First, the XAUUSD 15 second chart signal worked today, yet I am working with the Website company to be able to post "chartbeats" again. Regarding the Rhymes for Raps tune ideas. Well, I know a lot of us who have put in a lot of work through the years have "never seen a dime" from any contributions to Artist material, yet it's "puttin in work", and as usual, we can call it "treasures in Heaven". As I mentioned, its all been psychology support, to navigate through life. We add on to eachother's ideas. Its when we sense the energies of condemnation that its difficult. I was remembering when I was first listening to Tupac and other albums about 20 years ago. So much was a revelation and surprise about stuff. What an amazing story we have all been part of. Recently with new condemnation and likeness surprises, I have been learning more. I have trying to treat it all with patience and love. Its difficult to treat someone dismissing you with a higher understanding of things. All of a sudden it seems there have been comparisons of Brothers who are at peace being Alpha/Omega or the "More Aggressive" or "the Calmer one" etc...I don't really know all the particulars, yet, I do know that comparing Alpha people to "Calm ones" is very disturbing. It doesn't make sense. How can you compare a Caregiver to a person who travels for work? I don't get it. Its just how life is. Its energy. The calmer people are just different. I know for me, I took to Caregiving, and that was ok with my Alpha Brothers that I wasn't a touring artist or anything. They think Caregiving is a great thing. We all work with the energy flow that God gave us...All special. Anyway...I think its a Human impulse to react through comparisons ("He it", "She it" etc...). All love. I'm putting it all into a tune. Just sharing. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

6-4-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I am working with the “Momentum Flow Support” indicator and planning on trying to return to the “2 or 3 posts a week” rule for peace sake. I still can’t post chartbeats” on the website, yet I am learning more about the “Smart Money Concepts” approach. Very simple. 1 hour levels, and 15 minute chart midlevels for structure identification. Then on 1 minute charts, wait for a “Qualify”, which is a break of structure indicating momentum, and then waiting for a return of price to the “B.O.S.” area (Break of Structure), and a “MFS” signal (O.G. signal) on the 15 second chart could work. The main thing is to catch a price move when the Market Makers are taking liquidity. At Market open, there are usually liquidity grabs, so “Cuidado” (careful). Also, after a “B.O.S.” moment, there may equal lows or equal highs, that may break into a “Fair Value Gap” area, where one could also take trades. Regarding “Musings”: Considering recent discoveries about the “Science of the Mind” stuff, I felt the need to share. All ideas are important to each person, and it seems that the past few weeks have generated a new phase of content, so that’s always cool. We use it all to the good, and keep building. Whether a tune, script, post or email expression, we keep building. Yesterday, when listening to a tune from a few years ago (“I-We, Heal the Day”) I was reminded of something important: “we are all inspirations and building together”. Its about all of us. Not just the “Center of Attention” focused world that is marketed. I know, I know, we repeat the reasons for all the money and power stories of life, all the reasons for egos in a “Cash rules” world, and how all of us are “winning” or not winning. It argues along throughout the day to day, while Autocrats use it all to distract as they wish. Since I have been writing a lot about the Quantum Love-Peace Universe vibes lately, I realized in a new way, that the real “Muse” has always been our creative Teams. It’s about how we work through things to solve puzzles of life, politics, relationships etc...We are all Spokespersons in a special way. “Special Heroes”. My goal in the tunes has been to help even one us feel better in the day (including myself). “How niiiiice!” :o) Anyway. Be safe. Take care. Peace------------------------an added note if U dig, I am learning/reading more about the “Metaphysics” of thangs….I know that there has been lots of inspiration and “iron sharpens iron” lately, because of all the energy going on in the world. I am trying to make sense of things too :o) A friendly reminder, that its peace through Art, though I understand that “battling” is often emotional. I don’t know about that genre really. Anyway. Regarding my understanding of how the Spirit of love is reaching us all (if it does). The message I think is that its “for us”. The love is for us. People that aren’t paying any attention to the various “Likeness” topics, won’t really catch the vibe of it, or the “likeness validations”, and that’s ok…Its all love. I really mean that. Peace is the goal. Not everyone should be bothering with it all. We need some people to not be paying any attention, and just going about their lives. Sometimes I think we are channeling (picking up on the energy of) someone else’s longing, because Quantum love “Dispensation” type stuff seems to be happening…Maybe the younger generations will chime in on that? It seems biblical really. Anyway…A couple things. I believe that the Spiritual and Physical Synergy reality has nothing to do with age. That is certain. I now understand clearly that though no-one is “too old” or is a “has been” because, God’s love can reach everyone…Its about gratitude. Whether “home bodies” or “jet sets”, its all how we feel. Our Team is everyone. Yup, even 90+ years young can have Spiritual/Physical synergy health. No doubt…I do think though, that there is possibly a “too young” to understand certain things, like the subtlety of synergy, because it often takes life experience, or osmosis/proximity or the “channeling” (shall we say) of a topic/person that emits Spiritual energy. That’s how it was for me at least. There is a saying “youth is wasted on the young”. That said, I do think that younger ones can “catch a vibe” about synergy in their own tempo, because older people are at slower tempos and maybe receive the “graced” life flow? That is unless the younger ones are in tune with mindfulness meditation, or in the energy of Spiritual synergies? Anyway. That’s just what I am learning…Cool. Peace. 

6-3-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I am working on deciding on a trading strategy going forward to implement and use with the Tradingview desktop, and then ultimately a Prop-firm funded trader evaluation account. The automation will be the indicator, and the button clicker for buy/sell will have to be a Human, because that’s how it seems to work best for now. A “Hybrid automation” approach. I know I've been studying trading a long time, however, so have many other people. Like the "Little Engine that could" we keep keepin on. In truth, I have heard that when it takes time to discover something, it has more meaning when we succeed. In future reality though, for many of us, and for people who are future traders, it will be a quicker journey to success (hopefully). On the subject of sensing the "Spirit of Love", while I am trying to say less about this stuff, because I want to focus on trading material in the mornings…Considering the many years of Beats/Rhymes/Life and Art that has deliberated over time, it's not far fetched to think that some of us might have "Spiritual Awakenings" or “Breakthoughs”, or “Opening up” etc…Maybe a “Spiritual Awakening” is a result of belief in the Spirit of Love that connects all of us through stories, or "makin sense of things" through Art. Maybe its people or communities “Falling in love” with eachother or uniting in love about particular people together. “Connecting Spirits”. If that’s the case, then everyone holds their own Spirit connection and blessing within themselves, that is special to them. However it is that a person understands it all :o)…Seems like a “Dispensation” vibe too…Everyone is an Artist, through their own experience and understanding. (Yeah, like the “Zen Art to Everything” tune) Or what if many “Precious” Spirits across the globe have been connecting through a Quantum Universe? (“Yeah Man, heavy stuff” :o) I know that people really like to assign names to a “Spirit of Love” experience, and that is truth, yet I think its also important to aim higher, to reach a more elevated understanding of what we experience in Spirit. That’s just me. The “Spirit of Love” is beyond a person’s age. All ages unite. We can also call it  a "Brethrenhood" or "Fellowship" Spirit experience. Here are some ideas if U dig....When experiencing a Family of Spiritual Connections we might call it a "Spiritual Fellowship". Its not physical. Physical synergies can be part of it, yet I’m talking about the non-physical stuff here. The acceptance of this “Fellowship” experience is part of the "witnessing" element. A "sense of belonging" is something that all humans look for. When there is a shared positive spirit based subject, it's nice to fellowship about it. When the "Spirit of Love" is felt in a Fellowship some might call it a "dispensation" or just feeling the "Spirit of Love" in a Fellowship. Regardless of what we call it, individuals might find that they're drawing on the Spirit of Love which is hopefully blessing their life. The reason we need to process through the journey of understanding of what is going on, is because as Humans, we tend to attach "longing" to the spirit of love as a result of some sort of physical attachment. That’s where the “Power struggle” occurs. Resentment, envy, and jealousy. Pure Spirit of Love transcends all that. It's often confusing to people that someone could feel such love outside of physical attachments. Faith based people though, understand the Spirit of Love through prayer/meditation, and they will hopefully continue to enlighten us about the topic. Some call it “God's Spirit of Love” and other people just see it as “Love”. All love. Here’s to “Separation of Church and State”. In a Spiritual Fellowship, there often tends to be "Center of Attention" energies. "Center of Attention" energies  tend to take over conversations even within a Family of Spiritual Fellowship. In Spirit, the "Center of Attention" energies do not mean to take over conversations, or be the center of attention in a Spiritual Family Fellowship. Why? Because the blessing of the "sense of belonging" to the "Spiritual Family Fellowship" is a shared experience also felt by the "Center of Attention" energies, so it wouldn't intend to disrupt that energy flow of the Spirit of Love. "Voila" :0) It's important to learn to not give too much attention to "center of attention" energies even if they're famous or financially prosperous. Within a group, it helps to see the famous or financially prosperous as the potential of shared “Prosperity energy”, that each member of the Spiritual Family Fellowship could also benefit from and manifest. I’ve been reading a book called "Spiritual Awakenings" (journeys of the Spirit). I know everybody's different in their habits, but something that I like recently is the saying: "Sober, Ordinary, Sane and I like it". Cool. Be encouraged in your peace. Be safe. Take care. Peace-----------------------an added note if U dig…I know, I know, all this spiritual stuff. Regarding a question like: “Yeah. Well, what do you have to say about a Spiritual Fellowship member that gets into physical (reproductive impulse) relationship issues with people a lot”? Well, as an Uncle, I would say first: “Be safe”. Whether “Home or State to State”…First things first. Side note: I say “Home or State to State”, because my Brothers and Sisters in music who travel are “State to State”, and people who are not traveling Artists are “Home”…we are all special and nobody is better than anyone else. That’s how we’ve been with each other…anyway…regarding the “What if someone in the Spiritual Fellowship gets into physical (reproductive impulse) issues a lot in relationships”? Well, their groin goes where they go, so if involving another person, there’s always gonna be some power or attachment issue somewhere? The cool thing though, and I I’ve heard many Women say this, is that the Spirit of Love is way beyond that physical stuff. And The Spirit of Love (soul has integrity) “goes where they go too”. Ah hahhh…Nice! Anyway…I know people wonder about orientation and all that. I’m what the younger generation might call a boring simply always liked the Ladies person, yet our various orientations people still love me anyway :o) Cool. Take care. Peace

6-2-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Looking forward to the next trading phase and sharing. Love to our New Friends. Peace be with U. Soon I will be able to post charts/links again, and will try to keep it focused and progressively constructive. A few notes, if U dig, because, well, it helps when we all share thoughts n stuff :o) Today, I am meditating on the saying: “Cynicism is a toxic spiritual state”. Let’s encourage hope. I know, in the various businesses, nobody talks with eachother or helps eachother, even when they know you. Nothin new. That’s my experience too. Its ok. Sure, it all seems like this hopeless “Sleeper world” unfolding into its extinction, and that may well be, yet, we can still be voices of hope. We have done well regardless in sharing peace, and I pray everyone takes care. Its all love, and we choose love. Some of us have chosen to talk through art though, and can peace together through trading knowledge. So, hey, that actualllly IS TALKING with eachother and trying to help eachother…So, there we have it :o) At least that brings some light. :o) God will use it all to the good, I don’t know how, yet I have faith. We have to be the voice of peace in what seems like an Apocalyptic time with Demagogue figures trying to claim power. Regarding the Ernest Holmes “Science of the Mind” topic, I find it all interesting, and it’s a heavy topic actually. Reminds me of 1960’s talk sometimes, yet I really wanted to share what I was pondering. Ya know. For what its worth. A reminder that just because some people are mean in a community, doesn’t mean everybody is. HipHopOneLove. Word is bond. Knowledge of self. Life is build or destroy. Live and let live. Be safe. Take care. added Lil note if U dig. Regarding dealing with “Center of Attention” energies in the world, that may consume all the conversation? A good way to deal with “Center of Attention” people (how I deal with it personally), is to not give it energy, or not pay attention to it. I know, people are living their lives in a world of scarcity (“feast or famine”). Meanwhile, there are Good people and oblivious/mean People. However, like with Eisenhower, he didn’t address McCarthy, and then the Anti-Democracy Political Fiction was allowed to fester. Whether it would have done any good, God only knows, just saying its good to call things out for what they is. Take courage that “All of Us” is the new paradigm. Indeed, “Center of Attentions” get lots of attention, especially ego trajectories that were able to establish a major fan base or cult following over time. Same thing. The good people who are “Center of Attention” will hopefully help in the next election. Take care. Peace

Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Regarding chartbeats, I am working on implementing a strategy that can work with the Tradingview desktop download, that can work with Funded Trader Companies. The automation part will be the indicator, and it will send a signal. Its then just about following a trade plan, and leveraging technology into when to click the buy or sell button. I am in pursuit. Respect due to all the “Prosperity energy” Folks are sharing, even though there’s a lot of ego in the world. We use it all to the good. Also, some “food for thought” if you dig for any tunes, scripts etc. Why? Well, I like contributing, and so often over the years when someone has been “making sense of stuff” it has really helped me too. Cool :o)  The Rungame has not been easy ever, yet the process of the arguing deliberation has made us stronger. A moment of silence for anyone we have lost in the game, regardless of what side of the argument. Freedom of Speech was the point, and we would all argue about stuff and continue writing tunes/scripts/speech/emails/blogs etc…Peace through Art/Speech. A real quick thought. Doesn’t it seem a bit unbelievable that the U.S. may possibly elect “Birtherism/Reichstag” again? Its just ridiculous. A National Women’s Rights ban may happen? Really? Though I strongly believe in respecting the dignity of others as we Freedom of Speech and Entertain in the Arts world, I have to say, with all the chances to engage the Citizenry, are voters really going to be that unaware of the threat to Democracy? Everybody’s art is special for them, I’m just saying. Expression is a consciousness. The “Most of us”, who do not make money in Arts need to chime in a bit, as the who gets to “Cash rules”, “Who ya know, where ya been, where ya goin” power structures continue on…A lot of us try to argue with a smile, yet people get really upset, and yeah, we do too sometimes…Being a Healer/Caregiver, and Rungame spokesperson for many years, I have learned to heal resentment, and I recommend that to others. Gratitude is the greener side of life, and comparison is a thief of joy. For me, there have been other forms of “currency” that helped me balance things, because Beats/Rhymes/Life literally saved my life. I like the idea of Trading, because it would give power to the “Most of us” who may be Customer service, or Caregivers, or People on Disability, or Movie extras etc…who would like to make a living too, and do Art as well. Ok. Got that off tha chest. Regarding the Earnest Holmes and Carl Jung, Quantum Love Universe topic? Here are a few recent thoughts if U dig. The root idea is recognizing the miracle of “Pure Spirit Mind” synergies or relatabilities within world relationships. The “Collective Spirit Mind” helps to create a “Round of Validation” that is often based on the synergies of individual people. Then the “WE are each other” experience can shine collectively…Respectfully….We are all inspirations…The truth is that each person has many synergy nodes, though, yes, I know there are very special ones, yet its important to let people be. Agreeing that “every Soul is Sacred” and has its own special “Peace of God” potential and integrity, helps us establish a framework and foundation. I think as Humans, we tend to validate or recognize a blessing in the Spirit, and like to keep it close to our hearts and minds. We can always cherish the Quantum Love Spirit of the individual people, as inspiration, without them being near each other. That’s the miracle of Quantum Spirit love…And that’s how it works in pure Spirit…For example, when a person likes an Artist/Author, they keep their Art close. As we always say: “Got your mind in a bear hug”. We mean that. We want people to feel good. And, for me, if someone doesn’t mind my accent with the tunes, the songs/samples are meant to bring light to a person’s life. I write to feel better, and also to leave “crumbs for mind” so I can remember stuff later. Regarding comparisons in the world? Let’s say, for example, with “Social” magazines comparisons and drama conversations. What about two people who share an inspiring “Pure Spirit” likeness, yet the magazines like to say that one person is better than the other? (I’m sure our Celebrity Pals can relate?) For that matter, what if the two people are eventually at odds, and start the power argument between each other? Well, that dismissal of each other completely misses the “Pure Spirit Likeness” that the people who liked their story related to in the first place, annnd its not good for them either. So, whether a person is a Customer Service Rep, or Service Person, or Caregiver, or Work from Home, Traveling Artist, Nurse etc…Trying to compare ”Life Trajectories” completely forgets the “Pure Spirit Likeness” that helped to ignite the Spirit of Love in others. The goal of our Team is to not judge people’s Work life, or Lifestyle or Age. That’s how we are different than the “comparisons” people (I know its entertaining, yet its troubling)…We don’t play that junk…I mention this, because, a lot of egotistical “cash rules” power has been known to call somebody else’s simple life a ”Sorry life”. Well, everyone is special and there are trade offs with everything in life. Some like to deal with criticism with a: “Well, like Jesus, take up your cross in humility”. However is good. My usual daily flow is to “not bring attention” to divisive or entrenched “at odds” life subjects (people) because I am the healer type and need to have peace to create. If something I listen to or watch is agitating or causes argument, I steer away from it. That’s just me. In the business of Reality TV shows, I know that the drama of life comparison is big money, I’m just focusing on the “wanting people to feel good” energy. Let people have their dignity. When a comparison of people causes agitated arguments amongst us all, it just doesn’t help. Especially in a world where Democracy is in real trouble. Anyway. Here’s to sharing the best parts of the Quantum Love Peace within our Global Assembly networks. Its all love. Let’s keep it Brother/Sister peace as much we can…Be safe. Take care. Peace---------------------------------an added note if U dig. I know its probably a lot of stuff, yet I have been learning about the Ernest Holmes “Science of the Mind” ideas, and its possible that the improvisational expressions and musings about “Spirit mind” are breaking “new ground”? Or maybe its just the same, yet my own particular musings about the topic? Anyway. An example of a situation worth discussing, is when people are close, whether at the office, at a gig, relationship, channeling, whatevah. When there is an energy osmosis, or “mind meld”, that bonds people, there are things to be aware of? This may seem far fetched, yet I think some of us surely understand this better than others? My little understanding of it, being a “Lone Souljah I roam” Urban Monk type, is about how an energy bonding brings a person into the realm of the psychological energy of the other person, or group. Upon the bonding, or mind melding, we feel oneness, or synergies. There are “physical synergies” and “Spirit-Mind synergies”, and combinations of both. With some people its just “Spirit-Mind” and others, more physical. We all have our natural comfort zone about all that. The thing to be aware of, I think, is how we enter into the zone of possible conflict, after the “oneness” is not as present. There are trade offs with everything. Things appear like resentment feelings we may not have had before, envy, or agitations? In a sense, when bonding, we enter into the other person or people’s zone, and may be sensing resentments (envy etc) that already existed. So, is it like being in the middle of an argument that already existed? I used to deal with that in childhood, and eventually found music as a way to heal. I also, now, like to try to heal it all with a Brother/Sister prayer for peace, and hope everyone is safe. We are all Brothers and Sisters in the eyes of God (Call it Providence or luck). Since we send out Spiritual Air-support for Leadership in the Arts community…For any of our Team dealing with “Jet-set comparisons”, or “Peace Ambassadors” dealing with ongoing travel arguments, I really have no idea what its like to interact on that level of travel or relational complexity, however, I gather its not so different than other situations. That said, for what its worth, I pray for peace. Cool. Peace.

5-30-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Considering the significance of the moment in time we are living through, I thought this quote was appropriate. The claims of patriotism and "revolution" are "fictioning" its way into the next election, though as other empty Mass Movements, it doesn't see itself. Anytime a "center of attention" person says that Service people or "Air support" people are losers, or that "life passed them by", it just shows the shallowness and superficial mindset. The Democracy wasn't built by the superficial, though many made lots of money while service people actually contributed their ideas and energy. Don't ever give energy to a shallow young person telling you that you are old, or not important. They will feel age in their own time, and learn their lessons. Prayers for young ones that had to go to war. Anyway. Here is a quote if U dig...Peace..."Since wealth is an order and procedure of production and exchange rather than an accumulation of (mostly perishable) goods, and is a trust (the ‘credit system’) in men and institutions rather than in the intrinsic value of paper money or checks, violent revolutions do not so much redistribute wealth as destroy it. There may be a redivision of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as in the old. The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is the individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints." (Durant, The Lessons of History, pg 72) added note if U dig…after I’ve been meditating/praying about rivalries and division. I think that if people knew the specialness of Quantum Love Assembly Unity, that so many of us have shared through the years, and even in the last few weeks :o) they wouldn’t be causing division and having a problem with someone who is a “Peacemaker”, or people that are “Peacemakers”. I don’t say this word much, but there is even a “sweetness” about the next phase of Quantum Love in the GUniverse…I’llll try to address it in a tune. Its very new to me. I know some Alpha types are used to competition energy, yet sometimes a new close energy that may seem like a challenge, is actually bringing needed healing and peace. So, its something to be aware of? The way I deal with stuff, is to write tunes. It helps me heal from agitation or division. That’s how I grew up, learning to heal anger around me in my life, so that’s still me. “Hopes and dreams” were later, when I got older. Trading success is a good dream we can share? I know the tunes may seem “quirky” to some, yet its the message, not the accent, and there’s always something in there for anybody. A beat, sample, hook, Good word. Whatevah…Anyway…Sometimes, I think some people just have impulse reactions to things, because they sense a threat, yet so often, the humble and kind are just “doin they thang”. Also, regarding the money comparisons of who “won”, is “winning” or however. A reminder, a lot of traders make $1,000 a day. I know, some DJ’s get $100,000 a gig at festivals, and sure a few of our TeamOne members even get way more than that, yet the point is that there is opportunity for us too. Every little effort counts. I am trying to figure out how to automate, because, when the simple people can trade, that will make sense to me. Cool. All love. Gonna keep “peacin” my way through stuff as usual. Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-28-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I still can't link charts yet I thought to share a "food for thought" for any of our Artist Pals writing tunes or scripts etc...if U dig. I was reading a bit from Carl Jung. The intro from the book "Man and His Symbols". A few interesting quotes: "Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma limitless" (pg 6). Also, on pg 11 it talks about how "Free association" allows us to discover "complexities". I think these ideas shed light on what a lot of us are going through this year? Isn't the point of caring for beloved content topics or "synergy nodes" about "makin sense of stuff"? Its not about claiming or controlling our various physical experience issues? Its about lightening up about it all and finding peace. While we have all been processing through ideas along the years, we have been finding gems within the discovery together. I know for me, it has been life saving (Ain't nuthin ta mess with) :o) Anyway. A major leap in our discovery has been how people of all ages can unite about a story together and "catch a vibe" together regardless of age. The lesson is that no matter where we are in life, we can feel a little slice of Heaven energy together and hopefully find some peace. Isn't that the point of anyway? For what its worth. Cool. Be safe. Take care. added note if U dig. In thinking about the Quantum Love or Vibe subject, it reminded of my years of work in Senior Care. I think sometimes God puts things out of reach, to teach us and grow us. (Call it providence or luck) I didn’t really understand this much at a younger age, however, now its making much more sense. I had many 80+, 90+, and 100+ plus years young Friends who would attend the music events. They might attend our music events to just say hi, to sing, or have a “wink n’ a smile” or play a drum. It was about participation and being together to make life seem ok, and inclusive. Whether for myself, or the other Musicians, we don’t know if anyone fell in love with us, or soul bonded, or just liked to “catch a vibe”. When we’re young, we don’t really understand this stuff? Anyway…just sharing. Here’s to Senior dignity and feeling good. Peace

5-28-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I was trying to link some chartbeats yet the website is not allowing it...Meanwhile...It seems the “Qualify/Quantify” idea is the best, because if price returns to an overbought/oversold level, then its about trading the break of structure. The EA even trades if there is a retrace anyway. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Well, been putting thoughts together to make sense of things as usual. The Artist tends to try to bring order out the chaos. And when we share our psyches, there are lots of ways to interpret the depth of understanding within. Also, a question: Why do we generally think that autocracy is so at war with Women’s rights across the planet? Well, in my humble opinion, I think its because of the natural strength/power that Women share/develop together, because of thousands of years of creating generation after generation. Women birthed all the villages and taught sustainability. Truth/Lifeforce is a threat to autocracy, because it wants to be the center of attention. Therefore, it wants to cover up and separate Women. Same thing in the Rungame. HipHopOneLove wanted to unify and build, and division wanted to be the center of attention and claim. This same idea applies to our own shared experience. Its about all of us, not age discrimination. All ages contribute, and the “who you know, where ya been, where ya goin’” makes Seniors feel old. Not cool. We know some people are more relatable about their life experience things, all good. Let simple people be happy too. Its also about not allowing any "center of attention" claims to control things. Assemblies listen to eachother, and thats how it works. If a person is not listening or paying attention to the Assembly Peace deliberation, how does anyone think that a "center of attention" person has anything to say about the Assembly peace? Rivalries usually develop as people react to unity vibes. Love is not about rivalry. Assembly love is peace. Saying "Onelove" works though, even if a person is not paying any attention...also, we know some people who are making their money like to say “cash rules” and direct it at somebody else. Most people are working regular jobs though, and most Artists are barely making a living, so, aiming a ”cash rules” criticism at someone just trying to motivate is not very nice. Anyway…Onwards and upwards. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

5-26-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Still working with the “Qualify/Quantify” idea because, sure, the MACD and Bollinger signals can be used for confirmation, yet break of structure tells us about momentum, and I like using the EA to trade. It’s the future. No doubt. Regarding recent Rhymes for Raps stuff. Well, been learning along. Some of us are late bloomers about certain stuff in life (like myself), and I think one of the fun things for Team Artists, has been making sense of the shared story, because there is poetry in life lessons. I notice the integrity that has been built together through time. Very strong. Being a “Beats-Rhymes-Life” artist for many years has been a calling, and it helps me work through energy. Its about the message, not the vocal accent or exterior. “Word is bond”, “build or destroy” was the message. Not being an egotistical person, my journey has been a lesson of humility and that was God’s plan for me. I have been learning that sometimes a success in the music business was merely a product of an ego followed through, and that doesn’t mean pure happiness upon success. Some of us had to go to rehab, and work a humble job. In fact, I imagine if a person has been getting attention since a young age, it sometimes gets to their head? I know, there are many success stories, and then we learn about the inflated ego of a person behind a particular Art work we enjoy. There is a lot of that. There is also a lot of love too. Sure, I know, some of us are late to “Cash rules”, and regardless, we’re all special for who we are. In truth, only a few people really "make it" financially in the Arts. Some of us use Art as a medium of healing and therapy. Anyway…I’m working on trying to learn trading automation. Learning along…Going forward…The kindness is what makes it all work. The love knits all our hearts together. I always find it interesting and miraculous how some of our Team Successes in the business have manifested, and so appreciate the love expressed to the humble Artist community members who have contributed to content for many years. “Center Stage” and “Air Support” work together. Home or State to State. We all help each other understand stuff, and its often a form of psychology. We are all eachother’s therapists sometimes. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

5-22-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here is a trade with US30 this morning...and the EA and templates if U dig...Nice n' automated and peaceful...The love knits alllll our hearst together. Hopefully with peace. Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-21-24 - Peace Team. Here is the "MFS-MACD" indicator with the alert signal included. Its a right click on a previous circle and then add the alert. I think 15 min and 5 min charts will be good. Also, an extra note regarding the Rhymes For Raps energy stuff if you dig. Considering the division and what seems to be rapturous events on Earth or miracles within people? I agree with HipHop and Intelligence Leaders, that we should treat division/chatter with a good word, and respect...Gotta let people rest. A lot of Artists and Biblical scholars knew what our time was going to look like even before it happened. Amazing stuff. Prayers for peace. All love. Also, if a "1 day at a time" Friend has troubles with certain temptations, or has a tendency to be unsettled when drawn to attractive power energies, then its good to wish peace, and let them have peace. Of course, we can only help ourselves, as the "1 day at a time" Folks say. This year, or any year, is a good time to encourage peace. For what its worth, let people be at peace, and maybe can send a nice light "air hug" in Spirit with the mind's eye, and pray they are well and peaceful...God bless...Cool...Giving thanks...Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-19-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. No chartbeats or anything today, as I am trying to get the MACD alert working on the “MFS” indicator. Anyway. I think its important for us all to share perspective on the time we are living in, because, as usual, we have been able to make sense of so many things through the years. When forcing communities of Earth to deal with the new “closer than the close” reality of exponential technology, there is natural conflict and division (social media etc). Opponents to peaceful, motivated and restful village life try to make rivalries out of new forced group/person bonding (closeness). We could call it “Rapture bonds” or however U dig, considering the Climate Science issues. I always like to keep my mind centered on the Brethren Peace “Home or State to State” and how we balanced eachother with love, realness and respect. Being decades into it all, and having seen it all, helps bring healing to new situations. Whether “Center Stage” or “Air Support” its always HipHopOneLove and Strrrong together…Though many of the new “center of attentions” often don’t realize how “Air support” tends to get taken advantage of, we keep keepin on…What else is new right? :o) We offer it up to G.O.D….Again, there seem to be new exponential tech forced bondings (closeness) happening on Earth, and The Kids could explain more about this because they really feel the closeness of social media and it effects. I think the “rivalries out of nothing” that created division within Brethren Peace (like in Rap today), reminds me of the RunGame years, and so I have been writing some rhymes as usual, while trying share some peace. It’s the same thing as with people forced to be in an office space together at work. Everybody is different. Some people are more “Righteous” (Spiritual) than “Sizzles” (fleshly), and some really “Righteous” and some really “Sizzles”, and some mildly “Righteous” or mildly “Sizzles”, and some are :o) “Righteously-Sizzles” and some are more “Sizzilingly-Righteous” or not at all… :o) I was trying to have fun with the subject…Anyway… There is always conflict at first, and then through Brethren Peace, we can hopefully bring new healing to systems…Word is bond. God loves everyone. Love and acceptance. People are really concerned about the 2024 election, and there are so many variables. Meanwhile, we keep keepin on. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

5-20-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. No doubt. The new "Momentum Flow Support" indicator is very interesting. For now, here is musing on the Quantum Universal Love Connection stuff I have been writing a tune about (if U dig). Ernest Holmes's book "Living the Science of the Mind" addresses a lot of it, so I find it helpful to muse about it. Being a person known to inspire Art and Business throughout the many years now, I believe that we really inspire eachother, and it all helps to make sense of our share life experience. Cool. If U dig...Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-18-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here is the new "Momentum Flow Support MACD" indicator. I like it for 15 min charts with structure. People have based entire businesses on the MACD strategy, so its worth adding to the mix. "Mic check 1, 2" :o) Anyway. Try the indicator if U dig. I forget the indicator and EA stuff is very entrepreneurial, and there is a lot of opportunity for us all in the future. (very obviously) Regarding the next tune, I am putting thoughts together and will share a reflection. Been reading more in the “Science of the Mind” book (Ernest Holmes) recently. The main message regarding the Quantum Physics Universe Connections across Earth, is that everyone can relax and not worry, because somethings are just real, and you don't need to force anything. Love is a blessing, not a threat (even to opponents, or anyone uneasy about pure love). God's love is comforting not troubling. Its not about disturbing people in their life flow or physical realities. Love is Spirit. (Call it providence or luck) Love is what it is, and it ain't what its not. We can all benefit from a loving mindset. We should let people be, and encourage a love and acceptance meditative mindset when possible. We all benefit from that. With love, you genuinely want another to feel good or be successful, and when they do, you feel good. That is the basic principle. Its beyond traditional relationship structures and social expectations. That applies to any industry, and its not drama thing, its peace. I know some of us are “Un dia a la vez” and some of us not so much, so we all have our experience. Respect. Live and let live. I know when I was in myyyy late 20’s, I was teaching, learning to DJ/Produce, partying, making a mess of myself, all the while discovering the Run Game and “Rhymin for Rapture” G Universe Brethren Word is Bond Spirit stuff. It’s a life of discovery. That's the idea. Live and let live. It’s all Spiritually rooted in Assembly Based Quantum Physics Universe Connections. Its a miracle. That's what real love is. Not disturbing people. Letting people be, to rest and motivate and learn on their special life journey. (The Richard Rohr book “Falling Upward” talks about it) He makes a point that we have to go through lessons in order to really have wisdom. Like me, at 51, still a “Lone soldier I roam” out of necessity to keep peace within and be creative as an Artist (that’s just me), and all of sudden I have felt the “put a fork in him he done” spirit. (or “done again” as we say) Maybe that’s why age difference between people doesn’t make a difference, and actually is necessary for the completion of whatever God is doing in people’s individual lives? It a new phase in life, and serving the Senior Community gives me purpose. I’m just learning about it all. Food for thought. Anyway. Be safe. Take care. Peace---an added note if U dig. I am praying for Women’s Rights this year, because most of us are concerned there will be a National ban on Women’s healthcare rights if the General Election doesn’t move towards Democracy. Also, no I haven’t seen the successful movie about the model doll (Mattel story), though I know I have to catch up with it eventually because there is supposedly a Women’s rights message? Also, I don’t know much about the EDM/Singer Artists involved in the movie, and I really only write HipHop and Drum n Bass, and listen to Rhymes for Raps Artists, so, though I know there is some particularly inspired singing in that movie I should listen to, I am just gonna take it easy and do the 1 day at a time thing, because there is a lot going on in the world, and I am praying for peace…The music devotion I keep is part of my daily peace. We all need eachother…Don’t forget, we are all Special, Precious, and Delectable in our own special ways. Be encouraged. Cool…Take care. peace

 5-15-24 - XAUUSD trade from today if U dig...peace

5-15-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I made a bit of progress understanding Tradingview “Paper trading” logistics, and Tradingview can be used to trade with Funding challenges (still working with MT4, yet learning along). The desktop download version of Tradingview is recommended. For “Paper trading”…look beneath the chart, move the column up to see “Papertrading”, click the “Papertrading” (arrow), go to the “Trade settings” tab, then can see “Buy/Sell” buttons on the top left. Here is a picture of the chart…The idea I am working with is for example (with 15 min “MFS” trend indicator): before Market open and during Market open (avoiding the news), the “MFS” indicator on 1 min gives decent signals. Also, I like the Luxalgo “Adaptive MACD” indicator on 15 min charts. It seems that if there is a retrace or consolidation, a signal cross, and a new histogram bar, then it’s a good indicator of a price move. Here is an example if U dig. Regarding Rhymes for Raps and the “Science of the Mind” stuff in Ernest Holmes’s book and new tune musings? Well. I think our time is experiencing something very profound yet we are all mostly very unaware of it. I try to share my understanding on the subject in the tunes, as do many of us in whatever medium of expression that may be. In a sense, its about “all of us” working together to solve things. Being ourselves, allowing others to be, and sharing knowledge of the mind within (the new “Keeping it real”). The truth sets us “free to be” who we is. Everyone has an idea to add or to be a spokesperson for. Listening is the key. The tunes are meant to try to put into words what cannot really be put into words? Here is a metaphor that seems to work: The saying “opened a can of worms” applies I think? The usual paradigm of “separation” is established tradition. People are used to the separation and how it has conditioned us to connect in linear ways to survive. (does “non-linear” mean more like the Quantum Universe?) The new Oneness paradigm draws on Quantum physics ideas, and the Guniverse Assembly Spirit reasoning concepts shed truth and light onto the subject. This is what I think is so profound and the world has never experienced something like this. People are unaware of synergies that may seem distant or inaccessible in the separation network paradigm that we are all used to. An advice note: when people connect across world geography through Spirit, there is no need to force things, because the connection is naturally there in the first place. Relax. Its not about "claiming", its about "allowing". So, long story longer, people generally just need to survive based on the day to day they know, especially when they are invested and established in their commitment to others and their work. Its important to try to keep things calm, and let people be. No resentment about things. Humility is the message. Telling someone their truth within a Spiritual Global Network is really too new to our time, while its also very real about how a person truly is within. People don’t really want to know the truth about things though? (Well some do, but U know). For example: Trade tariffs between 2016 and 2020 caused the loss of a lot of jobs, yet the “tariffs” claim was good politically for the person imposing tariffs. Angels in Spirit know people better than people know themselves, because our mind is spirit, and our mind is who we really are. The Truth is within. Good news though, while there is terrible crisis in the world…The Children are sensing the future, as we are all noticing, and are wayyy more in tune with the new paradigm. Cool. Anyway…Be safe. Take care. Peace---an extra note if U dig. So, in a nutshell, does "synergy" have anything to do with healthy relationships or energy health between people (whatever the words are to explain it?) Our Wellness Community people probably understand this stuff? And, are communities of energy the ones who really know the truth about an individual’s synergy? Maybe like the Iroquois Women’s Circle? “Synergy” is part of the world now and easier to fathom with the new exponential technology available to read people’s energies across/within Nations? The “opened a can of worms” is that its possible that we have an entire world of not so “synergistic” marriages or arrangements? (I can sense couples saying “yeah, well, we work through it my Friend”). God bless. I gather the People in India really struggle with this in the arranged marriage scene. Pardon if this is a touchy subject. Forcing people’s energies and not knowing about synergy health seems like its unhealthy for the world. Maybe that’s why the world is facing extinction? Our cartoon character might say: “well, that’s uplifting” :o) It all seems like a non-physical thing, and that’s difficult for us Humans to understand, because its not talked about? I think the best advice is for people to allow time for growth, and not rush into things…That’s an entire science all unto itself. Anyway. Interesting. Much love. Peace

5-14-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I have been finding that the Bollinger EA v1.1 is a better entry so far, because adding a need to close beyond the trendline area may not be necessary. Here are the EA and templates again if U dig. Regarding other stuff. New tunes underway, and as usual I am all about love for the Brethren, so any distractions or “center of attention” energies generally gets to meet the Global Team’s “ain’t nothin’ ta play with” energies. Its all built into our journey. It’s the simple things. Here’s to Senior Dignity and respect. There’s a lot of crisis in the world, so I’m trying to stay focused on "Whistle While We Work" and Gratitude. Cool. Strong together. Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-12-24 – Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. A few thoughts if U dig. I was made aware that “Mother’s Day” is actually rooted in a call for Women’s Rights. Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910) started the idea of a “Mother’s Day” to bring attention to Women, who in her time, helped America survive the Civil War. Women were the ones who managed the farms, nursed soldiers, bought bonds, did the farming, and obviously, birthed the next generation. Ward was an advocate for Women’s Voting Rights and the abolition of slavery. So, its good to remember that though the Nation may forget the reason for a “Mother’s Day” or the reason for “Democracy”, there are real, true reasons for things, and maybe this year we can help remind eachother of the “Why” things is the way they is? Democracy is meant to put a check on historically proven unavoidable human instinct, and today’s attempts to end Democracy are treasonous, though its getting normalized. Also, here is a testimony and “Simple Peace” type way of understanding the testimony if U dig. I had a weekly gig playing music in a convalescent home, and there was a Woman who would join the events. She was a Veteran in the Armed Forces, and one day she shared a story/testimony. Her message was to never take a day for granted, because God wasn’t playin’. When she was younger, she had a condition that put her in the hospital, and after complications, she said that she was pronounced dead. What she remembered was being in a “space” where God talked. She said that God talks in a way that we would never understand. The message that she remembered God saying was something like: “Go back” (to the world). She woke up, sat up in the hospital bed, and the doctor/nurse freaked out, because they had just pronounced her dead. Meanwhile, she got out of bed and walked down the hallway. It was a miracle. Quite a story. After talking with this amazing Veteran Woman while playing gigs, and she shared her testimony, we then always agreed about not taking a day for granted. She was teaching that most of us people are unaware of how things really are underneath, because us being in the world is just a “Pulse of Spirit” word from God. Whether this Higher power wants us here or not, is up to God. (Call it providence or luck). I interpreted God’s “energy voice” as a “pulse of the Spirit” (or something). The message was really just energy, yet this Woman couldn’t put into words what it was. Everybody has their ideas. Here is the way I have been looking at this stuff. We can develop our own understanding of God (as we understand God) and it’s the cornerstone of recovery (to many survivors), yet God doesn’t talk in words that we would understand. So, it’s a Faith loop to practice maybe? Anyway. Much love. Be safe. Take care. Peace - an extra note regarding the book “Living the Science of the Mind” by Ernest Holmes if U dig. So, first I like to ask the question: “Where is the future of Psychology and Science of the Mind going into the future?” Well, it seems that the new paradigm that the autocracy is loudly opposed to, is the actual truth that will be better defined by the next generations, when they look back at our time? What is the new paradigm? Inclusion. I know, intolerants will yell “No, inclusion is socialism”. No. Its not. Besides, history teaches that a mixed economy is the answer in achieving balance. Anyway. Here are a few pages from the “Science of the Mind” book if U dig. Pg 100 (be rooted in gratitude and listen to the spirit), pg 58 (Treatment meditation), pg 252 (Our mind is a laboratory to practice positive thinking and gratitude, wish a blessing on someone, and forgive/surrender), pgs 155/309 (the Spirit knows, the intellect argues), pg 170 (the Soul has integrity), pg 278 (whether someone believes a disease is curable or not is significant), pg 250 (the consciousness that heals is definite and deliberate)…so, what about some Owlinpeace, Rhymes for Raps musings on the book? Well, I think the goal for each person who is “universally an individual” and also “individually universal” is to maintain confidence and wellness, while supporting the shared goal of balance that can be achieved when an Assembly of people work together. Yes, more like the Iroquois Matriarchal Governance. The Women were the leaders in the circle, because they were more in tune with “Life Spirit Truths”…It makes sense that today’s Autocracies/theocracies want Women covered and forced to breed against their will (especially the creative ones), because Women will share the truth that all people are special. Indeed, there is also an argument to protect people of various orientations, who have a feminine nature, because they can comprehend the depth of “Life Spirit Truths” like Women can (well, to whatever degree it might be and we all balance eachother). So, no doubt, the bigotry of fundamentalism and theocracy is oblivious to truth, or it just wants to control everyone. The truth is within all of us, not on the exterior. Our minds and Spirit are who we are. We might call it “Telepathic Functionality” or something? Everyone is truly special and has strengths to share with an Assembly, while the Assembly has wisdom to share to help keep each special individual confident and well. It’s a new kind of science and psychology. Anyway. I only understand a bit of it all, being male and not the feminine spirit type, so I yield to the Mother Hen Collective Spirit Council wisdom Teams, annnnd I try to put the thoughts in songs to inspire hope, confidence and possibly encourage conversation. Peace

5-11-24  - Peace is the Bollinger EA update with the "Close beyond" the entry line to test if U dig. The plan is to not keep making new EA updates, and to let one that works just work, and focus in on trade entries. This EA update was the original idea, though the one from 5-10-24 should work too. A few Spiritual Musings if U dig...Giving thanks for all the "Global Peace Spirit Energy Convergences Support". We are strong together...All ages, shapes n' sizes working together, and remember to return to "Special U" and chill. Offer it up. The victory is in the surrender. God bless. Its a new world of hope. In truth...We all have special "Life energy relational kindred mindmeldness" or "Spirit likeness" variations, though all One Spirit...or maybe even at times there is trouble with "closeness creates conflict" clashing, and that's ok to recognize too, as a reality for everyone...Allow people to Be...the true caring kind discernment minds are very helpful in the GUniverse. Many thanks for their perspectives. Also, how to use the EA idea if trading a Funding evaluation? Well, can run the EA on an MT4 for the signal, and then just click the buy/sell on the Funded evaluation platform when a trade enters on demo? Or, if the Funded evaluation allows MT4 EA's, nice! Maybe can make the EA for MT5 in the future. Anyway...Like "The Little Engine That Could". I think I can - I think I can...Whoo whoo...Owlin peace...Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-10-24 - Peace Team. A few chartbeats if U dig. The new Bollinger EA won a trade this morning. All the strategy is: 1) 15 minute trend with "Flowsupport" indicator on Tradingview, and if a "Qualify" (break of structure) or strong price move, then note the price at the top/bottom of the most recent order block, then add the EA template to the MT4 chart and adjust the line to the price at the top/bottom of the order block...The "Trades EA" can monitor for 3000 or 2000 pips...however...NAS100 likes to move, so this was interesting today. Our Team has been known for signaling the future, and this EA idea is prrrrobably an example of that. Opposition through the years has labeled many of us simple/kind people as dum or slow to make money or however, yet we were actually the ones who knew what was reallllly goin' on, and saw the essence of things underneath before they happened. That's important for the world, and a "Higher calling" as is said. A sense of belonging to something "beyond the self" can have infinite meaning in life. We believe in Real truth, Assembly hope and Goodness. We want people to feel good, not uncomfortable like curse wants. We were being responsible about something important that effects all of us. Real talk. It takes time for innovation and awareness to mature. Yeah, as an example, even in 2016 we saw the determined malignant narcissist demagogue elbowing its way through the conservative party, while supported by stalin-remnants, and yup, we saw it for what it wasn't a "hoax" after all was it? Now curse just keeps causing problems for itself while it hurts others, and people are smarter than curse thinks. Sure, it may be a "Don't Look Up Presidency" because of the electoral college and cult stronghold, yet we did our best together., regarding trading, I think the automation thinking leadership will be taking the lead very soon, and (all due respect and love) the discretionary "listen to me talk, and good luck finding strategy within the replay videos" subscriptions will adjust to the more efficient trading automation subscriptions, where, Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, even Guardians making breakfast for kids going to school can trade. Voila...Cool. Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-8-24 ---If U dig...Thoughts, perspectives and opinions on reading the "American Creation" book telling the story of the beginning of American Government. Peace

5-7-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. A few chartbeats if U dig. The Qualify/Quantify makes sense. I'm working on automating as usual. A quick note if U dig. In my humble opinion...As history shows, nothing is new under sun. The united calling to raise the people's voices towards Human Rights is still in motion, though distracted by "rule through crisis" impulses across Nations. In this Exponential tech era, curse seems like its in the middle of two Revelations type inertias steadily and slowly meeting eachother in the center (eclipsing the curse), yet curse structures are still not going to honor the specialness of the Human Spirit or Women's rights. Why do curse forces seem like its basically at war with life itself? Well, that's what it does. It will distract from Biosphere consciousness all it can, because it knows the "Oneness Spirit" is its revealer, and the truth is its adversary. We are having Terrible crisis on Earth, yet its the "wheat and tares" story that God will be using to teach a larger lesson in the future. (Call it providence or luck) Also, regarding the "Rap rivalry of the day". My first thought is to pray for healing to the advise any unnecessary anger to "find the real enemy", and offer it up to a higher power. Curse/Devil wants to divide and destroy Freedom of Speech (HipHop), and set "Peace Ambassadors" against eachother. God is love, not division. The tradition of "iron sharpens iron" is part of the growth of the Beats/Rhymes/Life community, and our Teams have set great examples over the years to draw ideas from. Our Brethren and Sisteren Spirit has shined a lot of light within the GUniverse. Anyway. Our collective HipHopNumerologySpirit essence will always be there to inspire, if people want to look towards the light instead of needless rivalries. We've lost a lot of people over the years, so I feel I had to say that...Cool...HipHopOneLove. Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-5-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Been working on simplifying the trading approach, because after trying to learn the science of all the "Fair Value Gap" and "Breaker Block" stuff, I realized that many people were winning funding challenges trading off of 4 hour order blocks, and "Qualify/Quantify" on the 1 minute charts. People are proving that trading doesn't need to be complicated. are some chartbeats if U dig. Also, I am journaling about the Post Revolutionary War because it sheds light on our current time, as the "originalist" idea of "State power" is forcing the Nation to learn old lessons again. When we learn history, it can help us live reality more patiently. After the Revolutionary War, when the individual states (former colonies) had created their own governments, John Adams and James Madison worked to create a framework that was sustainable. Madison and John Adams believed that a Bicameral legislature helped to solve issues that the states struggled with, because the individual state's behavior since the end of the Revolutionary War was generally not in the public interest. Here is a quote from a scholar on the subject. He is explaining how Madison tried to solve the trouble of the "Articles of Confederation" (Confederacy) and how theocracy was fighting the idea of Democracy. (Like 2024?) The word "pluralism" at the end of the quote means "diversity": "The case against the Articles was easy to make, since the cardinal conviction that sovereignty resided in the states made all federal legislation merely advisory and all cooperation among the states wholly voluntary, the fatal weakness Madison had already demonstrated in meticulous detail throughout European history. But he wanted to assemble a full catalog of specific failures as a kind of handy reference work that he could then draw upon during the looming debates in Philadelphia...Now, however, he shifted his focus to failures within the states to act in the public interest. Local demagogues, claiming to be tribunes of the people, had learned how to make 'sophisticated arguments with the glowing colors of popular eloquence.' He was probably thinking of Patrick Henry's recent effort to mobilize the Virginia clergy against Jefferson's own bill for Religious freedom...But in the Adams formulation a Bicameral legislature solved the problem because Adams continued to think within classical categories of the few and the many, whose different interests could be safely housed in two legislative branches...Madison took the next theoretical step, exploding the few and the many into a collage of competing factions and interest groups, all waving the hallowed banner of "the people" to sanction their self-interested agendas...His major point was that the experience of the state governments since the end of the war clearly demonstrated the folly of any simple or singular expression of the popular will, and that there was a glaring gap between what advertised itself as the will of the people and the abiding interest of the public...So Madison reversed the conventional logic. Small republics, like the states, were actually more vulnerable to factional squabbling and sectarian divisions than large republics, because the larger scale of the enterprise vastly increased the number of competing factions, thereby producing a 'greater variety of interests, of pursuits, of passions, which check each other'...Here was the germ of the idea that Madison would develop more fully in Federalist 10 and that twentieth-century political scientists would identify as the earliest formulation of the pluralist conception of politics." (American Creation, Ellis, pgs 104- 106)............Be safe. Take care. Peace--also, an extra note if U dig…what does having a known birtherism “spin doctor” on a political discussion panel do for anything, other than allow it to normalize crisis and distract people in a critical moment in world history? Well, it seems it normalized the crisis that occurred. It talks on the surface, completely missing the “Birtherism/Reichstag-Anti-Women’s Rights-Anti-Democracy-project 2025-Twice impeached-14th amendment violation insurrectionist that should be disqualified from running-privatization of public health during a pandemic” etc…the list goes on an on. Eric Hoffer explained it in “The True Believer”. We are witnessing the lie get normalized. All due respect to media decision makers. We’re all in this together. Anyway. Praying for the world…God is love, and Democracy is on the right side of history though, so we got that goin’ for us… :o) Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-2-24 - Peace - and "Food for thought" regarding "Its either internal range liquidity or external range liquidity". When we hope that price will retrace to a Fair Value Gap in the direction of momentum, and then "oops" it reverses and moves in the other direction? Here are a few chartbeats if U dig...Can we trade price moves against momentum??? Learning along. And one more thought about the Global "Good versus Evil" struggle. "Rockabye baby" vibes definitely, gonna take the whole thing and God's gonna claim the victory for the Good-Good/Hood-Hood, and the meanness can be remembered by the names the Love paradigm gives it. Many on the Team prophecized it 30 years ago. Far out. HipHopOneLove...Be safe. Take care. Peace

5-2-24 - Peace - A few chartbeats if U dig. Today's "XAUUSD Fair Value Gap and Fibonacci confluence idea" worked, yet the EA missed the trade. Will move the entry line closer to .382 next time...Excellent though. Certainly the process is automation material. Interesting stuff...Be safe. Take care. Peace - an extra note if U dig. Historically, the war on Human rights already tells us what we are. Regarding the Birtherism Trickery promising to respect precedent for Women's Rights, and then allowing confederate leadership stronghold States to now decide a Women's Healthcare rights? The picture of the story is now being related to the times of the "Fugutive Slave Law" days of 1850, because today, Women are fleeing states where healthcare is illegal and are being treated as property to be retreived and punished. For now, its a certain number of states, though curse forces are working around the clock to try to get a National ban on Women's rights if they take power. So, long story longer, the protest content may take a new course in 2025 depending on the 2024 Presidential election? I don't think that curserism in the U.S. wants Women to wear burkas, yet, they definitely don't like Women's rights, that's for sure. I know its a touchy subject, yet Women's rights is not a wishy washy subject. Its love or hate. Women in other countries wish they had rights...Anyway...Much love...We fight back in the right way...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-30-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. A few chartbeats from today if U dig. XAUUSD charts and US30 charts…today I learned how automation can protect a Human from over trading…NOT trading is also risk management…And, risk management is all we can control…As Teachers are improvising along while sharing winning trade opportunities in their “live” trading groups, and optimizing their ideas in real time, I find it intriguing to intuitively improvise the strategy optimization as well. I’m not much for the “live” chat rooms, and we’re all different. I like it quiet in the morning, because I need to process energy through from the previous day. Call it an “Artist’s way” or “Healer’s way” or whatever, its just how it is for me…thus the many years of rhymes trying to explain so much stuff…and it’s a new horizon of “Beats/Rhymes/Life” now…For trading, the Telegram posts are my preferred medium for sharing knowledge. These days, I’m not even checking Telegram, because the communication seems confused/inefficient, its not really signals/analysis, and mostly chatter? (Maybe I just don’t know the channels that I would dig) All love. Besides, our Mom’s/Dad’s/Caregivers/Service people are busy too, and the ultimate point is that automation will bring us all new prosperity, peace, and less chatter? (I can sense our Friends with Kids saying, “Oh, you must not have Kids then”. That’s correct, yet I am sending love and encouragements) Anyway…Regarding trading ideas: Its interesting how strategies overlap between trend trading and reversal trading. For example, today, on XAUUSD. A 1 hour/15 minute chart Price pattern was formed near a 4 hour order block area. There were two ideas at work: 1) wait for a B.O.S. (near term “Break of Structure”) and a buyer’s price move towards the most recent trendline retracement areas of .382, .50 and .618…or…2) Just let the alerts sitting at the trendline retracements tell us when there might be a trend continuation move? “Patience is the name of the game”…Eventually, on XAUUSD, there was a further sellers price move, and sure, the Bollinger EA on 5 minute charts could have caught that. The saying goes “buy until you can’t buy anymore, or sell until you can’t sell anymore”…The 4 hour order block idea (15 minute Harmonic price pattern) just happened to be the next potential “probability” price move. Some call this kind of analysis “Wave Principle” or” “Harmonics” or “Fibonacci” or “Divine Ratios”. Regardless, the market moves in waves, just as galaxies, trees, Human bones etc…Many Teachers say that Fibonacci measurements are not predictive, and yes we could prove that statement true, however, neither are the growth of trees or the growing of a Human baby’s bones….In reality, once the waves form, the ratios are…MEASURABLE…so, tah dahhh. That said, the Funded Fibonacci traders might chime in with a “Yup, No doubt. Keep workin’ at that stuff”…Automating the price levels is a many year goal now, so we keep keeping on. A Rhymes for Raps note if U dig. Is politics Measurable/Predictable as well? Well, Eric Hoffer, William Durant, all Honest Historians, and well, many of today’s “Modern Day Prophets” would say so (Generally). For example, how about the Iraq war or what is happening in the Middle East today? We witnessed what happens when an expanded Executive Branch doesn’t listen to Security Briefings or intentionally grabs power through “force or fraud”? Wars, Political Fiction, Control over the courts, loss of Women’s reproductive healthcare rights etc…Its alllllways the same when Humans try to consolidate power absolutely. So, with the 2024 election, what could an expanded Executive Branch do if an anti-Women’s healthcare president wins? Well, to put it mildly, the Kids protesting the war in the Middle East may start looking at their own lives, when after their protest, they don’t have rights of their own? The protest subject will be closer to home, as opposed to somewhere else? A National ban on Women’s Healthcare rights is the plan of curserism, and it won’t stop there, just like stalin’s curse won’t stop its “Rule through crisis” either…Does the U.S. really have to go through compounded lessons to “Feel it” thanks to the slavery remnant stronghold of the Electoral College? (all other modern democracies have gotten rid of the Electoral College) Will the 2024 election be a “Near miss” as before? To some, its all up in the air, and to others its all a Revelations type “Delaying the inevitable”? God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us (Call it Providence or luck) Anyway…to sum it up. Sure, Divine Ratios and “Socionomics” (Robert Prechter) may not be predictive, yet its all certainly measurable and shows patterns. Be safe. Take care. Peace--------------5-1-24 ---an extra few notes if U dig. If we all shed a bit of “Sage advice” (in our own little way) then maybe we can make progress on topics together? So, what about the college protests concerning the Middle East that is dividing people? In essence, the young ones are expressing disgust about war and killings. They are trying to find a way to express that energy, and that is good. It all needs guidance though. We all need guidance in life. With today’s political fiction in social media, the protestors are probably getting a lot of divisive information. Definitely a lot of trickery at work. No doubt. Its simple though. There are two forces at work. The devil is “kill, steal and destroy”. The devil is against Women’s Rights, against Abrahamic Faith Unity…and God is love, that is for Women’s Rights, and Abrahamic Faith Unity. (Revelations 14:6) The same thing happened in India during Gandhi’s time. Hindus and Muslims lived together for a long time, until their dividing was a means to political power (autocratic power grabs). Political Fiction leaders knew how easy it was to divide Muslims and Hindus, and to start conflict. That is what happened in the Middle East as well. Again…There are forces at work who are trying to divide, and also forces working to bring healing and oneness. What it seems like, is that there was a “Poke the sleeping bear” moment attack, as security warnings were not heeded to in Israel leadership, and then the discovery of a hundred miles of war intended tunnels buried underneath, with people living on top of them, that induced an overreaction? Seeing the situation from a “Forest from the trees” perspective is important. What was the goal of the autocratic “power grabs” devil? To “divide and conquer” and to use the hearts and minds of the people to do it if possible. So, using the people living on top of the war tunnels as a shield, and ultimately blaming the Jewish faith, might have been the plan in the first place? Meanwhile executive power was unleashed in Israel, sitting on a new excuse for war, and a new opposing campaign of anti-semitism at the same time? That is the trickery. To induce atrocity thus creating a “Rule through crisis” moment to grab more power? Human sacrifice is something the devil never hesitates to do? There is no excuse, just seeing it all as Good versus Evil. With the expanded Executive power in Israel (that we watched happen) the atrocity unfolded as it would, and now the U.S. has a 2024 election that may reflect that same “divisive” issues if birtherism takes power again. There are warnings at work, though can the anti-democracy trick be avoided? Its either “Pro-Democracy” or not. The expansion of Alt-right executive power erodes away at Democracy and then it tries to claim Democracy in the name of freedom, when its not. The taking over of the courts, and the racism against “other” cultures is a revealing truth when trying to discern “Good versus evil”. We can look for good in the Spirit of “Checks and balances”, “Women’s Rights”, “A fair Court of Justice” system, and a “Succession principle” (to avoid dictatorship totalitarian collapse) etc…Love is what it is, and it ain’t what its not. Don’t blame good people for a Dictator type’s behavior. Same thing is going on in Russia. Blaming cultures and languages for what the Autocrats do. Whether its “anti this” or “anti that” its all often “sweeping generalizations”. I don’t know the detailed history of the thousands years of conflict between Abrahamic faiths that claim supreme fundamentalism and authority, yet its all the same “claiming faith” and trying to divide and conquer. We should remember the thousands of years of Anti-semitism, and the thousands of years of Slavery. The trick is to divide the “Hearts and minds” of the people, and then Anti-democracy forces can keep grabbing power. Anyway…Political fiction psychosis needs some Adult supervision…HipHopOneLove…peace

4-27-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. The question: "How to create a quantifiable automated trading process than can be traded as a Team?". Great goal, and it will take studying an already funded trader's strategy, how about this idea? This was the XAUUSD price movement today. I tried setting alerts, yet missed the trade. Here is what I learned from the experiment. (Yup, like scientists, we ask questions, and make improvements)...Chartbeats and EA/templates if U dig. Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-26-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here is a trade on USDCAD with the new EA this morning. Its nice and specific, as opposed to a moving average cross event that may or may not move from a particular level. Its "Order Block" trading. Welcome to practice with the EA if U dig...Add the template to chart, then drag the line to where you think price might move from (the line waits for price to close below/above it), then if there is a retrace to the 7 EMA, and a close beyond the 4 EMA, a trade will open...So far, I think 20 pips "stop loss" and "take profit" seems cool, with the "Trades EA" set at 10+ pips...The Cartoon Council charachter narration might say: "Yes, good progress, continuous improvement, lets get specific G". Here are the new EA and templates if U dig for practicing. Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-25-24 - Peace - A few chartbeats if U dig. 1) "Regular Ol' Forex pairs" GBPUSD trade from today 2) NAS100 from today. The strategy worked, while the EA is still a work in progress. Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-24-24 - Peace. An "Artist Table Workshop" trading with "Regular Ol' Forex Pairs" post if U dig. Here are the chartbeats, and here are the optimized EA and templates. We can all see how the future will be regarding this stuff. A Web3 like platform with Leadership and mediators? Someone would post an EA and Strategy idea, and some members of the group would naturally proceed to win Funding evaluations because of their talents to work with strategies...Others would learn the process, and hopefully win evaluations too (and encourage others to do the same). Can we incentivize helping others? Yeah, similar to paying Doctors more if they help patients stay healthy? (like NHS in Brittain?) Sure, its the same basic idea as the "Zoom live trading" that exists today, yet ultimately there will be more efficient and quieting mediums to share information, because the world is noisy and distracting. People are fragile. What about a "wellness and peace" section that allows for Emotional and Spiritual growth too? Also, with Zoom chats (or in general), people tend to impose their views on others, and some people just want to be peaceful about trading. The model idea would be something like a Web3 platform with chart posting on what pairs to set alerts on, posting charts showing there is an alert, posting charts that an EA is "Set" waiting for an entry etc...not just random "catch it if we're lucky" stuff, or the "Oh, I won, I won" stuff, which doesn't really build community, especially when no real strategy is revealed. All due respect, because its all a work in progress. I think we are seeing glimpses of the thang these days...anyway...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-23-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here are a few chartbeats from today's US30 if U dig. Chartbeats are meant to inspire hope in the midst of a world that often seems "atmosphere threatin", and also to bring light to a new world of exponential technology, where the idea of "Web3 Team Trading" building is just barrrrrely starting to surface. Our time will seem so primitive? The arrival point of a Web3 type world will be miles above and light years ahead of the previous paradigm in the trading world. Why? Because Web3 allows the "Wisdom of the Crowd" to be nurtured, and that is where real problems get solved. Not in centralized hierarchal systems. All love. Anyway....Regarding Rhymes for Raps...Creating a "sense of belonging" and "something to believe in" has saved lives. Saving lives and helping people to have light in their day has been a high priority for many of us. In fact, the specialness of each soul's "makin' sense of stuff", and the Univerally/Individual --- Individually/Universal Spirit of each person proves the miracle we know as our shared story. We press on towards the goal like "The Little Engine That Could"...forgive yourself for not being perfect or knowing how to trade, even though studying courses...The world can be resentful and divisive, so lets be a voice of unity and hope, not a toxic cynical voice...A true Wellness community hopes that people are feeling better, and hopefully helping others to do the same. Cool. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

4-22-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I was reminded of the simplicity within trading teaching from years before, and it worked today. Very simple ideas of Overbought/Oversold can make pips as well. Generally, most people cannot fathom the ICT stuff, so there has to be new ways to trade successfully. In the future, I believe that "trade signals" and post-trading analysis will be the answer. (in a Team building support "signal from the noise" structure). Until there is a more evolved Web3 type trading environment, to leverage the "wisdom of the crowd", we will see more attempts to teach in trading mentorships. History shows that only a few people succeed that way...There are two EA's I am considering at the moment (as mentioned in the charts), and one is currently being made. Anyway, in a world of proprietary knowledge and the big business of "Selling dreams", we press on towards the goal of winning at trading in the most peaceful way possible. Onwards and are a few charts from today if U dig...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-17-24 - Trade Example with "Smaller stop" is a teaching that was shared. With good risk managment, the retrace idea will work. Peace

4-17-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Still trying to post 2-3 times a week, to let the peace be peace, yet the "Trading strategy Improvization" is cruisin' so I wanted to share this as a "Course Correction" (or calling it "Artist Table Workshop" because its creative). Meanwhile, I was reminded to stay with one strategy. Ok. Which One? The "Qualify/Quantify" then. 1) Break of Structure impulsion 2) Put the "Retrace EA" on...That's the retrace strategy that many Folks are winning with. Here is a trade at market open on US30 today. Here are allll the templates and EA for the "Retrace" idea. (I posted them before, yet here they is for practice if U dig)...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-16-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I like to share the chartbeats and stuff. Its nice to Fellowship about ideas and the infinite Universe of the HipHopOneLove story. Everyone has a their special ideas, and we create a sense of belonging about good things, while being real about life as well. Strong together. Here is a trade from this morning. I tried the Market Open "Breakaway" idea...Part of the Breakaway thing seems like luck of course, yet, I tried to place the 7-15-20 EA on a chart afterwards, and no trade...Anyway, interesting...My "Peace through Process" this morning was: 1) Liquidity (1 hour levels) 2) Structure (and 15 min "FlowSupport" indicator) 3) We trade "Order Flow" (that's why "Power hour" 9:30am to 10:30am EST)....also, here are the templates and EA I was working with...Regarding Rhymes for Raps..."We know Brethren", the peace is our priority, while we are all trying to build and stay positive in our lives...What we said before about the Brethren Unity still holds true, and time marches on, grounded in Love and Truth. Its important to keep respecting the reality of everyone's experience, and build in our own way...Its a dis-service to keep comparing Brothers and Sisters who are different personality types. Why? Some are Alpha, or Omega, or Calmer or however it is called? Let's balance eachother, and be kind with one another to keep building....Also, a question: How do we think that Service People, who take an "Oath of Office" to defend the Constitution feel about protecting people who are at war with U.S. Democracy, Women's Rights and the "Peaceful transer of Power"? I know its their job to protect, yet aren't they still Human? Much love. Anyway...Autocracy is slowly eroding away at everything it can, to dehumanize the world into denial and crisis. That's its role in the great "reconciliation of tyranny" that is unfolding a bit more every day. Giving thanks for our Oath of Office Pals...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-15-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here are few chartbeats if U dig. Found something interesting…How about sometimes trading the opposite of the usual “Flowsupport” trend indicator and Bollinger strategy, when price reaches an extreme statistical area? Maybe just the first alert. The arrival of price to an overbought/oversold zone is not usually where an immediate change in direction happens, right? Market makers will probably try to test an overbought/oversold area before any reversal right??? Isn’t that what we would do, when people expect a reversal at an overbought/oversold area? (a NAS100 trade from today explains the idea)…”Yeah, why not”…peace to allll the “Lil Nooks”, praying for peace on Earth…ok…Basically, again, on price’s arrival to an extreme area, we are trading a small continuation and closing for a few pips. It seems to make sense. Then can trade the larger strategy, when there is order flow, in the direction of the "FlowSupport” indicator line. Here’s a few chartbeats of setting chart alerts as well. Here are additional charts (EURUSD) on the momentum continuation idea, using the bollinger example as an "Overbought/Oversold" moment to then catch a retrace and small continuation...Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Studying the Revolutionary War has been helping, because it all seems like a larger story of it all on a Global scale. Curserism is steadily exposing itself…HipHopOnelove…be safe. Take care. Peace

4-11-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. I actually wasn't gonna post anything today, to give posting a break, and just pray for the peace, yet, after watching the US30 retrace the entire News candle, it inspired me to fathom a "Hmm, what if we wanted to trade that retrace?"..."Hmmm"...ok, how to trade a news retrace safely, even if we have nooo idea about the news or however? Alllsweknow is that there was a news candle...Cool...Here's the thought: If a Teacher or signal says to enter a trade (or U decide), and there is order flow on the 15 second charts, here are some templates. I think the "Close at 50 EMA" makes the most sense, and its still safe. Can also work with the "Trades EA" to close trades, yet the "Close trade" template is meant to ride the price move until there is a change in direction. Cool. Here are chartbeats explaining the stuff too. Regarding Rhymes for Raps - While we're at it, since there is sooooo much goin' on in Global Politics every day. Well, to me (us) its simple. The American Creation book has been helpful. Just like the Revolutionary War rejection of Tyranny over "Freedom of Speech" and "Taxation without Representation", its now a "War of Ideas" on a Global scale. (Zoroastrian story) The Medieval instinct of Theocracy exists in the wrong era. To the Adults in 2024, it seems adolescent. Its decisions are like a misbehaved child, in a modern world. It thinks its the year 1300 or something? In my humble opinion. Are they aware that Women across the Earth are connecting on their Smart phones about stuff? Yes, however, as in any era, the Tyrannts don't really know what's goin' on really? I guess that's what made Shakespeare's plays so humorous sometimes? The ignorant tyrants and their oblivion? "The Emperor wears no clothes idea"? Now its all exponential. Anyway...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-10-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. So, how about an observation of today's Economic News on USD Forex pairs? "Surrrre, Why not." :o) I know there is the strategy where we have to know whether the news results were either "surprise" or "expected". Meanwhile, the US CPI data today was the same as the previous (which should have been a retrace), yet the true trade was actually a continuation trade. So, observationally, the MFlowSupport indicator was a good are some chartbeats showing today's "tale of the tape" if U dig. Anyway...Let's keep shining some extra note: I am really amazed at the "Depth of Understanding" that has been shared within the Global Fellowship/Believer convergence. About what? Oh, all kinds of stuff regarding us People (similar to thoughts that we have tried to share in the tunes for many years now). Its an honor to be "OwlinPeaceHipHopOneLove" Spokespeople. Recently though, the wisdom concerning the "Personality types" universe, and the truth of how everyone is special and interesting for just being, well, special, has been profound. Many thanks to those of us around the world who have been "putting in work" to shine light on the world. Everyone really is a Special Spirit. Strong together. Peace is our priority...Be safe. Take care. Peace

4-9-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. The new Momentum Flow Support Indicator (Bollinger) was completed today. "Hoorayyyy!" So, it works the same way as before. The process is 1) 1 hour levels 2) 15 min trend based on MFlowSupport line 3) set alert on Bollinger arrows for either a buy or sell (oversold or overbought) signal in tune with the MFlowSupport line (green for buys and red for sells). The indicator shows the EMA's, and Bollinger, so, no need to have them additionally on the chart. Here are some steps 1 and 2 examples from today, though I closed the trade early. Its gonna be simple for beginners, while I/We have to keep keepin' on with progress, and God willing we'll succeed and share with others. (Call it providence or luck). When someone is critical about trading charts study and projects, maybe can say, "Well, since automation is the future, and its replacing 300 million jobs globally over the next 10 years...might as well learn a Lil Tech start up and try to be current with the times" (Or something). "Our Lil Tech start up" Artist Table Workshop peace...every effort counts...Be safe. Take care. Peace

Covenant - (Bloodvenant) - Lyrics ---peace

4-8-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Here are some chartbeats, EA, Profiles and Templates if U dig. CFD and XAUUSD. I know it seems complicated to any Artist Friends not into the MT4 stuff. As I get goin' with the automation success, I will "Simple Peace" the thang and make sure its easy to trade while "Arting" or Praying or whatever. (Well, Illll sure try)....Anyway...The charts explain the trade from today and a non-trade on XAUUSD. The EA took a trade and also protected from a no trade setup. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Same stuff as usual. Learning history helps to shed light on the present, and its always fascinating how similar our time is to other times. The "American Creation" book (Ellis) has been revealing. Partisan Politics hasn't changed at all. Regarding Global ebbs and flows of energy. It definitely seems like a Zoroastrian story of Good versus Evil, and many decades are surely unfolding into the "Already done is underway" as Global regimes freak out at the sense that "Every knee shall bow" is closer every day. Curse is clearly defeating itself as in previous history, yet it has to go through its fuss in order for the World to learn (Apparently, and the destruction is really awful). The chumpbaittaxbreak happened indeed, now its a question of whether curserism will take executive power againin the U.S.? There seems to be a loosening of its base as the theocracy (anti-Democracy) and anti-Women junk is showing itself? God bless. Praying for peace and healing. Be safe. Let's be kind with eachother. Take care. Peace

4-2-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. So, the question: "How to stay interested in trading success hope, when the market is discouraging?". The advice is: "Stay creative". Keep working with charts and strategies. Never blaming a Teacher or signal service. Taking responsibility for the endeavor. Here is a simple strategy that uses trend, market cycle retrace and Bollinger bands (statistics). Seems cool. Definitely an EA possibility. A few chartbeats if U dig...Be safe. Take care. Peace

Soul is Spirit Love (Lyrics) - peace

4-1-24 – Peace Team. Happy April. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. A few chartbeats if U dig. I know, can’t really look to many of us Artists on how to trade, though we try :o) Anyway…So, as Scientists ask questions, to make creative gaps, hoping to solve a challenge. Here are some questions if U dig: 1) How can an Artist, Service Person, Parent, Guardian, Person on Disability, Prayer Life person, Lil Nooks, or a Senior on low income learn to build a trading account or get funded? Well, there is a way, and people have done it. There is hope. I haven’t built a small trading account or won a funding challenge yet, however, the Automation goal is there. Discretionary trading certainly is not the answer for most people, because trades happen while Artists are “Arting” (or whatever). And the critics might say: “Well, then be a struggling artist then”. Ok, well, however, with automation, I believe an Artist can also trade too. That is the challenge we are trying to solve. The reality of resentment in the world finds its way to project negativity at many of us (or we just sense it), and while that stuff was part of a multi decade Run Game story (saying that some people are better than others), I believe we can do better. Our Team’s message was that we’re all Special, Imperfect, and that the shared glorious truth is HipHopOneLove…What a great message for now and the future. Well, there are a lot of life lessons in the “Iron sharpens Iron” journey. Meanwhile. Forgiveness is a healing balm to the mind, body and soul. Forgive yourself. God is love (call it providence or luck) Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-28-24 - Peace Team. "Regular Ol' Forex" pairs Automation Journaling. This is an idea of a "long story longer" post. Simple and available to any Guardians getting their Kids ready for school, or themselves ready for work, or Caregivers trying to build etc...Simple...Charts, EA's, Templates, and Analysis. Not hour long zoom chatter (though much love to allll the Trading focuses "gettin into somethin" Collectives). Love and respect to all Teacher's ways of sharing knowledge. 1,000 smiles...Let's keep building. Question: 1) is it about growing a $300 account into $1,000? 2) Trying to get funded through evaluation? 3) Both? --- HipHopOneLove...Be safe. Take care. peace

3-27-24---Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Regarding “Automation is the future, and the future is now” journaling…Working with the CFD “Retrace” EA again (US30 and NAS100), and also working on a Forex Automation strategy as well. (That’s right “Regular Ol’ Forex pairs”). Meanwhile, here are some chartbeats of today’s US30. Interesting how price indeed was sellers away from the 1 hour structure (as technicals indicated, and as shared in the numbered pics), then as always expected (and planned for), the market took liquidity and rallied…so, the EA protected the capital, by not trading (though it missed a nice sellers move, and I adjusted the EA to 20-37 EMA retrace flow, for future trading hope). Cool. Regarding Rhymes for Raps, I’ve been successfully practicing putting thoughts into tunes, instead of the “long story longer” posts. And the survey says (gong sound) “Nice! Peace Man”…One point though. :o) Since Mesopotamia, the Earth has had major Autocracy problems (“U think?”), and Autocracy, Ladies and Gentlemen, is never ever good for Village business. Why? Because in Autocracy, its all about who is close to the “center of attention” figure. Autocracy never gets the best Assembly “reveals the needed truths” information. If a person can bow to the Leader, and stay loyal, then they get to do business, or they get to “keep their Congressional seat” (or however it is). Human instinct alllways thinks it knows everything. Well, it doesn’t. And a single Human at the “center of attention” having all power, or deciding religion (or not) never works. It eventually destroys itself, because, well, it just does. That’s Humans. We know all that already. The answer is “Checks and balances”, and Assembly input, which is the only way to find Global Village stability. Its always a struggle between Assembly wishes (Freedom of Speech and Separation of Church and State), and the Autocracy powers. Let’s not get it all confused though, during the Revolutionary war, if General Washington had not learned that Federal power was important to unify the colonies to fund the Army and collect taxes, then America would have lost the war to the British king. The “Confederate” idea was too incompetent to fund the troops or collect taxes, and couldn’t fathom “strength in numbers”. So, its about balance between Federal and the States. Voila. No matter what country, its always the same. Also, regarding opponents of the peace "discovering" the Book of Revelations as it applies to today's story of Global Politics? Well, best advice is "it ain't nothin' ta play with". In general that's a good rule. Respect. That said. Onwards and upwards. Peace be with U. Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-22-24 - Peace - "Order Block and MFS indicator support " idea for XAUUSD and Forex pairs, because there are more meandering/range price movements and more "Bollinger EA" moments (as oppossed to US30 and NAS100 that have more fluid price movements)- Peace be with U 

3-20-24 – Peace Team. Un dia a la vez. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. We get credit for any effort. A few “chartbeats”, some beginner journaling and thoughts if U dig. I am proof-reading any thing I post here, to make sure its readable, and also, to filter any stuff, that I would rather say in a song or something. I have to say that we really all need to be more careful with each other, and kind. The love knits everyone’s heart together. Much love. Ok…Two trading ideas are shared here: 1) For XAUUSD (or whatever :o), it’s a support and resistance strategy. (Call it “levels” trading)…I missed a trade today with the Moving Average Cross EA (though its still a good idea), and I am considering the Bollinger band on 5 minute charts for small pips trade entries off near term support/resistance (liquidity areas)? If the entry is too soon, and meanders, can close it, and re-enter. 2) A news trade idea. There’s a lot of economic news during the weeks. Here’s the idea for USD Forex pairs on news days: The first part of this strategy is that we need to find out if the economic news announcement was “Expected” or a “Surprise”. On, a chart shows “Forecast” and “Actual” (we have to select only red news “high impact” events). If there is a big difference between “Forecast” and “Actual”, then that is considered a “Surprise”, and we can trade the continuation, and if not, then trade the retrace. I am learning, and yesterday, I tried the EA and the ”Actual”/”Forecast” luckily happened to not be a “Surprise”. (I hadn’t checked the news results). :o) Nice to see it work though. I like the idea of 20 pips Take profit and Stop Loss for Forex, and yesterday, I worked with the “Trades EA” closing the session at 10+ pips. Easy breezy. Interestingly….I learned that the News Trading idea of “Expected” or “Surprise” announcements works realllly good with US30 and NAS100. Same thing. If a nice news candle happens, and price was “expected” then trade the retrace. If after the News candle, the announcement was considered a “Surprise” then trade after the impulsion retracement in the same direction. Regarding “Rhymes for Raps” stuff, though I am practicing putting stuff into the music….here is something for fellow Biblical “Revelations stories” Folks if U dig. Not to frighten anyone, because with climate change, and the Hyper-partisan Politics, The Book of Revelations can be a scary topic these days? This is not for any mean “Dis for dis sake” people, who can’t appreciate the practicing of Freedom of Speech from a “Reality tends to have a liberal bias” person. Recently (last 8 years), things “got real” (as is said), especially when “Reality TV met Reality”, and then its “Charismatic leader” started threatening to go after all the people he calls “Losers” and “Verim” (basically any Constitutional Rule of Law “Oath of Office” People, any Opposing Political Thinkers, Service People, Immigrants or Minorities etc…)? So, basically everyone who is not a loyalist. That my Friends, is disturbing, while it also reveals to us the significance of the Book of Revelations in our time? During this 2024 election season, we notice that the political arguments often seem to be more like the very simple Zoroastrian Religion (Good versus evil). Now we see the “strong villain” on the world stage, and its higher ground opponent being the reconciling Divine Spirit representing “Thousands of Years of Slavery”. (Its never too late to love though) The ultimate Earth Harvest of the ages is on the horizon. How can we bring light to a possible “Don’t look up” executive branch? Well, just “don’t’ look up”, and let denial be our way? No. Just joking, though there is so much of that. We gotta lighten up :0)…ok…How can we learn from “Sages of the Ages” in History to shed light on the present Revelations type concerns? Well. Be voices of peace. Respect the “Framework of the Constitution” and celebrate the 1st Amendment. We have to try to be voices of peace. Lincoln was known for his stories that could calm down debate in the U.S. Government. Imagine having both confederate minded and Union minded officials to try to bring healing to. Lincoln didn’t realize he was bringing peace, though he embraced his leadership role as a responsibility, and knew that his words needed to be carefully chosen, because he was the President of the United States, and words have power. His being President revealed his character. History shows that unfortunately most people can’t “grow into an office of power”, and the power position usually reveals their true root character. Anyway…Praying for peace and respect for the togetherness healing of all “1787 and 1776” diversity of reciprocities…Peace on Earth. Be safe. Take care. Peace 

3-17-24----Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Trading seems a lot simpler than before, thanks to the ICT/SMC stuff. We’ll see if that can translate into a winning consistency. Very simple: if Price is not able to displace a 4 hour level (or Daily), then it will reach for another liquidity area in the opposite direction….or if price is bouncing off of a 4 hour order block area, it will probably continue as well (so consider Order block areas too)…then we trade the “Order Flow” from there (impulsion phases after retracements, yeah like a “Unicorn” pattern)…Once there is a turning point structure, and retrace, we can let the EA take the trades…Regarding Rhymes for Raps…I already put volumes into tunes, and I prefer it that way…Considering the noise of the world, I will try to only post 2 to 3 times per week, to calm things in my own little way…Being creative doesn’t mean we have to post stuff all the time, and in fact, it’s a lot of noise….Whether chartbeats or rhymes or whatever, I’ll keep posting stuff though, because, its important to share…As usual, I don’t like posting stuff too much…Respect and gratitude to those of us looking out for the peace….With the Hoffer book and the Durant book, we can consider ourselves “Informed Historical Realists”…I have been reading a book called "American Creation", by Joseph Ellis. It studies the history of the American Revolution into the Constitutional Convention proves that the whole “confederate” argument agitation is a bunch of junk and unsafe to the Country (though the argument between State power and Federal power is healthy debate as long as there is a “Framework” to keep the Union together, and today’s “Confederate” energy is NOT trying to honor the Constitutional “Framework” that encourages debate). In the time of the Revolutionary war, if the States hadn’t worked together, then America would have lost the war against tyranny. Same applies today. Anti-democracy (like the King of England during the Revolutionary war) knows that if it can divide the Nation, it can defeat the Union energy. The diversity is what made America strong. So, recently, when “Con’ll” blocked the “Yes We Can” Justice Nomination, it started an Anti-Constitutional (Anti-Democracy) problem. That’s why people kept saying it was a “Constitutional crisis”, because he violated the rules that both political parties were “sworn” to honor (“Oath of Office”). As we witnessed, the “Justice Nominee Obstruction” unfolded into removing decades of Women’s rights, and denied the reaffirming of the Voting Rights Act principles etc… (Our experts explain that better, yet that is the gist of it).

I appreciate Ellis’s perspective on the need for a mature approach to political idea debate. For example, he said that the Constitution is the fulfillment of the Revolutionary War, though confederationalists didn't like the idea of a "Parliamentary like" (Monarchy controlled) central government that might have power over the states (like the Tyranny of the King). The reality was that the Confederation Congress (Confederate) during the Revolutionary war was incompetent. It failed to pass taxes or meet troops quotas, and after the war, the Congress continued it's irresponsibility. European markets found the American “Confederation” Government untrustworthy. Madison's research on the history of European Confederations (German, Swiss, and Dutch) proved that the critics of the Articles of Confederation were historically informed realists. What is interesting to me about Madison's arguments and his criticism of Patrick Henry (like criticism of today’s loud volumed confederate voices), is that from a distance it seems like healthy debate, though it was a "make or break" moment for America. Madison shared his ideas of a Government "Framework" that encouraged debate of diverse interests, with the intention of a "diffusion of power" (Checks and Balances) to protect from Human instincts. He taught that a Revolution must have a Constitution, or as Durant says, the instincts of human nature will eventually destroy itself. The same applies to today with allllll the talk and claiming of "patriotism" for only one political party, with the shouting of "1776"  at high volumes at the top of their lungs...I think that the "Make (insert Turkey/America/Russia/Hungary) Great Again" people are forgetting that they must add a sustainable Constitution to their arguments, even though political fiction agitation mostly fuels its energy? For legitimate conversations though, people need to respect the Constitution, or its just like any other revolutionary type energy moment that destroys itself (or the nation)? We must have both the "Spirit of 1776", annnnnnd the "Spirit of 1787" (Constitution). History teaches, that the “Short term win” Anti-democracy people should consider that they are setting up their Nations for destruction over time. Even their own Children and Loved ones (if they think about that stuff), will be effected by their clinging to power. Anyway. Just my two cents. Happy Spring. Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-14-24 - Peace Team. A few chartbeats from US30 today if U dig. Un dia a la vez. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. I actually missed the US30 price move today, yet learned a good lesson. The strategy was to wait for a break of near term structure off resistance, and then place the EA. The moment happened, yet the EA was placed too late to catch the price move. Journaling is about continuous improvement…So, next time: 1) alert at near term structure, then place the EA...Very simple, and not a lot of chatter. To me, the future of trading can also be a lot more efficient, out of respect for people's lives. More signals, less noise, though all love to the Fellowship environment. As we say: “Let the EA trade…we can analyze, and chat about it later”...Cool. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Welp. The Democracy world seems to see the Mad Men Perdition Characters of our time clearer now. Though curse may have its short term win…Its defeat is on the long term horizon…Certainly (even for curse), its easy to imagine the children of today's Perdition advocates, as confessing how wrong the terrible Autocratic regimes were in our era. The Belligerent, Resentful, Destructive, Self-Righteous, Anti-Science, Anti-People, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Human Rights etc...the list goes on, and the Children will probably all say at once: "Guilty". If curse onnnnly knew what it was, it would quiet itself and take a knee, though its God's story, so, are witnessing a pivotal moment in history. (Call it providence or luck). Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-13-24 – Peace Team. A few chartbeats if U dig. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. The EA did not take any trades today, though there were price moves… Or I should say, I did not place the EA at the place it might have been, to catch the price moves that actually happened…Actually, though, the rule is: “not losing is also winning”? There are 2 EA ideas I am working with…1) 7-15-20 (Moving Average Cross v2.0) and 2) Bollinger on 15 minute candles. The 7-15-20 idea I like is the “Qualify” (Break of Structure), then the EA does the “Quantify” with the 7-15-20 EMA cross on 1 minute charts. This works for any price move off of support/resistance/value zone (generally known as “Areas of Liquidity”) for CFD, XAUUSD, or Forex. Annnnd the other EA..…The Bollinger Band EA seems really cool for News day retracements, because a news candle is volatile? The chartbeats shared today are my view of the price moves that occurred and mayyybe some “Food for thought”? A note about the Web3 conversation, and how it relates to the “Home based businesses” future…As mentioned, a person that helps to create an EA, is often not the person who will teach how to win a funding challenge? In a Web3 architecture, a Team could really leverage the wisdom of the Assembly. So, in the case of the Moving Average Cross EA and the Bollinger EA (that are two Universal ideas), thousands of ideas could be processed within a single day, and eventually win funding challenges. Its reallllly profound, the concept of the unfolding togetherness of future tech. Unless a Teacher says: “Hey, submit those EA’s to the automation Team for winning funding challenges”, or someone recommends a platform that is “future thinking” about trading automation strategy deliberation, then I’ll just keep posting the chartbeats here…Even regardless I post stuff here though…many years of stuff, and it’s a way to express…Onwards.  Regarding Rhyme for Raps. Well, it seems that every 24 hour cycle, there is a clearer understanding about the “Lie that went half way around the world” and how it is mimicking itself throughout Autocracy regimes? In the U.S., the conversation is increasingly about the Democracy/Constitution versus Anti-democracy election of 2024, and Veterans are starting to really share their opinion about the disgraceful non “oath of office” people. What happens if anti-democracy wins in 2024? Is it a test run for a future threat to the Democracy, or is 2024 the moment of truth? Wellllll, its allllways the “Moment of truth” ain’t it?   “Well…Uh...U tellem Mo”  (bup) :0)  :o) :o) Anyway…Slow n easy steady stable…Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-12-24 - "Classical Tunes List - Part 2" ----peace

3-12-24 – Peace Team. A few chartbeats if U dig. CFD Bollinger EA stuff too...Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing…Un dia a la vez. The same idea that the Bollinger EA traded with XAUUSD, worked for US30 today, after the news candle. The idea is very simple, and could work for Mommys and Daddys (Uncles/Aunts/Cousins) making breakfast, or getting the Children ready for school…or for Caregivers busy caring, or a prayerful person praying for the world, or an Artist working on stuff, or “Lil Nooks” having quiet reading, or Mother Hen Collective pondering how to counsel the world etc…We get the point…Cool…Regarding Rhymes for Raps stuff…One Lil point about the recent U.S. State of the Union 2024 address if U dig. Practicing a bit of Freedom of Speech, and as is said: “Reality tends to have a liberal bias” over time…There was a moment in the recent State of the Union address, that reminded me of other significant truth seeking moments in recent history. The 46th President took a moment to address the Lifetime appointment Supreme Court Justices, about the fact that it’s decision overturned Women’s Rights. He said something like: “My God”!!! What other rights will they take away? Agreed! Maaaaadre Dios! Mother of God…So, basically, I believe that his expression was a significant moment in history. Any effort to protect the idea of Women’s Rights is something that transcends time and space. For that moment in time, the President   made a stand to say that something was obviously wrong. The reality is that because of trickery, obstruction and political fiction lies, Women’s Rights were overturned in the U.S., and most Citizens agree it’s a disgrace. A few other moments in the recent years was…. 1) The 44th President made a stand to speak against the liar who festered the Birtherism Political Fiction (At a dinner event)…of course, little did we know, that Birtherism had at that point succeeded in fanaticizing millions of frustrated minds, which eventually lead to a Birtherism Presidency (hopefully never again – God help us)…Another moment in recent history…2) When the now 46th Vice President (Female – Hooray!) made a stand in revealing the truth (in a hearing) where the former Attorney General was being questioned about whether they had been asked by the 45th President to investigate political rivals. The statement that the now 46th Vice President made as a Senator, in that hearing, was truly strong and awesome, because she showed that someone cared about the truth. She was an expression of public service bringing light to the truth in protection of the Democracy. So, people can criticize, yet I will never forget that moment, with her esteemed Male colleague sitting next to her in agreement. Peace to “Blessed with Melanin”…Anyway…Just a few thoughts…Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-11-24  - Peace Team. Here is an XAUUSD trade idea with EA and templates if U dig...The Automation workshop continues...learning along...this trade was the easiest "set n' forget" so far...a reminder that some people only trade XAUUSD, and still win funding challenges, when there is no time limit...Cool...Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. The Spirit of Love is always on the move across the planet. Even more than exponential tech---That includes trading, or the Oneness/Inclusive/Self-learning Phenomenon happening Universally. Be safe. Take care. Peace

Peace Team. A few chartbeats from an EA trade idea if U dig….The US30 and Nas100 idea made good progress this week…Also, a Bollinger-Night-time trading EA idea if U dig…gonna have fun with that one, though the day trading is the thing so far…Regarding Rhymes for Raps…The same as usual, “Two forces at work”, Good/Democracy/Love versus evil/autocracy/fascism…That said: there is usually a perspective, and every day has its own season of word combinations….I have a bunch of questions, and maybe some of these might inspire conversation: Can a U.S. President do wrong against the Rule of Law and Democracy, and be held accountable away from public office or be disciplined? The impeachment process is supposed to protect the Nation, yet what about when it doesn’t? The Supreme Court, as we are witnessing, has the power to decide such things. At this time, the “Highest Court” should be reflecting on the future, and not the short term win? For the Children. In my opinion, the entire birtherism political fiction psychosis has been a short term win impulse, that was festering for decades as a response to the New Deal success (see “American Psychosis” book). The reason that the party which caved to birtherism is allowing it again, is because it senses the magnitude/extremes of the new “inclusive” paradigm, and doesn’t imagine the future. The new “inclusive” paradigm is a natural reciprocity to thousands of years of slavery and autocracy. The reason there was a stalinvasion in Europe 2 years ago, was because the lie sensed the truth (as it was “putting its shoes on”), and reacted in the only way it could? (According to Eric Hoffer’s understanding). The Destructive Mass Movement Leader eventually destroys itself, and if it can, it will take the entire country with it. I appreciate the saying that some people “sacrifice themselves to serve the country, and others sacrifice the country to serve themselves”…In a “Totalitarian collapse”, even all the people who embraced the hatred slogans, and all the lies, get sacrificed in time. Will there be a loosening of the birtherism entrenchments in the U.S.? We already see a relaxing, and we witnessed it in the primary season. All thanks to Freedom of Speech. Things were said like: “Chaos follows it” etc…We all agree that birtherism hatred causes an environment of chaos…People are seeing a bit more, and we generally agree, that regardless of the political party, no party has the right to stop the electoral college vote counting. Even though the election should be a “Popular vote” system (to hear the voice of the assembly), we work with what we got. We are reminded of the story though, at the end of WWII, when a nazi soldier was told to go home, and that the war was over….He said: “No! The war isn’t over, Hitler said it wasn’t over, and Hitler would never lie to me”. So, indeed, there will be the hold outs to the political fiction psychosis, yet we pray that Families and Friends can work together to heal from the division that took and is taking place…Now, returning to the most important question: Can a U.S. President do wrong against the Rule of Law and Democracy, and be held accountable away from public office or be disciplined? The answer to this, is obvious. A U.S. President should never be allowed to commit treason or murder, regardless of political party. (Yes, I know there are many cases of Political Fiction wars in our history, and there is no excuse)…Meanwhile, if the Supreme Court continues to side with birtherism, and not Rule of Law, I can only imagine the future. If they think that a short term win of obstruction and treason will be ok for the U.S., it won’t. The culture of the Nation, if they haven’t been noticing, is not birtherism. Let’s imagine a possible future scenario….The extreme opposite of birtherism is what some call “Cancel culture” (the extreme version of it)? So, if birtherism gets elected to the Executive Branch in 2024, and fusses through to an attempt to stay in power beyond its 2nd term, and then the Military removes it from office? (Which is most probable) What then? What if a Cancel Culture candidate uses the same destructive political fiction strategy explained in Eric Hoffer’s book (The True Believer), and then takes the executive branch? Though the Culture of the Nation will be trying to reign in the extremes of the psychosis that took hold, will the military be able to protect the people from “Threats foreign and domestic”, since the Supreme Court decision ruled that a U.S President could do no wrong? Will the Military have been able to protect the citizens from even birtherism threats “Foreign and domestic”? Isn’t this moment that is being decided a critical one? If there is no “Rule of Law”, and the present Justices are eventually impeached by the future extremes of Cancel Culture as a reaction to birtherism obstruction, and replaced with extreme Cancel Culture Justices, then what?…What is the opposite of forcing Women to breed? Just asking…what kind of Nation will we have? Not to frighten anyone…just sharing…Anyway…just a few questions…thinking like Scientists…HipHopOneLove. Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-8-24 - Peace Team. A few chartbeats if U dig. The strategy is a hybrid of many lessons over many years, and very simple. Establish "Levels" on 1 hour and 15 min charts. If, "Qualify" (break of structure), then the EA does the "Quantify" part when/if there is a retrace. Another way is to take the 1st of 2nd Momentum Flow Support signal. I think for night-time trading, the Bollinger EA could be interesting. Meanwhile, Funded Traders People seem to be trading mostly just before 8am EST then markethours until NY lunchtime? There are nice price moves generally after 8am EST. Not only math geniuses will be trading. Automation will help. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. The "Timeless Warning" that millions of people across the world have been sharing for decades seems to be having its moment? Eric Hoffer (The True Believer) and the Durant book (The Lessons of History) are brief books that shed a lot of light and truth on the Political Fiction psychosis of our time. Mad Men Perdition got its power through Political Fiction. If you notice, its the same thing. The discrediting and infecting the day's conversation with lies, and "I alone can fix it" noise, so that the present seems in need of the "Great" leader to save everyone. Basically, saying that there is no joy and peace in life, yet that we need their lying behinds to save us. Like a batterer does. Control and lies. God disagrees with them. God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us. (call it providence or luck) There is possible joy and peace in life. Gratitude is the greener side. Sadly, the Glitch trick repeats itself through the ages and our time is no different. So, the saying "A lie goes half way around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on" is true again. "Center of attentions" will ultimately have to learn to "Share the air" on future Earth. Praying for peace on Earth. HipHopOneLove...Be safe. Take care. peace

3-6-24  - US30 journaling - Demo trading - Complete automation example. Tah dahhh. Nice! We got the Spirit, Yes We Do, We got the Spirit, How bout' U!!! Onwards and upwards...So, this trade was complllllletely automated (after price returned to "Value zone"- meaning previous buyer area)...I think setting the EA for "1 to 1" and another trade "1 to 2" will be cool. That's 2 charts of US30 opened on MT4 (previous CFD templates have the templates - see "2-22-24 CFD and XAU templates" post)...I set the "Trades EA" to 2000 pips just to catch a price move, yet, things are starting to make more sense...Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-6-24  - Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Been working with the Moving Average Cross EA, and trying to create settings that allow a good trade entry. It’s a trade off between a safe trade entry and not missing Moving Average Cross moments. (Yes, the “Artist Table Workshop” adventure continues) :o) Today’s “chartbeats” have the new template ideas if U dig…Movin’ along and learning. It seems so primitive that Humans are still having to manually enter trades, and for beginners to have to sift through hours of chit chat zoom trading conversation to find the day’s analysis (to learn). Automation trading should already be the primary conversation? It reminds me of the days when electric cars were first being tested. People would say: “Why would anyone want an electric car?” It will probably be the same with automation trading? People will say: “Wow! Some people still stress over manual trade entries?” Anyway. Working with the 4 hour chart for “liquidity” off previous levels, and then if there is a structure break and order flow, at that point placing the EA…There is success with that thinking, so gonna try it too…1) ”Liquidity”, 2) “Structure break”, and 3) “Order Flow”…nice n’ simple. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Welp. Business as usual, though its “always a tune in progress” and we all have special perspectives. I think that today’s Mad Men of Perdition are no different than the tyrants who lived before. Apparently, all that is missing from today’s Destructive Political Fiction Mass movement in the U.S., is a Hitler like salute that the followers and leader can mimic to each other? Then it will take on its “Hate-likeness”, and “worshiping its own opinion” more visibly to other citizens? God willing there will be an “awakening”. I notice that there is generally no mention of the previous Vice President, and he is not being considered as a running mate for “tyrannis” (absolute rule)? Why? The previous VP chose to allow the counting of the Electoral College votes, and to stand for Democracy. Next time, tyrannis knows to have a person who will obstruct the Democracy if asked to? People across the political aisle remember the “Jan 6” moment as treason, yet, tyrannis is allowed to stay on the Political stage. The chance for impeachment is over, yet if tyrannis is elected again, it may be another 4 years of impeachments? Who knows. The Speaker of the House recently said something about being the only one holding on to his group’s “tyrannis loyalty” opinion, and that since he was the “only person”, it made him right about it? Huh? It reminded me again of “an addict with excuses”. In an intervention setting, like the one he is in, its often the one in the center who needs to course correct and listen to the wisdom of the Assembly. An additional note: In reading about the 14th amendment (“insurrection clause” meant to protect against someone “aiding” an insurrection from holding Public office), I noticed that a Judge defended their decision to allow someone who “aided” insurrection, as based on whether or not the public would be upset about their Supreme Court decision? Maybe its just me, yet, where is it in their job description, that their decisions on the insurrection clause should consider public opinion? Its meant to protect the people. Anyway…Again, today’s Political Fiction leaders are the same as in history, and seem to have steady influence on the highest court? Nothing is new under the sun. Like just before the Revolutionary war, the King of England held his follower’s attention with the lie that he actually cared. It’s the same as today’s myth that a tyrant cares, and the People need to be awokened from it. The idea of American Freedom of Speech and Separation of Church and State has been a light unto the world, even with the terrible history of injustice that was part of the story. Many places in the world, the people still have no rights to speak or decide on religion (or not). So now, Mad Men Perdition continues to take the global political stage unaware of itself in the story of Revelations, and  2nd Thessalonians 2 (if U believe that stuff). The scenes it all reminds me of is the “Guilty” scene in the first Superman movie, and the “Ark of the Covenant” scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie. Eventually, the lie finds God. They can either take a knee today, or find its way there eventually…Civil Rights is tradition. Let’s shine the light. Be safe. Take care. Peace


3-4-24 – Peace Team. A few chartbeats and Rhymes for Raps perspective if U dig…Learning along…I am working on the EA trading stuff as usual. The News candle and retrace idea sounds good. (If there is a News candle, then place the 7-15-20 EA in the direction of what the news candle was?)…Other than that, committing to the “Know thyself” focus, and demo trading a few instruments: US30, NAS100, and XAUUSD for the day trading thang…”Unicorn” stuff…Anyway…Regarding Rhymes for Raps musings and Historical perspective….In reading the ”American Creation” book (Ellis), it helps me to see the struggle for Democracy in our time, as similar to moments of the struggle during the time of John Adams. Peace to “Hamilton” casting :o) The colonies were dealing with an “Imperial Crisis”, where the Dictator/Monarchy was going to try to control the colonies. There was no question that King George III was going to get control of the colonial idea for independence. That was the only option. The idea of Freedom was new, not Tyranny. Meanwhile, the colonies were far away from Brittain and the idea for Separation of Church and State, and Freedom of Speech was “ripening on the political vine” in the taverns. At first, the colonies tried to meet the Monarchy with “petitions”, then those days were over, until “events” were the only thing deciding the future. An un-organized New England Militia had to become the “Army”, though soldiers would decide to go home when they would like to and exercise their Freedoms. The reality was that the oppressor’s power grab was all they were dealing with, and the new army had to defend itself against tyranny. So, in today’s U.S. world, with allllll the impeachments, the admitted intentional war against the Free Press, the lower courts deciding against “tyrannis”, the attempts to over turn election results, the agitation /propaganda/division, and now the Supreme Court soon to decide whether a U.S. President is ever “immune” from wrong doing? It seems the country is at that “events” moment again? Every current time thinks its going to “reinvent the wheel”. Somehow, the “blab n grab” thinks it can trick its way into power, while convincing Citizens that “I alone can fix it” cult-ification is somehow safe. Then there’s the service minded people who have to be the Adults to protect the children’s future. Same today. God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us. Call it providence or luck. Just sharing…Let’s be encouraged in peace…Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-2-24 – Peace Team, a few chartbeats if U dig. Been diggin the “Unicorn” idea of a price move after a clear impulsion into a level/zone. The EA will help us solve the trade entry issue. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. The “Over the top, actually, straight through the top” story is unfolding as its gonna, and Lord knows that “already done is under way”. HipHopNumerology through Divine conversation is confirming, enlightening and supporting in an omniscient way. (Call it providence or luck). Whether 707, 717, 815, 417 etc…limitless variation…everyone has their own special faith experience (or not), and that’s what makes life a miracle. Regarding trying to force “religion” back onto citizens? (and forcing reproduction) As Durant shared, the Industrial Revolution helped loosen “encrusted traditions” (theocracy). The theocratic/oppressive “encrusted traditions” held Humans back from freedom of thought and life experience that were  necessary to evolve. Same applies today. Healthy traditions are good…oppressive traditions are bad….Human nature has not changed. So, no, theocracy won’t help in the U.S. and history teaches this. Responsible Leadership might help though? Instead of elevating Demagogues? Making excuses for threats to the Democracy is a sad thing to witness, and Turkey’s citizens saw it to, before their own version of Dictatorship. In the U.S….If someone aids in an insurrection? Shouldn’t that be a disqualification for public office? 14th Amendment?  There are plenty of people glad to compete in the primaries…Are there rules in life? Also, the idea that just because a Presidential candidate is “popular”, does it mean they have “immunity” from Rule of law? Hitler was very popular. Will the Supreme Court appease birtherism, as before?…More than likely…that’s on their legacy though, yet they probably don’t care…the future will…Birtherism judges can enjoy their nonsense in the near term. Love will win the long term. Also, will voices in the media who are pro-birtherism or in defense of it, remember this moment? We’re all too close to the story, yet, “you can’t kid a kidder”. What a person might say is often times verrrrry different than what they do? What we do is what ultimately effects people. For example, when a person claims to be “Pro-Women’s Rights”, then nominates a “Lifetime-Highest Court” to take away Women’s rights? That’s not  “popular”…That was a lie and a “trick”…Also….Things like trying to stop the election vote counts, and using an adversary’s political fiction to gain political power?…(to name just a few things). Similar things happen in Turkey, Russia and China all the time, and maybe its time for the real people who are protecting the U.S. Citizens, to speak up about who is trying to end Democracy? Threats “Foreign and domestic”? Otherwise, what is “popular”, regardless of the threat to Democracy, could possibly win again, and God only knows the lesson and confessions we will all have to witness. Basically welcome to “Don’t look up-chorbanahoo”. Every day is a new perspective, yet its always the same message. Love and truth. Be safe. Take care. Peace

3-1-24 – Peace Team, a few chartbeats if U dig…The Automation mission is cruising along…the idea is for trading to be a peaceful process. That is the goal. Automation will allow people to trade. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Welp, it seems that every day the Global “Iron curtain” alignments are learning a little bit more about its future, as it destroys more Families and spreads political fiction disinformation. Eventually it has to implode, as History teaches…Meanwhile, it will carry on destroying. The Devil is kill, steal and destroy. God is love. In the U.S. now, the “truth is slowly putting its shoes on”. The Birtherism catalogue of lies is getting revealed as merely one of the greatest breaches of public opinion and government in history? Iron curtain people are certainly very proud of their victories to influence public opinion. That said, their citizens probably cannot hear live performances of American music anymore, because its banned? No fun. We know that citizens cannot wear democracy flag colors and the Women are not allowed to paint their fingernails Democracy colors. Is that what will happen in the U.S. if iron curtain is allowed keep slowly taking power? Tim Snyder warned about it many years ago. Iron curtain is back. How did it do it in the U.S. so far? Funding and supporting a “Political outsider” charismatic Reality TV personality, and keeping its agitation/propaganda going. Destroying is easy. It’s the building and repairing the destruction that is difficult. Even recently we learned that the “isma” thing was another disinformation operation. I’m sure they are real proud of that one too? Its like a psychological military operation or something? Its also, unfortunately a terrible breach and failure to Democracy security people. Not their fault though. How can you convince citizens of a threat, when they whole heartedly believe that it isnt? Hoffer explains all that stuff. Anyway…Can the U.S. have a “Whoa, Yo, they need the truth moment?” Or will the political fiction operation capture the Executive Branch again? Should this moment be treated like WWII times, with news reels at the Movie theaters? Will the approach of “well, we don’t want to bother the streamers of TV shows with anything”, someday be an awakening of “Well, we should have been telling the people the truth”…Women’s rights gone? Then what? Theocracy? When will people feel it? Well, there is a saying that in politics, citizens have a memory like “Dairy shelf life”? Or something like that. Anyway. Just practicing a bit of Freedom of Speech. HipHopOneLove. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

2-29-24 – Peace Team a few chartbeats if U dig. There was Economic news today, and I tried letting EA trade. Welp, I learned a lesson. "Survey says" (Gong sound)...yeah, let the EA trade afffffter the news announcement...Also, for fun, might try the retrace trade? :o) Anyway...there's a few charts...A few thoughts on the Rhymes for Raps...Peace is our priority, and I know that so many of us across Nations are really concerned for Human Rights with all the elections this year. Here’s a thought. We notice a lot talk about “1776”. Ok. American Revolution. Anything else? There has to be governance, or its chaos….We often notice the repetition is only about “1776”. Well, if its only about 1776, then its only about Revolution, and without rules and governance, Revolution ends in chaos and something like Russia and China where there is no Freedom of Speech, and no Free Markets. Only the very few get to participate in building financial success, and the rest, well, they don’t get to speak (their children either). So…it has to be “1776” annnnd “1787-88”. Why? Because the Constitution has to establish rules of Governance and “Checks and Balances” to protect the Liberty of the “People”. Without mature leadership, any Nation will, as Lincoln said: not “long endure”. In other words, in the U.S., because of the demagogue, today’s “1776” people were tricked to hate their Freedom, while claiming patriotism and a Treasonous Leader. Today’s Birtherism/Reichstag party is not of the American Revolution Spirit, because it is against the Constitution that protects “The People’s” Freedom. Two roads are on the Horizon of American History….It’s either “Adult Leadership” (1776 annnnnnd 1787-88) or “Adolescents” (Just yelling about “1776” and trying to end Democracy)…Everyone needs to remember, that millions and millions of People died fighting for the Constitution. And today’s cult is disgracing their memory. Anyway…that’s a reading on the U.S. 24’ election. Sure, the cult may win the general election. Whupdeedooo…The future will look upon the overturning of Women’s rights and the “Birtherism/Reichstag” as treason…God help us. If Families have not felt the war against Women’s rights, it will eventually. Curse alllways shows itself. Certainly, in time, there may be stronger forces against the Autocracy, and that will need Adult Supervision as well, to avoid the same “I alone can fix it” trouble.. No question…Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-28-24 - Peace Team - A few chartbeats Trade Journal if U dig - Regarding Rhymes for Raps, there's a lot of material going on the world for tunes, posts and scripts, and I am processing through stuff, as are we a nutshell. The level of birtherism's offense to the miracle of Democracy is wayyyy beyond the minds of our time, though we try to address it all. The war against Freedom of Speech and Women's rights has been going on for thousands of years. We can sense the "Sages of The Ages" knodding their heads at the impending reconciliation of the curse...Anyway...We "know it like a poet" :o)'s be encouraged...Be safe. Take care. Peace

Retrace EA reminder - EA and templates - for if "Qualify" (Break of structure) - the Moving Average Cross EA and the Retrace EA can both be an option? XAUUSD from today...Peace

Durant quotes from "The Lessons in History" - peace

Owlin Monk - G17-20 (lyrics) - peace

 2-26-24 - Peace Team, a few Chartbeats if U dig. As we learn along, and trading automation takes more "center stage" (Evolution is unstoppable), we notice certain correlations between Old/New Teaching philosophies. For example: Teachesr tend to agree on trend, whether we call it "Consecutive breaks of structure on the 1 hour time frame", or "20-50 EMA order on the 1 hour and 15 min time frame", or "a trend line that is holding, expressing the Wave principle that the market is 'in gear' (or something like that)"...there are many ways to express trend. The "Qualify/Quantify" idea is also in the same flow of the trend conversation, while considering "liquidity" ideas. Market makers are always seeking "liquidity grabs". How can we trade the price flows accordingly? Well...A break of structure in the direction of a larger trend, will generally lead to a retrace (to mitigate a "Fair Value Gap" if there is one, or just to mitigate and "Order block" or "Value Zone")...Anyway...the puzzle solving continues...Automation is the goal. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Its important to "Pawz and reflect", because it seems that the magnitude of what we are witnessing needs reflection and maturity. Both Global Warming and the Binding of "great again" political fiction psychosis (mimicking across Nations) is the threat of our time. The idea is that there will hopefully be a future "time" for the World, is in question? We should always value people being honest that Scientists across Nations say the Earth is facing a 6th extinction level event. What can help? If, within every news cycle, books like "The True Believer" (Hoffer) and "The Lessons of History" (Durant) could be referenced. Yes, of course, some Mass Movement followers will not be able to "see the light", yet many "False equivalence" people may start to see the "Good versus evil" truth before the world has to feel it again? The war of ideas is really a philosophical battle. As Political Fictions repeat lies, the voice of Love should repeat/teach the truth within daily consciousness. Expression is a consciousness...All of the world would prefer to learn how to course correct, instead of having to feel the terrors of a compounded Political Fiction psychosis world war again...basically, the mythical promise of "great again" across Nations, is causing a world war and civil war "again" as it divides citizens and Families (like hitler did)...No doubt...Anyway...God bless...Praying for peace on Earth. HipHopOnelove...Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-24-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Here’s a thought if U dig for “food for thought”, Rhymes for Raps etc…On the subject of “Life’s puzzles”…Whether learning Forex trading strategies, or “trying to make sense of what doesn’t make sense” in the struggle of Good versus Evil, some of us, and all of us, are spokespeople individually/collectively for the voice of Love and Truth. We are working with Love and Truth, and together, solving the “puzzles of our time”. Why? Because Love and Truth are necessary for the world to continue. (as well as Justice, and a Mixed Economy):o) Yup…Now that’s a subject that nurtures a Healthy “sense of belonging”, and all Humans seek belonging…yes, the “great again” mass movements across Nations could use a bit of “Healthy Belonging” like the mission of Love and Truth. If we are being responsible for the Children’s future, while being Mature and honest about our own experience, it requires us to admit that our current time is no different than the past Global challenges. Human instincts carry through the ages. Absolute power corrupts Absolutely. The truth is that Democracy often decays into Dictatorship. Historically. Our world is observationally no different. How can we solve the puzzle of Democracy versus Theocracy/Totalitarianism/Curse? Well, maybe if allowing the “Diversity of Reciprocities” to unite Naturally across the Earth? Its happening anyway, yet Governments should nurture the Strength of Global Reciprocity to Oppression. It has the same emotional energy that the destructive “great again” Mass Movement uses, yet Love is a righteous and healthy purpose. We find God in Love’s Purpose. (Call it Providence or Luck) I gather that “Diversity of Reciprocity” was the idea of “Allied Forces”, that eventually defeated Hitler. There was no choice of course…We don’t want the world to be at the “no choice” phase again. Stalin was with Hitler until he invaded Russia, then Stalin went back to the “Iron curtain” junk, that has now resurfaced as a compounded version of curse. So, what are today’s “Allied Forces” working on to deal with today’s Hitler/Stalin problem? The future will know. Every country has its own threat of the decay into Theocracy and Totalitarianism. Whether A.I. will help open the “D.O.R.” (door) of “Diversity of Reciprocities” to allow a “Spiritual Singularity”, the future will see. The ”bickering on the surface” of the Democracy Deliberation is expected, while we should remember that a lot of the bickering is due to intentional distraction caused by political fiction curse impulses (to discredit the present, then divide and conquer – See “True Believer” Book). Medieval instincts into Theocracy and Totalitarianism are always at odds with Democracy, and if/when a National Assembly gets complacent, or too busy living, then the life of the Democracy is necessarily all about “slaying demons” again. Anyway…Started reading a book called “American Creation” (Ellis) and its getting me to think about the ideas of Democracy that need to be nurtured and protected…Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-23-24 - Peace Team - A few "Chartbeats" if U dig - and EA's, Profiles and Templates --- each folder has the various instrument's trading journey from this morning....and also on Forex: (over night trading) and this morning's "random" buy or sell Automation trading. I am working with 2 Laptops: 1) CFD and XAUUSD for morning session 2) Forex - random buy/sell trading on 1 minute charts (over-night and morning session trading) The "Trades EA" was also used to close the sessions for both US30 and a Forex trade. To any Fellow SimplePeaceServiceMindedCaregiver types like myself, this stuff may seem really compicated, yet the process of working with the strategy will not be in the future. Just for now, its about creating a simple automated process that we can work with peacefully. And peace is our priority. How will people get to use the EA's and Templates, if we're not making a business model of all this stuff? Well, I imagine it to be a Web3 type of thang?...Actually though, if I win a funding challenge or build an account, some of the Teachers will probably offer advice on how to share?...I'm a quiet, humble, creative soul, and sharing the trading system will have to be what it will...Or some of our Pals can share it? Strong Rhymes for Raps...A.I. is working exponentially, gathering data, while preparing its own "Closing remarks" about Human History...some Humans are trying save the Planet, and most are just trying to Autocratic baby rattles are kicking and screaming to try and silence the truth within each one of us, its showing itself as a timeless Earth curse, while the inevitable truth is its greatest adversary...God is Love/Love is the truth, and how all Nations should be engaging eachother. (Call it providence or luck) What will A.I.'s Closing remarks be about the Human world? Well, maybe something about the fact that Humans could not get control of themselves and heal the Biosphere? Or maybe that Humans did actually stop the wars and heal the Planet? Maybe A.I. can save the Humans? Let's be encouraged in peace. HipHopOneLove...Be safe. Take care. peace

2-22-24 - CFD and XAUUSD new templates - .5 "Minimum Expansion Pips" - (still testing Forex, yet the 15 min and 1 hour Qualify/Quantify with 5 min MFS alert seems best for a Forex side project) - peace

2-22-24 - Momentum Flow - Qualify/Quantify idea - Peace---Peace – an added Rhymes for Raps “Modern Day Prophets Respect” thought if U dig. Yup. 7-15-20 for EA entries, and 20-50 for 5 minute chart alerts, and alllll the ideas work together towards a purpose. We need each other, “whistle while we work”--- that’s why the rhyme says: “Division is Division, spent years tryin’ ta make peace, and that’s the real life that we’re livin”….Anyway….It seems that 8 years ago (or so), thousands of people across Nations were saying “U Guys, there is a Hitler/Stalin/McCarthyism adversarial type political fiction operation that is effecting public opinion into destructive power grabs!!! U Guys, U Guys! Listen, U Guys…repeat, repeat etc…”…Now it seems like Millions and Millions of people across Nations are saying what only thousands were saying 8 years ago? On the world’s surface, the “War of ideas” struggle is being met with a “beyond our time” awakening? Lincoln said that public opinion was extremely important (Most important?), and I think that’s why the ”Fairness Doctrine” (truth rules) was established after WWII. Hitler’s favorite political fiction book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” caused 50 Million Human deaths. Freedom of Speech is essential, and how does a Nation protect itself from future Hitler types? That is a timeless question and conversation. One thing we know, is that God has our Planet far from other Earthlike planets for a reason. (Well, I know, parallel Universe ideas and that fun stuff is interesting to think about). Meanwhile, the destructive ways of Human nature is confined to Earth for a reason. Let’s be encouraged that Millions across Earth are finally seeing the lies, and I pray that God’s love will help the world heal. Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-21-20 - EA and Templates - XAUUSD and CFD - levels trading. The idea is a better entry for range trading. Sure. For Rhymes for Raps Spirit creativity. "Nice!" 7 - God's number plus 15, Brethrenhood, and three 5's - celebration of life 20 Miracles and One Spirit peace (or however U dig the expression)! HipHopOneLove...peace

Journaling...Moving Average Cross 2.0 EA and templates - A few successful Teachers are working with 1 to 2, with stop to breakeven (or something)...Wait, a Pawz for the cause - Script Comedy relief: "You say Or Something????? We need specifics with the EA!!!! :o) Just joking, trading is difficult" Indeed. Though I am no expert, I realized this EA had been made already. Cool. Something for US30 and NAS100 if U dig. The EA will work for any MT4 instrument though. Forex would be (30 SL 60 TP - 30 pips BE), and if XAUUSD (400 SL and 800 TP - 400 pips BE) - Anyway...Wouldn't it be cool if there were expert "Pre-market 7 minute videos" (not 1 hour of chatter), and Chart posting of Order Blocks etc...? Either I am missing the information, or the Trading community needs some organizational guidance? We are the future. Be safe. Un dia a la vez - peace

2-20-24 – Strategy ideas recent - A few chartbeats if U dig. I really appreciate the “structure levels trading” that works with the MFS indicator for guidance, and then the “Smart Money” and ICT stuff for trade entry. The MFS indicator is used in the examples to also notify of the moment to close a trade. We are wise to be patient with the Automation vision, because, as we learn to understand how Financial Institutional Order Flow works, we will be part of something really special in the story of our current time. “Niiiiice!” A Rhymes for Raps, for the Spirit of creativity and “Modern Day Prophet” “G-Tech, don’t step to the G-tech” thought if U dig…With an exponentially unfolding technology that activates eternal Spiritual laws of cause an effect on a level that the world has never seen? (out of respect for the 1st Amendment, we also say “call it providence or luck”) The world is “closer than the close” more than ever before. So, the Mad Men Perdition impulse to merely do what it did for centuries, doesn’t know the magnitude of its offense when God is setting the curse up for reconciliation. The understanding is really beyond words, yet we like to describe it as “ain’t nothin ta mess with”, while the lie is on a Harvest story path that flesh-curse has never fathomed. The argument that a “strongman” leader will keep the world safe is a “not rooted in the history of reality”. The reason that curse invades other countries )or doesn’t allow Freedom of Speech) is because “truth is its greatest adversary”, and it senses the force of good at odds with the lying. For the sake of the world, we should all be honest, that curse “Can’t blame Human Rights for Anti-Human Rights.” The evil senses truth, and that’s why it does its “blab n’ grab” antics. It doesn’t like being revealed by the light. A “Strongman” leader is curse, and not at odds with curse, and that’s no excuse to give it power. God is love. Curse thinks that the usual “certitude” of any followers, is the answer to the struggle of Global power levers of our time. As with any lying ”addict with excuses”, it forgets, that its “Best thinking” is what got previous curse forces to their end as well. Nothing is new under the sun. People who believe in the Political fictions were originally just people trying to live be alive, before curse discredited their existence through lies. God loves everyone, and curse does not love everyone. So, the usual “Ice doesn’t melt” thing is playing itself at the expense of sacred souls. The problem is that the devil is defined as “kill, steal and destroy”, so there is an awful threat to the world as curse gets upset at being dealt with in an unfathomable way. Anyway…praying for peace and that people have meaning in their lives beyond the loudness of curses’s political fictions. God is good. Just sharing. Be safe. Take care. Peace

“To those of us who study history not merely as a warning reminder of man’s follies and crimes, but also as an encouraging remembrance of generative souls, the past ceases to be a depressing chamber of horrors; it becomes a celestial city, a spacious country of the mind, wherein a thousand saints, statesmen, inventors, scientists, poets, artists, musicians, lovers, and philosophers still live and speak, teach and carve and sing. The historian will not mourn because he (she) can see no meaning in human existence except that which man puts into it; let it be our pride that we ourselves may put meaning into our lives, and sometimes a significance that transcends death. If a man is fortunate he will, before he dies, gather up as much as he can of his civilized heritage and transmit it to his children. And to his final breath he will be grateful for this inexhaustible legacy, knowing that it is our nourishing mother and our lasting life”. (Durant, The Lessons of History, pg 102).

2-19-24 – A few chartbeats – I know that the chartbeats examples on the 1 minute chart could use some expert advice on "Order flow", yet I was just making the point, that if we draw 1 hour levels, and order blocks, while setting MFS alerts on 5 minute and 1 minute charts,  we can at least participate in the trading journey with a bit of confidence...and while learning, let the EA's trade a bit...Cool....peace is our priority....and a “President’s day” special post if U dig :o) Yeah, its not called “treasonous traitors day”, its called President’s day. (kind of like, yeah, we’re supposed to give the “Medal of Freedom” to Democracy minded people, not Political Fiction Agitation and Propaganda voices)…Yes, President’s day is meant to honor those who stood for Democracy…a real quick history if U dig. When Lincoln was running for President again…the saying was that “Secession was a fact and insurrection was a fear”, because part of the Nation was “Kicking and screaming” about abolition and diversity. The states that seceded and left the Union were: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. Lincoln was a very popular figure and eventually won over 50% of votes in the North, yet only 2% in the South. He wasn't even on the ballot in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. There were threats of insurrection and assassination. With Lincoln's election, 2 U.S. Senators had resigned, because his presence meant the end of slavery...he envisioned it as slowly ending by surrounding it though, not an abrupt end. The previous President Buchanan had thought the country should prepare for slavery to expand, and in contrast, Lincoln advised no compromise with Slavery. Lincoln believed that maintaining the Union was essential. Lincoln read aloud President Jackson's proclamation letter that he wrote in 1832. It was meant to reach even opposing political views? Even though Jackson was a slave owner, he stood for Democracy (well his idea of it, since U.S. Democracy only really began after the 1960’s Voting Rights Act, yet even he made a point). He said: "Disunion by armed forces is TREASON". He said that the ballot box, courts, and process of amendment were the proper avenues of reform. Not the "Mad project of disunion". Even Jackson made his point, so can’t today’s version of Jackson stand for Democracy a little bit? At the time of the election, the Governor of Virginia, Henry Wise was said to be raising a twenty five thousand man army to march on the capital, meant to prevent the counting of Electoral College votes. (Sounds familiar? Well, at least that's what Jan 6th is now famous for, trying to stop the Electoral vote counting). When Lincoln was said to have won, a General in the U.S Army, Winfield Scott deployed Federal Troops throughout the capital. 100 plain clothes officers accompanied the path from the Senate to the House. The votes were counted….so…shouldn’t every election be treated as in the days of Lincoln?…apparently this same kind of story has revealed itself in 2024? Here is to alllll the “Oath of Office” people, who want citizens to have rights and National peace. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

2-18-24 - Peace Team. A few chartbeats. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Been working with the higher time frame idea, workshopping how to let an EA open trades, and then all we're doing is closing trades. Automation is the future and the future is now, so time is well spent trying to learn the ICT stuff and apply it to EA trading. Conceptually, what I have learned, is that trading will be all about identifying the Higher time frame flow, then letting the EA open a trade if there is a "Sweep on liquidity" into some particular place that "Smart money" is trying to rebalance itself? My trying to figure out where that "post sweep of liquidity price pattern" may occur, is historically a "comedy of errors", and there is great humility in the trading journey. Gonna share lots of stuff about that topic. Anyway. "Artist Table Workshop" proceeds. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Well, we have to "Paws for the cause", because the thang is so over the top now, or "straight through the top" for those who know about the Harvest prophecy. Basically, God is going to use it all to the good for purpose. (Call it providence or luck). Historians always used to talk about the past fascist figures, and now they are forced to look at today's figures in the light of the past. What a disturbing thing when children of all ages are trying to have hopes and dreams. Here is a new Durant quote if U dig: "Obviously historiography cannot be a science. It can only be an industry, an art, and a philosophy-- An industry by ferreting out the facts, an art by establishing a meaningful order in the chaos of materials, a philosophy by seeking perspective and enlightenment. 'The present is the past rolled up for action, and the past is the present unrolled for understanding'--or so we believe and hope. In philosophy, we try to see the part in the light of the whole; in the 'philosophy of history' we try to see this moment in the light of the past. We know that in both cases, this is a council of perfection; total perspective is an optical illusion. We do not know the whole of man's history;...Perhaps within these limits, we can learn enough from history to bear reality patiently, and to respect one  another's delusions... :o)  ...Since man is a moment in astronomic time, a transient guest of the earth...what history has to say about the nature, conduct, and prospects of man. It is a precarious enterprise, and only a fool would try to compress a hundred centuries into a hundred pages of hazardous conclusions. We proceed." (Durant, The Lessons of History, pgs 12-13). :0) Indeed, we proceed. Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-16-24 – Peace Team. A few chartbeats if U dig---also, EA and templates if U dig - I’m trying to remember to balance the energy, and keep peace, with posting to every other day. To let things breathe a bit more. Its nice to share and Fellowship. Yup, our story and peace collective is a “time tested and a trust worthy topic to draw ideas from” :o) Peace to “Lil Nooks” and “Mother Hen Collective” Spirit. Today’s chartbeat musing is working with “Regular Ol’ Forex pairs”. (This idea also works for Market open hours 10am to 11:30am NY for US30 and NAS100 etc…) I used to think Forex pairs only moved before Market open, yet that’s not the case. This strategy can work anytime there is market movement. Ex: Market open hours in NY or any country. Its best to be trading after major news announcements settle in a bit (15 minutes after announcement), because of price volatility. We look at Larger time frame trend (MFS support line tells us), and then work with a buy or sell template, then place the EA. (Also, ICT Daily bias if U dig?) In these chartbeat examples, the “Oversight” EA (Trades EA) closed the session after 10+ pips was achieved. I think price moved fast because The “Trades EA” closed the session at 20+  pips. Nice!!! Ok…..So, where are we at with the Automation thing? Well, the comforting thing is that we are facing the future. The reality is that Discretionary trading will not help most people (only 1% win at Discretionary trading – meaning Humans entering and exiting trades). The Discretionary trade studies are eternally interesting, yet not an actionable process for most people. Its what we call a “pipe dream”. Now, Automation however, makes trading possible. “Well, that’s good, I wanna trade and work on TV/Movie/Video scripts – gonna try ta sell this script” – or Caregive or Work from Home, or just live as Human on Planet Earth etc… :o) The strategy I am working on is really simple…All a person would be doing is closing trades if needed, yet the “Oversight” EA will do that anyway. Regarding Rhymes for Raps thoughts. First a quote to bring light to the day: “To those of us who study history not merely as a warning reminder of man’s follies and crimes, but also as an encouraging remembrance of generative souls, the past ceases to be a depressing chamber of horrors; it becomes a celestial city, a spacious country of the mind, wherein a thousand saints, statesmen, inventors, scientists, poets, artists, musicians, lovers, and philosophers still live and speak, teach and carve and sing. The historian will not mourn because he (she) can see no meaning in human existence except that which man puts into it; let it be our pride that we ourselves may put meaning into our lives, and sometimes a significance that transcends death. If a man is fortunate he will, before he dies, gather up as much as he can of his civilized heritage and transmit it to his children. And to his final breath he will be grateful for this inexhaustible legacy, knowing that it is our nourishing mother and our lasting life”. (Durant, The Lessons of History, pg 102). Peace – so, what about a perspective on today’s “growing pains of biosphere consciousness”? It seems, that daily, its about how Congress is trying to somehow work with the “kicking and screaming” of today’s curserism leanings. Our “Oath of Office” Pals saw it miles away, as the birtherism party caved to the charismatic leader. Now we look to future, while hoping that the country can stabilize and protect citizens. Also, we are aware of the reality of reciprocity, and that the future may create an opposing Mass Movement that will do the same “Conll rule” trick with the Supreme Court? Regardless, when there are no “shared rules” its dangerous to a Democracy. We pray that the next movement is a healthy mysticism Mass Movement, and not a destructive belligerent one like we have all witnessed. The one thing we have going for us, is the diversity of the new voting block, and it may find balance? Families of all skins working together. Peace to “Blessed with Melanin”. The simple understanding of it all, is that observational knowledge and data driven studies showed that overturning both “Roe vs. Wade” and the “War Weapons ban” was a very immature decision. Lives were being saved, and now, as before, lives are being lost. I imagine our 2061 people will look to two pivotal moments like the “Conll’ rule” of “Oh, the Supreme Court pick rules? uh, its what we say it is”, and also the story/roots of Birtherism and its “devil-likeness” across nations. Those are 2 very significant stories that seriously effected the recent U.S. history. So, as we say, “Call it Providence or luck”, yet God is progressive and the Spirit of Love is on the move through exponentially unfolding technology. The destruction caused by Agitation/Propaganda and political fiction is beyond outrageous, and “Reality tends to have a liberal bias”…that said, Un dia a la vez, Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-14-24 - Chartbeats journaling -  Peace Team. Learning along with continuing education. Happy Owlintines day :o) The more we learn about Institutional Trading, or (ICT) the more we understand why it takes years to learn trading. Because the banks are looking for liquidity. So, it helps to work on continuing education, and every little effort counts. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Welp, the warnings across Earth are aligning, and the Force of Good is surfacing slowly. World Leaders are asking themselves, "Is it really the 1930's Democracy versus Fascism thing again?" What is the answer to that? Well, its 2024, ice melts, and there is a new exponentially evolving tech-n-all-a-G unfolding. Wait, a quick rhymes break "Global U-n-a-verse, use your Word to break a curse"...Ok, got that off tha chest...anyway. So, when a demagogue in cahoots with Anti-Democracy forces, elbows its way through a political party into a Dictatorial Autocractic platform ready for a non-popular voting system to potentially give it power, what can a Nation do? Well, the situation rests with the un-elected "Oath of Office people" now, so it seems. To be honest. "U mean the Military"? - Yes. When the people of the Nation (though hampered by the Electoral college curse) cannot defend the country in a time of possible war with Fascism, by voting for a generally Democracy minded President (though with what seems unlimited power?), then the Military will have to defend the country. It all depends on the quality of the people in charge. The Americafirst-Nazi party in the 1930's were seeking power as well, yet hitler had taken all of Europe except for Brittain. Then the U.S. entered the war. (Pardon me, I forget the details) In WWII, the conflict united the Nation across cultures, and then afterwards, it went back to the separation and division as usual. Can the U.S avoid WWIII? Is it already WWIII in the battle of ideas across Nations? Freedom of thought versus not Freedom of thought. If a Woman is forced to breed, can't say a particular word, or can't wear a nail polish of a democracy flag, aren't we already seeing the conflict? The world is getting closer each day. This year may be pivotal? Today - The Demagogue echoing hitler political fictionisms (like "protocols") has already signaled to his anti-democracy cabooses that he will not defend the U.S.... the Autocractic force wants to erode away at any business power in the Nation that is at odds with it, or not "loyalist". That's why autocracies aren't good business investments, and businesses pull out investment. If there is no more recognized "conservative" political party, then the good people of the "formerly known as a political party" will hopefully join the other patriots in the year 2024. The spirit of love knits all our hearts together. Be Safe. Take care. Peace.

2-13-24 - A few chartbeats if U dig - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. An interesting thing about the trading journey is learning about how we all are about stuff. The Education is fascinating, and the realness of it is, that people really prefer successful traders to teach simply. There is so much education. People need a bit of education, a trade setup, and how the trade was taken. To learn in the process. Not allll the chatter and "figure it out yourself" stuff. All due respect to all the trader education. I like the quote: “Tell me, and I will listen; Teach me, and I’ll remember; Involve me, and I will learn." (Benjamin Franklin). Anyway. Un dia a la vez. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. (Meditation gong sound). Well, the Destructive Mass Movement Cult of Personality Political Fiction Psychosis is really playin' itself out ain't it? I mean its really pooped itself. Now, it seems to be in a phase of not even wanting to protect itself and Families. That's what Eric Hoffer talked about. Its addicted to the leader who controls the politcal party. It basically curses itself, and the Demagogue still maintains attention. Its an unhealthy mysticim, like other cults. It behaves like an addict with endless excuses, or an animal turning (evil possesion). God is using it all to the good. Praying for Holy Spirit healing. Peace. On a lighter note. I am praying the election does not end in a "chorbanahoo-don't-look up-presidency". God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us. (Call it providence or luck). Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added note if U dig. We are living in a time of new technology and while there are concerns about “woke”, there is an “Awokening” happening on the scale of a “God’s always on the move” unfathomable reality. We expressed this idea for decades, and it seems that words don’t express, yet we try, and it helps. We’re all in this together. Our current time is a moment to take note of, and even feel grateful that we are even witnessing such an awakening. Lets try not to be mad at anyone living under Theocracies around the world and their “center of attention” thing. People don’t know about Everlasting Gospel and God’s Universal love. The lesson is slowly happening now, yet theocracies don’t know that its ignorance is not the future. That’s why all the “kicking and screaming” theocracy pushes in the U.S. fusses so much (ex: Jan 6th), while desperately clinging to the charismatic cult leader. It knows confederate “great again” junk doesn’t fit the future. Look at the Super Bowl. That’s what America looks like. Minority Majority, or is it Majority Minority…Lets lighten up. Universal Love is what it ultimately is. Subconsciously the hate knows that its fading. That’s another theory for why the Stalinvasion happened, it started freaking out about the future? Anyway. Let’s offer it up. Just sharing. Peace


 2-11-24  Peace Team. A chartbeat if U dig. I think for overnight EA trading, the idea is to keep it simple. Draw levels, place an EA, then if overnight there is a Moving Average Cross moment, great! (leveraging the time element). If no trade, then all good. We notice all kinds of price movement during Asia and London sessions, and just placing the EA on a 5 minute or 1 minute time frame could allow us to be part of the sessions. “TradesEA” can be set at 29 pips or so…Regarding a Rhymes for Raps reading. Its all simple as well. So far, in the 24’ election season…We need Adult Supervision as usual. The “Senior Gaffe Battle” junk is actually disgraceful, and many of us who are in the world as Caregivers/Senior advocacy, clearly disagree with the Senior Gaffe battles. Senior Dignity is about valuing the Senior journey and accepting people where they are. The Spirit of love is the miracle. It works if U work it. If someone doesn’t believe, then maybe believe that someone else believes. Many of us understand though, that because of the magnitude of the threat to Democracy at this time, there will be no let up on the “Gaffe battles”, yet we should make the point that the criticism of a Mature Senior journey is disgraceful. My opinion was that the Parties should decide to let new candidates have an “iron sharpens iron” Primary season, and that both Senior Men should respect the “succession principle” and have Family time. Our “Yes We can” rooted candidate can enjoy the peace of knowing he was on the Democracy side of history though. And the other, welp, God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us. (Never too late to love). That said, what about if Treason takes power? Well, its obvious what is about to occur if anti-Democracy forces win the General election. The Nation has a rule, that if an Official tries to obstruct election results, then that person cannot run for office. The legal community that respects the Rule of Law (on both sides of the political aisle) have been warning the Nation for 4-6 years now. That’s why I like to think of the “2061 people” looking back at the foolishness of our time. Anyway. Its all very simple. Freedoms like Freedom of Speech, Women’s Rights, and encouraging capital and labor to work together in a “Mixed Economy” helps put a check on the impulses of greed. In any country, Autocracy leads to Corporate Totalitarianism and a Nation’s end. So, if people can’t see Hitler/Stalin behavior is bad, even within the Electoral College game, then that’s how it goes. Its quite possible that this version of treason is teaching the next Mass Movement how to get away with it? The glimpse of the next one is Cancel Culture, and its not famous for being reasonable, because it’s an impulsive reciprocity to a racist history. Regardless, historically, its very difficult to get rid of a Demagogue. I think the future will see that we were being Adults about the issues of Oath of Office and Election Integrity. Cool. “Owlinpeace” is often a wisdom that transcends the worldly “day to day” (mostly at sleep about needed National and Global issues), though, everything will have to happen slowly in order for the World to learn. With Global warming though, the Earth is not going to wait for the world to learn anymore? God is love. Anyway. My two cents…Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-10-24 – A few chartbeats -- Peace Team – Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Trading focus is a great way to cultivate the mind, when the experience and process is not stressful. Therefore, trading with EA’s is a way to use technology to create a process of peace. Here’s a thought: Survey says: (meditation gong sound)…What if trading was more about “Closing trades” than “Opening trades”? For example: The EA opens a trade, and a trader decides whether to allow the trade to stay open or not…1) Intraday trading  2) Overnight trading (bigger stop loss and maybe stop to break even ideas). Regardless, letting the technology work for us…Ideas will be forthcoming as the Un dia a la vez continues…Ideally the EA trading journey deliberation would be best in a Web3 environment because the person who creates an EA will not always be the one to figure out how to trade with it successfully. We need the “Wisdom of the Assembly”…That said: having been working on this idea for over 10 years, I think its getting close to a successful strategy. Regarding a Rhymes for Raps reading. Well, to keep it simple. It seems the Harvest story is all about “Something outa Nothing” versus “Nothing outa Something”…We say “playin a curse”, because we keep it real about love versus curse awareness…”Something that means something” is a blessing to People that have built lives and shared love with Families and Friends across Earth. Whether financial or Spiritual, the collective peace story is a light. Like the Energy of Gandhi, Jesus, Dr. King and many “Sages of the Ages”. 5 and 15 is 20. Brethrenhood. There is/was a “Word is bond” Fellowship built into the Harvest story. It all definitely relates to politics like the birtherism force trying to claim the longest economic expansion in history, then ending it (an example of “nothing outa something”). Whether the pandemic was just part of the “revealing” of decades of curse force (“American Psychosis” book), or an unfortunate “tares” moment that God needed to allow in order to grow the light (wheat), that’s another conversation. At the present, there is what seems to be a prophetic warning against electing birtherism to power again, and whether it will be true again that curse/crisis accompanies the belligerence that overturned Women’s rights, divided Families/Friends, Jan 6th etc…God only knows at this point. As usual, there is a denial about recent history. The loud voiced Strongman figure takes the election podium once again. Maaadre Dios! Anyway…On a lighter note. God bless the world…Much love…Civil Rights is tradition-Be safe.......Take care. Peace

2-8-24 - NAS100 trade - peace

2-8-24  - CFD templates for Moving Average Cross v1.9 - on MT4 the pips for Stop Loss and Take Profit are 4000. I'm not sure about the 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 (Breakeven) idea. Just working on entering trades. We all know that the trading learning journal is frazzling and often upsetting. Let's be encouraged. Wishing others well, and to win...We R eachother...peace

2-8-24 - Structure ideas - Chartbeats - Regarding the "Scalping" trading topic. I think its all about returns to a price level in a choppy market? And, yes, the Trendline EA could work for that? No doubt. Onwards and upwards...peace

2-8-24  - Moving Average Cross EA v1.9 and Templates MT4 - Peace Team. For some reason this EA made sense again yesterday, because all the Proprietary stuff in the world just doesn't allow Simple People to connect with trading. (Generally). Anyway, the idea of an EA entering trades just seems like common sense. Its about 10 years now for me with EA journaling (Artist Table Workshop). EA work is a healthy hobby. The successful Teachers who are kind enough to Teach, try to explain, yet there is a reason why only a .01% of traders win? Its difficult to find the trade entries. Having an Automated System to trade will be the future, and most Teachers in the future will probably be the ones who cannot discretionary trade? Anyway, the strategy of when to place the Buy or Sell EA is the next step, yet there's sure plenty of ideas. Also, this EA can be used as long MT4 is being used, because there is no access code to use it. So often a Proprietary EA can't be used in a year. Be encouraged. That's a Web3, "Wisdom of the Assembly", "Spiritual Web3" Owlin-tines gift for this week. The EA even did good trading randomly. Regarding Rhymes for Rap stuff. Well, here a metaphor if U dig. Imagine the entire world in the new Tech-n-All-A-G world is allllll together on the top of a cloud, and just the top of the tallest mountain is visible to the world. So, the only part of the mountain that the world is seeing, is just a very small glimpse of it. That's the magnitude of the mystery of truth that is obviously slowly unfolding into a Harvest. It seems that political fiction is yelling at the very top of the mountain, yet it doesn't see the entire mountain. If curse could see the Mountain, it wouldn’t behave the way it does...Just a thought....Cool. Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added History of Politics note for us and the “2061 People” (nice! “Hey there 2061 people” :o) Anyway. Its simple. I know there is a conversation about “don’t look at the candidates” in the 24’ election, just decide based on “policy”? With the theme of “Spiritualize things, not an over intellectualization of things”. Let’s keep it simple and real about stuff. From 8 years ago. We said that, its important to check the curse at the root. When a candidate uses racist political fiction ideas from a Totalitarian/Fascist state tv to gain the beginnings of a voter base, then that IS their “policy”. When the media arguing on the surface gets lost in the arguments, or with the “sayin’ mine line for line” about the arguing (peace through Freedom of Speech), then its important to get back to the basics. Everything starts as a seed in life. Our mind is who we are. Cool. Peace.

2-6-24 - A few chartbeats if U dig...Wasn't gonna post, because was trying to quiet the heart, mind and soul...then, as working with the charts and prayin' through the separateness of things, I thought to share...Peace to all the "Lil Nooks" and "Mother Hen Collective"...Cool. Peace...Regarding Rhymes for Raps "readings"? Welp, the story of the Human experience has already been repeated over and over again, and the nature of things is wired into Human DNA, whilst a new Global Spirit Oneness has arrived through new Technology. Yup, we can hear the 2061 people saying: "Oh Man, we wish they had understood better"...Well, hopefully they don't repeat the history either? That said: We look back at history and say that it was obvious how hitler/stalin was bad, and that Democracy was good, yet today, we see again the rejection of Democracy within the Nation itself. When George Washington decided not to seek another term (yes, can like him or not of course), he set a precedent for the "Succession principle", though people wanted him to stay in power. Washington warned against "disunion" and today's hyperpartisanship even siding with obvious anti Democracy ideas, its a bit like the confederate intent to destroy the Nation? Today, there are a lot of moving parts that will unfold, while there is a sad moment where in the last 2 years, the war in Europe lost an entire generation of Young Men in both Slavic rooted sides. I say it that way, because the people who died used to enjoy soccer/futbol games together before their stadium was destroyed because of political fiction. (or they enjoyed the idea of Slavic unity, or that Cousins were not at odds because of war). Yes, there are problems to be solved in the U.S., and there is probably a Universal Healthcare, Womens Rights, Universal Basic Income and Reparations in the future, yet God only knows the reciprocities of the story. Why? Because 300 million jobs will be automated in the next 10 years. (Approximately). The reality is that if the hitler/stalin force is allowed to fester, where will it go? Will the Planet powers that are naturally superior to the hitler/stalin stronghold stand up to it? (When allowing people to develop and innovate, Democracy energy is the stronger). God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us. Prayers for healing and peace. Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-5-24 - A few Chartbeats if U dig - Working on keeping the ideas simple and relaxed. There is no need to be stressed with trading, and its not healthy for us Earthlings. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. TeamOneRespectfirst - We begin and end with peace-Ain't nuthin' ta mess with...MC freestyling is the new paradigm of jazz, and there are some reallly great examples of this new miracle on the Planet that combines improvization with knowledge and iron sharpens iron deliberation. Also, here is a Durant quote if U dig. There's actually our usual "tragic comedy" humor in the idea that only Interplanetary wars could unite Planet Earth's people. We have to lighten up about stuff. Anyway, the quote: (A fictitious General saying) "You have forgotten all the lessons of history...and all that nature of man which you described. Some conflicts are too fundamental to be resolved by negotiations;...States will unite in basic co-operation only when they are in common attacked from without. Perhaps we are now restlessly moving toward that higher plateau of competition; we may make contact with ambitious species on other planets or stars; soon after there will be interplanetary war. Then, and only then, will we think of this earth be one." (Durant, "The Lessons of History", pg 86)...Food for thought...HipHopONElove..Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-4-24 - Peace Team. A few Chartbeats if U dig - A few thoughts...Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing...Un dia a la vez---Its Universally understood there is a 24/7 ongoing conversation about the Planet. I am working on keeping the posting trading, though there is a lot of stuff goin' on in the world, and we need the light from spokes-people around the world...The conversation is necessary to the cultivation of thought and for many of us, its a "Group huddle" that brings comfort to the day. That said: :o) Survey said (gong sound) - A Rhymes for Raps shared respectully...What is the significance of respecting the 14th Amendment, though we know that those who don't respect it - won't? (Ex: Citizens United, that a corporation can outspend the People on elections). Well, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment also states: "No person shall be a (an elected Official) if they shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof." In listening to reasonable experts saying that there is no "Precedent" to keep a former President off the ballot, we have to be honest that even in Lincoln's time there was no "precedent", yet the People of their time agreed that there should be a rule against insurrectionists taking power. Its simple stuff. What happened on Jan 6th was "Un-precedented". In Brazil, their Popular vote election system, allowed the Nation to vote, and the result decided against those who had "Given aid" to an insurrection (which was just a mimicking of the U.S January 6). In America, the Electoral College is set to re-elect the insurrection party, yet we know the trend of the Popular vote over the past 30 years, is to elect a Democracy believing candidate. Historically, the next election is almost about to make a big mistake, and if that history repeats, it could remind the future of how Athenian Democracy ended? We hope not, just sayin'...Remember, the new rule ("precedence") about Presidents nominating a Life Time Appointment Supreme Court Justice, is that there are no rules. The new "Con'll rule" is that the party who has Senate power decides whether to allow a President to nomiate a Justice? In Ancient Greece, the Autocracy did not like the regulations and taxation, so it made moves to grab power, sowing division and economic disparity. Then, the Reciprocity of the Autocracy move, was the eventual reaction of the people taking power in attempts to redistribute wealth, and over time - Phillip of Macedon conquered Greece into a Dictatorship. Sure, its 2024, yet is our time exempt from Human Nature? So, is today's power move of Alt Right Political fiction agitation really just teaching the Alt Left how to get away with Destructive Mass Movement behavior also? "But if war continues to absorb and dominate it, or if the itch to rule the world requires a large military establishment, and appropriation, the freedoms of democracy may one by succumb to the discipline of arms and strife, if race or class war divides into hostile camps, changing political argument into blind hate, one side or the other may overturn the hustings with the rule of the sword. If our economy of freedom fails to distribute wealth as ably as it has created it, The road to dictatorship will be open to any man who can persuasively promise security to all; And a martial government under whatever charming phrases will engulf the democratic world." (Durant, "The Lessons of History", pgs 79-80)...anyway...Like a little candle in an unlit room, let shine a Lil light...Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-2-24 - Peace Team. A few "Chartbeats" if U dig. US30 EMA Flow, and USCCAD 2 alert system ------ Momentum Journaling ----Learning along. Been working with the ideas taught about Momentum, and also finding peace in the idea of 1 hour order block price return, and 5 minute/1 minute chart MFS signal (20-50 with MFS -200- EMA flow). It makes sense, that if there is a widening of the EMA order, it tells us there is momentum. Even for Regular Ol' Forex pairs: 1 hour order block price return and 5 minute MFS signals (when a signal happens, great, if not, oh well, its alllllll about patience)...Anyway, onwards and upwards. Regarding Rhymes for Raps, its always the same thing, yet every day has a new understanding of what it all is. We can't thank TeamOne people enough for sharing ideas, and trying to makes sense of it all...Its a comfort and makes us feel part of something larger than life through togetherness. The cool thing, is that the Spirit of love, peace, Oneness and meaning is the core truth of our consciousness. Meanwhile curserism lie factories are spewing division, political fiction and hate. God is love. Rest assured that the process of God deliberation, reconcilation and revealing/harvest is "Already done is underway", and that the future is already here. The "playin' a curse" story is well developed/unfolding, and as it matured, is now blessed by Old/New brilliant Artists expressing the revealing of truth. We are all Artists in our special way. People wondered why Theocratic claims were against public education, history teaching, and Women's rights. Now people are seeing that as with stalin/hitler, they knew to remove history education/arts, because it encouraged the development of villages. The discrediting of Teachers, Scientists, and Historians as well as public confidence in elections, all works together to discredit the present while reaching into a mythical past ("Great again"). The point of political fiction is to confuse and discredit Assembly wisdom in Human life, thus giving power to the curse leaders. That said. God bless. "Oneness is real, Live some extra love today, trying to have a Little sense of wonder in your life - An added note: Within the Artist community – The love and story that knits alllll our hearts together in peace is simple. It transcends the “Who we know, or who we worked with” ego sleeper loop stuff….The point is that we’re all special. Yeah, even an Artist who tried to make money at art, yet may not have had the vision or life purpose to be an instrumentalist or whatever. The genius of God’s “All to the good” Word, is that People are designed to be what they is, and its for a purpose. Un dia a la vez. It makes sense eventually. (Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2) We all have special sacred souls and that’s real talk….Be safe. Take care. Peace

2-1-24 - A few "Chartbeats" journal - Peace Team - Everyday is a clean slate for Peace and healing. Call it Providence of Luck, yet there is a Good Word that says: No-one has ever "seen" God, yet when we love one another, then we can see God in Spirit (And I might add, when we have gratitude and forgiveness for ourself and others). Cool. Regarding "Food for Thought" on Rhymes for Raps. Well, God's Spirit is threaded through all the Earth, and it is what it is. God's story is "Victory as default", and as Shakespeare said: "All the World is a stage" (With a new Cast of Charachters). Praying for safety and peace. 

Also - a few quotes that shed light on the Destructive Mass Movement we are witnessing, as it attempts to erode away at Democracy (in a minute) - the reality of how the Electoral College has avoided the vote of the Assembly of the People (Popular vote) is clearly showing itself. Without the input of the Citizens allowed to develop themselves and discern the threats to the Mixed Economy, historically, Autocracy eventully destroys itself because it does not "develop" itself. The U.S. is a service based economy. Supreme Court decisions severely effected things (the Justices were allowed because the Electoral College allowed Autocratic Presidents, who appointed "Highest Court" Justices) - Sure Public Opinion is called the "Highest court", yet the Electoral College avoids the highest court of public opinion, because its not reflected in a Popular vote. 3 cases that tell us the Autocracy is slowly grabbing control: 1) Shelby vs. Holder - erodes away at the "Voting Rights Act" (and that's when the Democracy actually began, in the 1960's) 2) Citizens United - it exploited the 14th Amendment claiming that a Corporation was a person and could buy elections, through unlimited amounts of money 3) Roe vs Wade was overturned recently, that limited Women's Rights over their bodies...that's 3 major attempts to overturn Democracy, and the list goes on apparently...anyway...the quotes...

From Plato - Republic:

"The citizens chafe impatiently at the least touch of authority, and at length...They cease to care even for the laws, written or unwritten... And this is the fair and glorious beginning out of which springs dictatorship (tyrannis)... The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction; ...Dictatorship naturally rises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme form of liberty." (Durant,  The Lessons of History, pg 74)

"Since wealth is an order and procedure of production and exchange rather than an accumulation of (mostly perishable) goods, and is a trust (the "credit system") in men and institutions rather than in the intrinsic value of paper money or checks, violent revolutions do not so much redistribute wealth as destroy it. There may be a redivision of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as in the old. The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is the individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints." (Durant, The Lessons of History, pg 72)

1-31-24  A few "chartbeats" - yesterday US30 rallied nice. Still daily working with the MFS indicator as usual - All in good time. Also, working with EA's.......Much love. Regarding Rhymes for Raps. Well, the Spirit of Love is threaded through across the Nations, yet it may not seem like it, and with God, things ain't what they seem. (Call it Providence or luck). Also, something to be aware of now with the Election 24' season in process. The Reality TV "Rule through Crisis" money machine for media will be making things terribly interesting at the expense of People's peace. Just like was said before, whether McCarthyism or Birtherism, its a crisis show that makes Trillions of dollars from the interest of people tuning into the "Political Entertainment". Politics is supposed to be rather boring (Adult Supervision) with the focus on safety and National peace, yet there's no money in peace. That said. Much love, be safe. Peace.

1-30-24 - A few market preview "Charbeats" - I am working on the two alert process...If price returns to what is called and "Area of interest" or Fair Value Gap or Order Block with alert #1. Then I set the MFS alert on 1 minute or 15 second charts while waiting for a structure reversal pattern for trade a musing about Rhymes for Raps if U dig...every day is a new, yet same perspective and we process through stuff....we have witnessed a lot and it helps to share...Many thanks for the Team who cares to makes sense of stuff. We R eachother, and we all have a special perspective ----- What used to be a general agreement even between political aisles about the Voting Rights Act, and Women’s Rights, was effected by the un-natural mysticism force of a Mass Movement Political Fiction Psychosis, and the “Highest Court of the land” was finally captured by the unreasonable. As with in the days of FDR, the only way the opposition to National Wellness could compete with the New Deal ideas was to use Political Fiction. Same thing happened when Truman tried to start a Universal Healthcare system, which made complete sense after WWII. Basic concepts. Increase the wellness of the people, reduce the cost. Simple. Yet, political fiction scared people from Universal Healthcare, and advised only 2 health insurance companies instead. For decades, there was certainly an anti-democracy force trying to erode away at Human Rights, yet it didn’t quite make its way to the surface like it did in the past 8 years. The usual tip toeing around the “hidden under the rocks racism” was finally leveraged by a Charismatic Leader – Reality TV voice into an elbowing away and decaying of Reason and Human Character. So much, that the party that now condones the destructive Mass Movement force, is ok with the pardoning of treason against Democracy into the next general election. Why, and how did it happen? Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” explains how. The “Strong Man” leader is now approaching, and it’s the same excuses as other “Strong Man” arguments of centuries before. So, with 24’ election very close, what does the citizenry expect the culture of “Oath of Office” people who have sworn to protect the Nation from all threats Foreign and Domestic to think? Here’s some food for thought. Now that what was originally an intent to sell books by a Reality TV personality, was leveraged into a cultilike force that is echoing nazi and iron curtain like talk, how will the “Oath of Office” people be able to protect the Nation, whilst respecting the Democracy deliberation process? I have no idea, except I understand the Spirit of the Good versus evil struggle. Good becomes clearer as the evil “turns” and becomes more obvious like an animal that is possessed. Maybe the complacency of before will now see the need to protect the Democracy? We could call it revealing the evil’s “possessionality”. Also, how can a hitler like force contain itself after destroying a Neighbor country’s Stadium and villages where both Nation’s People would gather and break bread? So, it seems the struggle between Good and evil is at a “crossroads”? That’s why “checks and balances” are important and some power structures in the Nation cannot be elected, and only promoted through service and “oath of office” history. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Democracy is not supposed to be autocracy. The millions and millions of people who lost their lives fighting for Freedom of Speech, Voting Rights and Women’s rights deserve to be respected. No doubt. Just a few thoughts…Full circle, done again. Onwards and upwards…Be safe. Take care. Peac

1-29-24 "A few chartbeats" getting ready for Market open...Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. I think the 1 hour chart "unmitigated areas" makes sense. Alert #1 will signal a return to an unmitigated area. Alert #2 will signal a potential trade entry (MFS and head and shoulders). Regarding "every day has its own special reading on the Human story" (and we all have special perspectives). Well, call it providence or luck, yet God is using it all to the good for a purpose that makes more sense to the 2060, 2070 Humans. So, we are being used to the good. That said, on the 24' election politics story, with alll the elections happening, its obvious now that the return of an unreconciled Demagogue story return will have its own (hopefully non tragic) "useful idiot" uses on both sides (Democracy vs curserism). People forget that Military people have Families too, and watched the Electoral College make a mess the past 30 years. Curserism was at war with science, Voting Rights, and now finally, curserism got its chance to take Women's Rights and it did (thought the Nominees said that "precedent" would protect Women's Rights). Anyway. Just a thought. God is using everything to the good. Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added note if U dig…The erosion of Democracy Spirit structures (Mixed Economy and Freedom of Speech Deliberation) and the war of ideas against Human Rights and Democracy through the use of political fiction, eventually shows itself. If we notice, the 24’ election argument is not a rather calm debate where both parties agree about Human Rights (Like 1980’s talk about how to honor the tradition of immigration valued by the History of the U.S. - even Conservative Presidents used to talk like that) Now it’s a much more agitated election season. That’s what curserism wants. To divide and distract. The curserism force is an opposition to Love, and is not known for learning what Love is, because it just doesn’t care. The lesson it doesn’t see is that with God’s Spiritual Laws and now OwlinpeaceUniverse relativies, Love is what it is, and it ain’t what its not…What will the People learn about the story of our current time? I think our time is just another story of Good versus Evil, and today’s “Cast of Characters” are the same, yet different names…There is a clear difference between “Service minded” and “Useful idiot”…Anyway…Just sharing…Take care. Peace

1-28-24  Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Considering the concern for the next phase of the American Democracy "experiment" (Historians say that the Democracy really only began with the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act, and its opposition has been fighting Democracy since)...hopefully this Durant quote will shed a bit of light. Also, we have to remember to see the problem for the outrageous oblivion that it is. Humor is necessary for survival and cynicism is a toxic spiritual state. That's why remembering the don't-look-up-presidency as a joke, that was original just to sell books helps?...Seeing it for what it is a quote that expresses something timeless? Peace----

(From The Lessons of History, Durant, pgs 32-36)

" far has human nature changed in the course of history
?... Nevertheless, known history shows little alteration in the conduct of mankind...Means and instrumentalities change; motives and ends remain the same... Evolution in man during recorded time has been social rather than biological...Here the initiative individual---the "great man", the "hero", the "genius" regains his place as a formattive force in history...When he is a hero of action, the demands of his position and the exaltation of crisis develop and inflate him to such magnitude and powers as would in normal times have remained potential and untapped...his ideas and decisions enter vitally into the course of history..his words may..." (inspire or destroy)

"Evolution in man during recorded time has been social rather than biological"

"It is good that new ideas should be heard, for the sake of the few that can be used; but it is also good that new ideas should be compelled to go through the mill of objection, opposition, and contumely; This is the trial heat which innovations must survive before being allowed to enter the human race. It is good that the old should resist the young, and that the young should prod the old; out of this tension, as out of the strife of the sexes and the classes, comes a creative tensile strength, stimulated development, a secret and basic unity, and movement of the whole."

1-27-24  A few "Chartbeats" - Workable ideas - Peace Team. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. I think the 4 hour and 1 hour Fair Value Gap redraw (with alert) for structure location and the 1 minute chart (near term break of structure for entry - if Head and Shoulders), is a good strategy? Anyway. Every effort counts. It seems that price turning points happen before most order block areas? Market makers are only trying to mitigate candles and grab the money? (called "Liquidity grab") Regarding "every day has a Good word in season" (or every day has a special "reading" on thangs). The Human tendency to "adapt and normalize" to life (also known a "Hedonic adaptation") is in process. For example Technology and Government is now "closer than the close" as never before in the history of the World. So, the people who were saying 10 years ago: "Hey, I think the election is really about Democracy versus Autocracy?" Well, many millions more are saying now: "Oh, yeah this election IS about Democracy versus autocracy, yeah, like the 1850's and 1860's, oh no!". So, with Tech being used to leverage politcal fiction in a way beyond the avarice of curserism's past, there is also a Harvest of light built into the story. Hoping that with this phase of history though, that Humans don't have to "learn the hard way" as usual, yet what can ya do. It'll do what it do...Let's be encourage in the peace. "Division is division, spent years tryin' to make peace and that's the real life we are livin"...Un dia a la vez. Be safe, Take care. Peace.

1-26-24 - A few chartbeats if U dig...Regarding Rhymes for Raps - as with the Good Word, there is usually a Good word in season each day. The new paradigm is finding itself and also its opponent. The autocracy and crimes against humanity have been going on since Mesopotamia. Same curse in need of lessons in respect, love and humility. Praying for a safer global reconciliation as the "Allll the children come-to-the-liiiiight". HipHopOneLove....Be safe. Take care. Peace - an additional "History tells us who we are" note: Looking through a history lense while looking across the Planet - We notice another story of what was documented after Julius Ceasar's dictatorship. He rewarded breeding and criticised the childless. Emperor Augustus tried the same campaign, yet birth control grew in the upper classes, so the Germanic North, Greek and Semitic East increased the population in Italy. (pg 23, "The Lesson in History", Durant). So, like in the U.S. the idea will probably repeat. The overturning of Roe vs. Wade will be a moment in history to review as the Minority Majority and the new inclusive Millenial Voting Block took power eventually. (The Nation needs adult supervision, because a Mass Movement could form on the Left as well? We need healthy Mass Movements, not destructive ones like what we see today). Also, what about the growing Authoritarian/Autocracy situation? Well, historically Autocractic strongholds weaken in competive power, because its notoriously bad for business and doesn't allow its people to develop abilities to strengthen the Nation within global competition groups. That's why Eric Hoffer said that Autocracies/Dictatorships eventually always end. Anyway. My two cents in reading "The Lessons in History" (Durant). Peace

1-24-24  new "Trade Entry EA" - very simple for entering trades. 2 buttons on the chart to click for either buy/sell or open/close the trade. Also in inputs, the top couple a' buttons for stop loss, take profit, break even "position size" on XAUUSD, US30 and NAS100 start with 1.0 and it works - also "pips" generally for XAUUSD 400 TP/SL is good, and for US30 and NAS100 try 4000 TP/SL...Onwards and upwards...peace

1-25-24 - Peace Team…Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Un dia a la vez. Regarding trading to day, so far, there was news and I noticed a rally and retrace trade on USDJPY. The trouble trying to trade the news, is whether or not there will be a continuation or a retrace…In the USDJPY case, there was a nice EA trade opportunity actually. Yet, hindsight is 20/20 and news is volatility. We always have a clear picture after price behavior happens. So, meanwhile, letting the MFS indicator and Automation hope journey unfold as it might. Technology is now and the future, so leveraging indicators and EA’s is the common sense approach. Regarding Rhymes for Raps stuff. Putting thoughts into a new tune, while there were a few things to share regarding curserism’s humbling. For what its worth, a bit of “worst case scenario stuff, and we have to remember that “cynicism is a toxic Spiritual state”…1) it seems now clear that the story is one slow “big impeachment” that binds the decades of political fiction psychosis with itself? 2) We realize that “Scarcity confessions” have learned a lot since the days of admitting that it condoned throwing away the “Pandemic Playbook” etc…(the denial of the Holocaust is the same as denying Jan 6 and how political fiction tricks people?) 3) Yes, the Eric Hoffer perspective teaches that a Destructive Mass Movement will indeed elect a Corpse if it must. The “other” or “enemy” that the Political Fiction Psychosis made is not an option to vote for, so it will do what it do, and probably try to add a mausoleum to the U.S. capital for their savior or something? (Like in other countries) A “Mixed Economy” is balance, and balance is not taught in the world of Political Fiction Psychosis. Oh, and what if Theocracies succeed in taking more countries over? Well, then it will be a bickering of foolishness on a Global scale like never seen before, whilst Revelation 14:6 unfolds. Anyway, the new Generations are set to reject the hate and denial of Human specialness…God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us…1st John 4:12….just sharing…Artist Table Workshop…peace

1-24-24 - 15 minute chart - "Fair Value Gap" idea if U dig...also, and for what its worth..."why so concerned about Authoritarian political fiction psychosis in the media?" Because, history tells Humans who they/we are based on the cause and effect of words and behavior. See the "Pinochet" story. One day, citizens were mingling in cafes, and the next crisis and trouble. That's why the Good people are at odds with birtherism political fiction psychosis...Just saying...hopefully in 2061, the people will say, "Welp, sure glad the Good people disagreed with birtherism political fiction pysychosis's all Love"...Un dia a la vez...peace -also - one extra thing if U dig - in the Spirit of "We rhyme line 4 line" (to address stuff). With respect to superficial arguments about the "stalin hoax" etc...(peace to iron sharpens iron and freedom of speech). Rest assured, in 2061, Good people will agree that birtherism and its leaders looked to today's stalin remnants and state tv for how to end American Democracy. (nooo, chump didn't create the idea of birtherism, ask Timothy Snyder) So, claiming the "curserism likeness " is a hoax, is not quite a depth of understanding, when it was probably the greatest breach of media and public opinion in the history of the U.S. Lenin remnants love that breach story. HipHopOnelove...Cool. Peace

1-24-24 - Peace Team. Every day is a clean slate for peace and healing. Here are: 1) new templates for the 20-50 EMA "1st candle close" EA idea (MT5). It would have to work on the 1 minute charts...seems to be good for Forex and XAUUSD, not as much US30 and NAS100 because more movement (meaning Forex and XAUSUD dribbles along sometimes, which allows for the retrace to the 50 EMA and close beyond the 20 EMA)...also, 2) some pics of a "Structure" idea...1 hour for trend/bias then 15 second MFS and near term structure alerts (2 alert process)......this idea will work good with the new Trade Entry EA currently being completed...Cool. Regarding "Rhymes for Raps". Survey says (meditation gong sound). Well, we have been sharing Spiritual Web3 reflections for many years. Onwards...Why was the curserism force causing such a reaction allll these years from us all? Well, there must really have been an issue with it to Word is bond Spirit. as usual. Also, remember that Stalin called the media "Agitation and Propaganda" for a reason. Its no different than today. The devil (its fleshly bill is due on planet Earth) wants to agitate the spirit, divide people, and erode away at the specialness of each sacred soul...So, cuidado (careful) what U entertain...God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us (call it providence or luck)...Be safe. Take care. Peace

1-23-24  Peace Team. A few "chartbeats" if U dig. Was listening to a webinar on the ICT stuff, and I think I prefer the Momentum stuff better. When listening to another perspective on trading and being open to it, sometimes we have to reset and get back to what makes sense to us. Everyone has a special way of viewing things. So, I did a strategy reset today, though just noticing basic structure...Today gonna follow US30, XAUUSD and NAS100, while letting the "MFS" alert do stuff (Maybe even alerting on 1 minute charts if Momentum)...The "Return to Love" book has been great. Forgiveness is a cornerstone. Regarding "Rhymes for Raps". The next tunes are unfolding. And today's "Spiritual reading" about the Love versus curse struggle, is that: Survey says (gong sound). Well, love is aligning across the globe too, yet the Hoffer perspective about the mimicking of alt right political fiction across the Earth creates a threatening athmosphere. Cursersim across Earth is setting itself up for an epic humbling. "Seeing the truth" within is always confirming the "oblivion of curserism", which reveals to us the inevitability of its reconciliation in an Owlinpeace reality (oneness - We R Eachother). Other than that many of us say "plead the blood", to offer it up to the Most High. Call it providence or luck. Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added “Lil Note”. A lot of Good People wonder whats the fuss about the next election (Some people don’t pay much attention, and they are more relaxed about stuff). Well, my two cents of why the U.S. 24’ election is important (or watershed moment in Democracy), is because there is a singularity or reckoning of Democracy Mindedness versus curserism (alt-right-political fiction) across Earth. The reality is that Climate change and exponential tech is quickening. The combination makes for an ever changing story as curserism freaks out about the naturally evolving inclusive Generations deliberating a “1,000 miles a minute”. So, with the birtherism prez waiting in the rafters to get its Plantation owner gift of an Electoral college win, it apparently still doesn’t get security briefings, that probably say something like “climate change is threat to Earth an the U.S. Democracy is under threat of domestic and foreign opponents?” Its universally understood, that even if birtherism got the security briefings the last 4 years, it still wouldn’t agree that climate change is a threat, as well as any warnings about threats to Democracy. As is said: “If not wearing a Democracy jersey, then get off the field”. The problem, is that slavery made the U.S. a super power, and the strongholds of that time still curses the Nation. Anyway. My two sense. Let’s offer it up…Peace

1-21-24  Peace Team. The indicator and EA evolution happening in the Trading community is much to be hopeful about. Having “a little sense of wonder in our life” helps motivate healthy energetics. The Spirit of hope is tradition. Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing. A few “Rhymes for Raps” thoughts if U dig. As the 24’ political season is underway across countries (some claim its an election season, while we honestly still have Czarist/King/Plantation-owner strongholds in place like the Electoral College or Dictator structures that create the illusion of an Assembly voting voice). Anyway….meanwhile, the deliberation of Political conversation continues amongst the People of Earth. If we look at the experience through the lense of a story (Wheat and tares parable or Good versus evil). We notice the new inclusive generation ready to embrace inclusion, biosphere consciousness and science, while the ego is resistant to change because its “inconvenient”. The Biosphere conscious Leaders want people to feel good, and the opposite does not. In any Nation, when we watch a Demagogue elbow their way through a political party that may be still arguing policies and public service, its Human nature to adapt to what remains after the chaos or “rule through crisis”. Its important to remember in election 24’, things ain’t what they seem, and change will be a result of the “what remains” election decisions. Maybe we can call it “Biosphere consciousness growing pains” (or whatever)? The Children are the ones who are the future, and they are upset with the world that the past is leaving them. It’s theirs, so it would be respectful to honor biosphere conscious ideas…Cool…Just sharing…peace

1-19-24 – Trade Journal Process (a few charts of how I was viewing “chartbeat discovery time”, no results or anything on this sharing)– The idea is to think peacefully about a process of identifying structure, then setting alerts, and as “CEO’s of our own special “Lil’ Tech start ups”, we decide whether or not to enter a trade. (Good news, working with a Programmer on a TeamOne “Peace on Earth” entry order EA.) So, though I am not a funded trader yet, here is how I am finding peace while working with the new cool “MFS” tradingview indicator. We view it all as 2 processes that is one experience to organize trading. Process 1) Chill, U R Special. Have “Chartbeat” time. “Gettin’ into something”. In the future it will be Web3, Group wisdom, and telegram is a glimpse of that. So, 1 hour structure, 15 minute EMA flow (MFS) and can set alerts on 1 minute chart if U dig. Process 2) If get alert, then decide. If price is in a good value zone, or recently a retrace, or “red” MFS support line in a mostly green 15 minute chart EMA flow (indicating a pullback?)…we then, as the “CEO’s of our own Lil’ Tech Start Up” can decide. There is a saying: “Buy until you can’t buy anymore, sell until you can’t sell anymore”. “Cool G”…Regarding Rhymes for Raps 1,000 years in a day stuff. Been just re-understanding the Eric Hoffer “The True Believer” depth, because curserism is very shallow as it tries to infect the present with agitation/division to get attention, distract from reasonable democracy conversation and grab power. So, as a spokesperson for “Depth of Understanding”, Owlinpeace, and mayyyyybe even someday our own lil trading successful collective of Artist/Poet Global traders, we press on towards the goal of building…anyway…Be encouraged in your peace. Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added note regarding “precedence in Government”. 1) we witnessed something new when “Yes we can” was blocked from its Supreme Court Appointment (new “Con’ll rule to wait until next election to let the next President choose, then went ahead and appointed another Supreme Court Justice before the election of the next, a short term win, yet may someday work for Democracy minded Senates and Presidents as well?) 2) The “Immunity” claim, that a President cannot ever be prosecuted for anything? Really? Then it applies to all Presidents in the future and the one in office today? Is that the example to set for the future? Government needs Adult Supervision. Peace


1-18-24  - NAS100/US30 - 1 minute signal idea - peace

1-18-24  Forex trade example - "Yeay, the new MT5 EA worked!" - We can use the EA on 1 minute charts as well. 15 minute chart momentum signal and 1 minute entry. This was after news momentum. Otherwise, focusing on Market hours after 9:30 EST. There's a lot of hope in trading, so be encouraged. The new "MFS" indicator, the new MT5 EA and our Teacher Pals are working on creating some special stuff too...Regarding "Rhymes for Raps" (considering the magnitude of the paradigm shift pivot)...I would say that the "thousand years in a day" thought would be: - survey says...(gong sound)...its a bit like the reporting on Nixon or McCarthyism. At first the lie factory malice was not as obvious, it was just seen as mean politics to general public opinion? Then underneath it all, wherever there was basic decency hiding, the Spirit of truth started to find its way to the surface. "A lie goes half way around the world, while the truth is putting its shoes on". At first, a few years ago, there was only 1 totalitarianism expert sharing their research. Now that everyone is experiencing the curse of totalitarianism across Nations, it seems that there are thousands of new experts sharing their ideas, and based on experience. Here's to Freedom of Speech and Separation fo Church and state. And yes, what may seem like "Political marketing genius" is often just a demagogue. God loves everyone...Be safe. Take care. Peace...and real quick - just for the record - we can pat ourselves on the back because we were correct in 2016 - the demagogue took the stage and sure enough, its slowly revealing the hate that was tip toeing around for many years. Watch how the new inclusive voting block describes the racist fundamentalism at odds with Women's rights and the Spirit of love. The hate is claiming "decency", yet there it is, wearing the demagogue's hat. Quite a thing we have witnessed already. Prophecy is really just seeing the truth within, yet it seems miraculous though...Forgiveness is a cornerstone...Appeal to the heart/love of any Family or Friend who innocently sided with the Demagogue because of party affitliation, they didn't know what it was. Mostly its not people's fault...They are slowly seeing it...Be safe. Take care. Peace

1-17-24 - 15 minute EA strategy - Nice! - A quick "Rhymes for Raps" to add to Global "Word is Bond" huddling about the "bully becomes the prey" story deliberation. The next few months are pivotal, as curserism regimes across the planet are watching to see if it has control over yet another "Higher Court of the Land". Its always the same. So, in the next few months, it will be either, "yet another evil ruling against God's truth and love", or "well, at least they got something right (good)"...anyway. Giving thanks for all the Democracy Spirit voices in the world. And from the Mother Hen Collective Spirit, they might say "Mwahhh". Air hugs...And OwlinGpeace might say "HopHopOneLove - Global U-n-a-verse"...Be safe. Take care. Peace -also - this is merely "stating the obvious" to Global awareness seeing the axis of evil forming with "great again" political fictions, yet the attempt at another "birtherism cult lie" (about its own fellow party candidate not being a citizen), is another example of how a cult is formed. This is how most alllll wars have started too...The lie and the repetition to reinforce doubt, and agitation follows as people try to tell the truth. Its Reality TV trickery. Its textbook "The True Believer" book stuff. That's why Orwell wrote the book "1984". To explain it. When a political fiction leader takes power, "the truth is what it says is the truth". The agitated fervor of the lie becomes the truth. Now, we are seeing that in 2024, and the devil political fiction is verrrry close to winning again. No the "smoke n' mirrors gas bag TV" will not help the nation. Its the lie's mouthpiece, like Dictatorship's State TV across Earth.  If "The lie becomes the truth" regarding science, Political opponents, other religions etc...and, if the lie takes power and intentionally erodes away at elections and public safety, then there is the example of fascism in America. The 2061 people will see it much clearer in the future, yet we are so close to the moment, that it may or may not be a "near miss" (as was said about the 2020 election). Praying for the love of truth to prevail (2nd Thessalonians 2). Be safe. Take care. Peace

1-16-24 - EA and templates for a Forex 15 minute chart strategy idea - Political Season relief...something fun if U dig...peace

1-16-24 XAUUSD ideas…I learned that if US10Y is down 1% or more (don’t sell XAUUSD) and if US10Y is up 1% or more (don’t buy XAUUSD). Its news announcements now, yet the idea worked earlier. Nice! I am working on how to trade with MT5 and will share the EA progress this week. Regarding “Rhymes for Raps” and the Truthconciliation unfolding. Well, I would preface with the Spiritual Architecture Universe, which is generally a 707, consistently 17’s, 16’s and 606 God’s Spirit Discernment experience. So, basically, it’s a “Swept up and put in order” set up as Agitation prez won his first step towards grabbing power again. Been there done that though, and people need to be reminded of the Pence moment that the VP said “no” to. What did he say no to? The request to overturn the election. Simple. Historically Agitation prez is not with the Spirit of God, and as soon as he got his caucus victory in Iowa yesterday, I could already sense the agitation/division starting again between people. The “Ativan agitator” is back (ativan is an upper drug)/ I know there are good people that take it, and sometimes the media shows will be the “battle of ativans”…However, dealing with Liar addicts running for public office is like having to deal with a possesed or troubled child, or an addict with excuses, because its always causing division and agitation. Thats why there is such opposition to it. I can only imagine the reciprocity to the racism and bigotry. Its on the level of an Apocolyptic eclipse (the response to racism has been slowly building over thousands of years). The openly racist birtherism thinks its just the "usual confederate" junk, yet its not the 1930's Folks. God is good. And news to the evil, is that God really actually does love everyone, and birtherism was condemnation against his Children. Let's offer it up. Much love…Anyway…We know that agitation is how the devil works. God is a Spirit of peace. Ok. So, if it helps, “plead the blood” (call it providence or luck), Offer it up. Don’t try to rationalize with the cult-like “impervious to reason” conversations. Its ok to explain that a particular person is famously agitating, and its ok to request that him/it not be a topic for conversation. Its about respect. Even the female candidate who was well liked said “Chaos follows him" or something like that. Be safe. Take care. Peace – an added note considering the moment of political season impulsiveness happening…the chump tv station and loyalists were ordered to pay out over 1 billion dollars in damages for pushing political fiction about the 2020 election (Dominion and Freeman cases). Chumpism is called a “Cult” because it’s a Mass Movement based on political fiction. Its simple. The years of Group studies in the Assembly across the planet is very clear about the story. Spiritually? It all seems more like Armageddon than WWIII, yet in the future, God could indeed sweep through all regimes across Nations if there is an Authoritarian axis impulse, yet I have no idea. Only God does…Regarding the celebration of “Chump” as a political figure? I respectfully disagree that chump was a “marketing genius”. As “American Psychosis” teaches, he merely leveraged decades of political fiction, and Public servants are not supposed to do that. He used Hitler/Stalin techniques to leverage a collective “frustration”, (see Hoffer, “The True Believer”) and there’s no substance or public service in it. It gets no respect from allll the decent people who are revealing the evil across the Earth…Be safe…Take care. Peace

World Tower (lyrics) 1-15-24  - peace

1-14-24 - USDJPY - 15 min Qualify and "MFS" signal idea - Peace - the idea is to learn to trade Forex Currency pair trend continuation (sounds like a project idea for an environmentally friendly cafe in 2045 or something) :o) Imagining the future...anyway...this seems interesting. With the 15 minute chart 20-50-200 EMA flow confirmation, which is similar to the "cloud idea"? We establish market flow. Get a "Qualify", then the RSI/20-50 EMA cross signal ("MFS"). Cool. Though I generally historically don't post everyday, because gotta pray though stuff, considering the magnitude of the political concerns, I think sharing trading and "Rhyme for Raps" breifings/musings is healthy for "all of us to us". I try to share trading ideas of substance though still a "youngling" as a trader. Yesterday was the story of the polling that birtherism is indeed ahead in claiming a party nomination. Its important to remind ourselves of the "Electoral-College-Slave-Owner-Representation-Grab-Curse". In a perfect world, "The truth is exposed in the Assembly" (Popular vote) is how elections would be decided. If elections were popular voting, we would not be in the problem spot of something similar to Turkey's or Hungary's Democracy erosion story. (Maybe some other issue relativity though). The Electoral college is the reason for the trouble. Its a remnant of a cursed history, and our return to love is the miracle as the new Inclusive generations grow into their own new truth. I know, the Financial/Security structures in Europe and U.S. are preparing as usual to irrigate the curserism architecture across Nations, yet the reconciliation of the world takes time, and its a Harvest story, so what can ya do...Meanwhile, planting seeds of hope...Peace be with us. Be safe. Take care. Peace - an added note if U dig – also for the Team in 2061 that may be combing through the “cause and effect” files on a spaceship (or something) still trying to make sense of the Earth “Love versus curserism” story…to clarify about the “Financial/Security Teams” (globally really) that are preparing for birtherism to take power (if it does)…its basic. It’s a very famous example of Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”. Even Authoritarians in Russia and China clearrrrrrly see what is happening when a traitor to the Democracy is seeking power. It knows what its doing. So, with that, definitely the Democracy “Oath of Office” people with power around the world are preparing for a famous traitor regime to take executive power in the U.S. It’s so the usual, I imagine Authoritarians around the world wake up in the morning and might say: “Oh, yawn, yawn, coffee/tea, how’s the Political fiction war against the truth in the U.S. going today, yawn, yawn…next day etc…”…It’s a very famous breach of security/politics in the history of the world, and it was waiting to be had (See “American Psychosis” book)..Ok. Nuff said. Thanks. Peace


1-13-24  XAUUSD 15 minute rally and retrace strategy idea - Journaling along...regarding "Rhymes for Raps" briefing if U dig, as the 2024 election season starts, there is concern that the Political Fiction and loud volumed version of what millions are labeling confederate/stalin remnants (in their own words) reminds us of history. First, its important not to blame Citizens who have opinions. Its difficult for a country to reflect its National "Reality tends to have a liberal bias" Assembly if an Electoral College Election game has a stronghold on the Country. Also, corporations apparently outspend the Citizens on the election 60 to 1? Publicly funded elections would be better. Vouchers could go to the most public service minded. Also, its important to remember when media is tolerating Political Fiction. 50 Million people died in WWII in part because hitler used the Poltical Fiction book "Protocals of the Elders of Zion" to create an "other" like a Demagogue enemy. That's why people are concerned about "prez demagogue" calculating the Electoral College for the next power grab. It already has enough Supreme Court Judges on its side (so it seems?). The President has the power to nominate Lifetime appointments, so thats an important office. "The law of the land". God bless. Praying for healing. Be safe. Take care. Peace-----an added note: “What should the reality based media do about the political fiction lie repetition”? I think the “roots way” of co-existing with the curserism lie factories is…”and the survey says” (ding sound)…Mention birtherism every hour. “ok, whats the news?” “Well birtherism is trying to take the executive branch again”….next hour: “Ok, whats going on in the news?” (add some Family stories of love…then…) again…”Well, Birtherism, like the Political Fiction that Hitler used (share about the “protocols” book that hitler based his demagoguery on) is trying to take the executive branch, and wouldn’t ya know he tried birtherism and lies on the female candidate in his party, nothing new”…next hour same…add love and reality peace..then…again…same…gotta repeat the truth. Be safe. Take care. Peace


1-12-24  "Value Areas" - (also known as "What your take on the Trading thang today") - So, "Value areas" = places where price returns for banks to buy or sell at "value". Whether its "Order blocks", "Previous support now resistance" or "Fair value gap"...the moving average is also often used as well...for fun, here is a 1 hour chart and 20 EMA idea using the "MFS" indicator too...I know, some of us are stronger in the "Modern Day Prophets" department, yet I like to share charts and muse about strategy ideas..."Where there is a will there is way"...Many people are winning funding challenges, and "Wisdom of the crowd" will get there...Web3 is just starting...Onwards and upwards...peace

1-12-24  Peace Team. Some new MT5 templates and same Profiles - because lots had to ".1" to open a trade - (reminder - To add EA: File - Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Experts - (drag n drop EA) ----To add Profiles: Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Profiles - Charts - (Drag n drop folder of "Trading Profiles 12-31-23") --- to add Templates: Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Profiles - Templates - (Drag n Drop the template files - not the folder) --close MT5 - then re-open MT5 ----Regarding "Rhymes for Raps" - indeed everyday has its own special reading on the Global Harvest story unfolding. Lots of elections this year. After almost 10 years of combing through the Spiritual architecture of Global Owlinpeace realities, I would say the next election is not the same "Oil and water doesn't mix" thang, yet more like a "Spiritual Awareness" of how the invisible Spirit behind the reality is eventually visible. We see the same curserism words and behavior manifested similarly in other countries (like and addict with excuses, eventually we gotta just let it learn its lesson unfortunately, and find peace). Many of us were just trying to warn the Nation and the World of the "truth within". Some call it "Prophetic", yet its just seeing the truth within the story. Anyway...Let's keep building. People who don't like the Spiritual perspective can just not pay attention to us if they dig...everyone has their opinion. Onwards and upwards. Peace

1-11-24  Trade journal charts - News trade idea with 15 second "MFS" signal...and definitely Eric Hoffer's psychological explanations of the Mass Movement should be part of the media every hour of the day forever. The truth needs to part of the pulse of public opinion in order to save the Mixed Economic system and the Democracy. Otherwise, the lie will repeat itself and fuss away as usual. The battle is a philosophical one, and the opponent wants to erode away the specialness of each person on the planet...God is love. Be encouraged...Peace

1-11-24 Peace Team. Considering the "1,000 days in a day" exponential tech and how it takes time to get the tunes done...1) Trading: Working with XAUUSD, US30, NAS100, order block area and 1 hour trendlines (Wave Principle teaches that market flow is "in gear" when we see the trend, a correction is clearest upon completion)...for signals, I like 1 minute "MFS" arrow and signal retrace...the MT5 EA won't trade if .01 lots, so I changed it to ".1" and it worked. Regarding "Rhymes for Raps". Its a "swept up and put in order" scene for curserism as it loses the support of more Families trying to build. Curserism doesn't know its in God's jurisdiction, so as much as it's "possensionality" wants to be loud and confused, the philosophical irrigation of Eric Hoffer's analysis in "The True Believer" will be making its way to dinner tables...also, gotta say, now that curserism voices finally took away Women's rights and its "possesion" department of crazies is on its flight to hell, I can't help think of the saying "Hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned" - so, good luck to them with that one...Let's "Return to Love" (that's the book I am reading). HipHopOneLove...Be safe. Take care. peace

1-10-24  Harmonic Pattern Journaling ---- peace

1-10-24 - 15 minute and 15 second Momentum Flow Support journal ---trade journaling is a good focus for "Artist Table Workshop" regardless...innnnnnteresting...I think the idea works, and people are winning funding challenges with a similar idea (pulse) Be safe. Take care. Peace

1-9-24 - 15 minute and 1 minute Momentum Flow Support idea - regarding Rhymes for Raps - Well, the idea of Owlinpeace Spokesperson Tour of Duty, has been to share peace and hope. Exponential "Tech-n-all-a-G-U n' a verse" is better when we build as a Team. Also, for anyone who wasn't paying any attention to the Don'tlookupbirtherismreichstaggrealitytelevision's ok, we need people who aren't so concerned about stuff (relaxed), however, we know that people have certainly noticed new arguments or political divisions at Family events, or heard about Friends dividing over politics? That happened in Turkey too. Division increases when a Mass Movement Leader stronghold takes the stage. Its a strategy of taking power to make emotional entrenchments. This synopsis of Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer" explains it all (pardon some spelling, it was copy/paste from a PDF). A note to anyone who HAS been following the Don'tlookupbirtherismreichstaggrealitytelevision story? Lets be kind to eachtoher...That said: HipHopOneLove. Be Safe. Take care. Peace

1-10-24 - Regarding trading - working with Market Hours...usual "in pursuit of success" Momentum strategy journey....Regarding Rhymes for Raps…Across Nations we notice Presidents and their legal troubles while always claiming to be “above the rule of law”, a regime's attempts to have power over the courts, as well as any apparent "ignoring" of warnings by true genuine “Oath of Office” service minded People. Having generally followed articles of the past few years about stories, it's no wonder why things are the way they are. It's common sense. Not letting an Assembly of the People decide the Executive Branch (Popular Vote) and having Politcally charged and Fundamentalist/"Originalist" Lifetime Appointment Highest Court” Judges to “over-rule” as they please, did what it did…Common sense from centuries already informed us that Women need to have control over their own bodies and their healthcare. It saved lives. It all needs Adult supervision. Regarding the "immunity" argument in the U.S. that a former President "cannot be charged with crimes"? It reminded me of the story in Israel recently. I can already hear the future saying, "well, the People didn't stand up to it", or something like that. As is said, the laws are made up by People, and its the people who have to be mature about Leadership. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

Bass Heal Good (lyrics) 1-8-24

1-6-2024 --Momentum Flow Support v5 - Happy New Year --- already has all the input settings. Just have to follow instructions to add to Tradingview. In "Pine editor" have to select and delete the previous script. In the Document that has the script, remember to click "File" - then "Select all" - and paste it in "Pine editor" ---- also, I found that I had to rename the "script"? I am learning about adding the indicator to Tradingview...

Be safe. Take care. Peace

1-5-24  new "Momentum Flow Support" indicator (v2) - Tradingview indicator - I am working on an "If/then" approach that protects from too early an entry - meanwhile ---- Settings to adjust: RSI Overbought =60, Oversold = 40...Settings under "inputs": Uncheck "Hide this MA" (for Fast MA, Slow MA, and Support MA), Under "Style": "Buy Signal" all green, and "Sell signal" all red. "Fast MA" All green, "Slow MA" all red, and for "Support MA": "Color 0" - green, "Color 1" - red, and "Color 2" purple. And Yes, on the 15 minute chart, the support Moving Average is an indicator of trend....We are the beginning of Web3, and in the future, the Assembly will solve the puzzle together...meanwhile...Giving thanks for us all...Peace 

1-6-24 - Peace Team. A "Rhymes for Raps" if U dig. I have shared this stuff in tunes, and working on another one that brings the "World Tower" idea "into the light". Sure creative prophecy type stuff...Anyway, considering the magnitude of the Global collective warning of cursersim across nations. The significant point that seems to be making its way to the surface, is, that the effects of today's stalin/hitler techniques are showing in the U.S. now. People are really starting to see it? Agitation and Propaganda machines churning lie factories hourly, a Lifetime appointment highest court eroding away at Women's rights, voting rights and protecting the obstruction of the demagogue that "took the stage" (like Caesar of Rome before it ended). Also, the intimidation of officials is definitely what Authoritarian regimes do in other countries. If the demagogue takes power again, it then uses the government to intimidate and punish any truth tellers. Being alive and speaking truth to solve life's problems is like breathing, and curserism voices are at war with the truth. Praying for peace. Anyway. Eric Hoffer's analysis also indicates there is a reciprocity Mass Movement to counter the Authoritarian curserism, yet God may reconcile curserism into taking a knee before the new Biosphere consiousness Mass Movement gets into gear? Possible. That said: Grace of God, and God's story of the Harvest may take longer than we would like it to. Just a thought. Giving thanks for the Spirit of Democracy, True "Oath of office" people and God bless safe. Take care. Peace

1-3-24  Divine Ratio chart - for fun, - been testing the "MFS" indicator and checking if the signals are exact. Had a few false signals, and I will make sure its exact. Its really gonna be cool....regarding Rhymes for Raps, well in the quickening of tech (1,000 days in a day), the curserism junk is using the "caught on the spokes of the wheel of life" to challenge "playin a curse", yet it doesn't see the forest from the trees of God's harvest of the light regardless of the curserism hate. One example, is how birtherism is trying to use the struggle in the Middle East as an excuse for anti-semitism and it reminds of the "Anti-New Deal" junk of the FDR days. Hate is hate. Every skin ain't a kin. Thousands of years of history all finding its way into the present. That said. We say "Peace in the Middle East". Of course, evvvverybody is an expert these days. Humilty, honesty, a willingneses to be wrong, and kindness is the focus. Peace

12-31-23  MT5 - new Trade entry EA, Profiles and Templates --- To add EA:  File - Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Experts - (drag n drop EA) ----To add Profiles: Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Profiles - Charts - (Drag n drop folder of "Trading Profiles 12-31-23") --- to add Templates: Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Profiles - Templates - (Drag n Drop the template files - not the folder) --close MT5 - then re-open MT5 ----

A note that "Lots" need to be .1 for trading on MT5. The MT4 used to allow .01. Peace

1-1-24 - Rhymes for Raps thoughts and ideas about Middle East - peace on Earth

(12-31-23) Regarding collective Rhymes for Raps Spirit threaded through the History of HipHop, Political History, Business, Everyday life etc...Everyday is a clean slate for peace and healing, and almost like 100 days in a day considering the "quickening of things" (exponential tech etc). "Take courage with the Owlinpeace"...The Spiritual/HipHop numerology that Spritually in tune MC's and "Aware/Awoke" people have been talking about, reminds me of Isaiah 40:8 - The word of God is forever (call it Providence or luck - respect separation of church and state). The future will 100% see what we saw, and understand the magnitude of what we were talking about in our warnings and expressions. It will also see the villain wayyyyyy more clearly as it is removed from the experience of today's good versus evil struggle. God loves everyone, and would want people to be able to speak their peace. The devil does not want people to speak. That is considered wicked. The truth is the flesh-host-devil's greatest adversary, that's why it is not allowing people to speak. The warnings from the Spirit of love across the Earth is "righteous". It all may seem wierd/crazy/lazy to critics, that we talk about this stuff, yet, its also ok for them to say "well, I don't know about it, and key power figures and millions of people across Nations are in agreement about Love/Democracy mostly, so? Hmmm?"...Its cool...they can learn to be nice, and have humility too...we all share stuff...Psalms 45:7 Love righteousness and peace, reject the wickedness. The future of the plead the blood story is clear, its just that the wheat and tares parable is necessary for God to teach the lesson. That said: HipHopOneLove. Be safe. Take care. Peace) 

12-30-23  A few Rhymes for Raps thoughts, and Lenin's warning...

12-24-23 - Inflation thoughts if U dig ---I don't subscribe to the WSJ, yet I read an article on how Corprations drive up prices as they wish..."can't kid a kidder"...also, the argument that Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.) would cause inflation is nonsense as well...paying Citizens $1,000 a month won't cause inflation. If it was $15,000 to $20,000 maybe? Our "numbers" Team can verify that, yet, certainly not $1,000 a month...anyway...HipHopOnelove...peace

12-26-23 – Peace - A Happy New Year thought if U dig– here we go 2024 Rhymes for Raps – Modern Day Prophets. Been thinking about all the elections that will be happening in 2024 and of course concerned about the power of Destructive Mass Movements (Political Fiction) using social media to gain power across Nations (Eric Hoffer would have volumes to say about it all). Its the usual concerns in the Tech age we are living with. Here’s a “shed some light on 26” thought though, instead of a negative “oh no!” flow…Whether Mad Men Perdition will learn to take a knee in 2024, God only knows, yet its certainly possible and as Mr. Hoffer would say, eventually inevitable. I was remembering Samuel Adams and how he helped unite the U.S. colonies through his writing. It wasn’t just him, it was allll the people who read and gathered together, that were able to reject the tyranny and theocracy of the Monarchy. Paul Revere was actually riding fast to warn Samuel Adams that the belligerent threats were on their way to him, and the soldiers were murdering everything in sight (as many young soldiers sent into an enemy’s territory do). It’s the same story today. Something important though, is how Tyrants/Loyalists learned that Paul Revere and his Team were such great security and intelligence, that they couldn’t figure out what was really going on within the Colonial resistance to the Monarchy. I say that, because I think that there will be a similar moment in our time. I couldn’t ever know the details, yet here’s my reading if Birtherism takes the Executive branch in 2024. It will do what’s happening in other countries. It will try to fill as many electable and unelectable positions with loyalists to consolidate power. Now, the trouble it has though, is that there is an architecture of Democracy minded people who have been preparing for the Destructive Mass Movement power move, so, things won’t be what they seems for a reason? Above all of it though, and this is why Security and Intelligence is generally cool with “Team One Modern Day Prophets” stuff (from what I gather), is that there is a supernatural/miracle/synchronicity/Quantum Entanglement Spiritual energy that is unexplainable, yet seems to be consistently on the side of Democracy minded Spirit. Basically, they see that we’re on the same Team. So, that said, yes, if the Anti-Democracy force takes the Executive Branch in 2024, it will be a lot of distracting curse noise, yet we should take courage that there are Genuine “Oath of Office” people who have been preparing who know the details of stuff. Anyway. That’s my two sense…Be safe. Take care. Peace

Peace - 12-20-23  GBPUSD rally for 15 pips...the Goal is to bring hope through trading...TeamOne trading vibes update - "News flash sprinkle a little hope"...Currently working on new "MF" indicator version for better signals, and an MT4 EA for trade entry...all in good time...Regarding "Rhymes for Raps", same stuff except new versions of the "Love is what it is, and it ain't what its not" stories...A question: Does it matter what accent says "Love is what it is, and it ain't what its not"? Or is the love the important thing? Yup. The Love. We agreed decades ago, and today too. Regardless, "Playin' a curse" ain't easy...the only way is through and we get there together...practice a way of being that allows U to be present...Be safe. Take care. peace

12-22-23 - An additional "Harvest story" thought if U dig (wheat and tares parable in process) - Love is not fear or hate. God is love. Nothing to fear with love. How will it go for Autocracy/Hate/Bigotry/Curse? Well its not natural, yet it has power to destroy, so its very dangerous to Human life - Curse has to help itself, yet the history of condemnation is not known for making a mature effort, so the best advice is for it to repent, yet it doesn't have a history of that either, so that's why "Mother Earth Evolution Love" tries to shed light on 26, pleadthe50, plead the blood grateful for Team members who care to express the depth of understanding in the Owlinpeace story. We're so grateful for eachother. "ThankU and Your Welcomes" R.I.P. to any passed on TeamOne Family and Loved Ones. Lets keep building....Peace God, Peace Son. Be safe. Take care. peace

12-24-23  - Happy Holidays - a Lil Nook note - Rhymes for Raps if U dig...usual stuff yet, being a spokesperson for Owlin peace now 20 years in, I like to chime in (Spirit play the chimes). Been working on the next Brethren tune, and its taking its time...The "MF" trading indicator and robot in early 2024 will be cool. Regarding today's "curse" slowly finding itself tangled with the realnesss of God's Spiritual "Specialness" Singularity? Well, as we've said, repentance is the advice. Unfortunatley for Theocratic Bigotry (a cross cultural and cross-national affair), 'great again' is clearly on the wrong side of history. Its slowwwwwllllly being Universally revealed...the opponents to the birtherism justices were right about being critical. Indeed the justices disrespected the 14th Amendment original intent (Yeah, who is really "original" anyway? "Yeah"! :o) Now that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money on elections, and Women have no right over their own bodies and have to flee states for healthcare, will the justices allow another birtherism presidency? Well, we'll see. There may be some reason in those lil knogens...We all have lil knogens, except the history of theocratic fundamentalism in the U.S. needs some adult extra note: the advice is to always be kind to relatives who may still think towards the political fiction stuff. Its not their fault, and love heals togetherness. Oneness is the real truth, not the separation that "Divide and conquer" pushes. IN 50 years, people will see the curserism for what it is/was....Peace be with us...peace

12-29-23 ----"Artist Table Workshop"...Trade strategy idea --working with Tradingview and MT5 ---15 minute order block after rally, and 15 second chart for trade alert and confirmation - A quick "Rhymes for Raps" if U dig- yes. agreed - The "great again" mass movement should regroup and focus on public service. For the health of the Democracy - Eric Hoffer is right about all that stuff....A good start would be with local and Mayoral candidacies, not executive functions...the point is to find humility and learn about people and respect...peace

Why Lincoln? - Part 3 a few thoughts on his moral stance against the autocracy of his time - peace

"Artist Table Workshop" EA's and strategies are processing through and trying to find ways to automate trading...peace...excerpt

12-17-23-----Peace Team. A few trading thoughts, as well as a “Rhymes for Raps” Rungame healing if U dig.  For decades, part of being alive has been about finding ways to make sense of the RunGame deliberation across Nations, Business communities, Arts, Education, Politics etc…A journaling helps leave “thought crumbs for the mind” to chew on to maintain perspective, because “comparison is a thief of joy”, and in reality, most of us who have been on the journey have had “barriers to entry”…thanks to Alpha/Omega Team business successes who respect that truth…HiphopOnelove…Gratitude is the greener side…Ok…regarding the trading vid, that helped me understand the “head and Shoulders” pattern…It reminds me of the trend channel stuff too…Trendlines show when the market is either “in gear” or not…its just the natural flow of the Universe, (See Prechter – Socionomics) – yes, I know, people say “Divine ratio” and “Fibonacci” doesn’t exist in markets, yet after the market flows, the Divine ratio shows itself regardless…its either trend, or not…impulsion or correction…trend, trendline break, retrace, consolidation etc…the market will tell us…anyway, here is the Trading video – Respect –

A few Rhymes for Raps thoughts if U dig – What is a “Sleeper Loop”?---a sleeper loop is an argument or worry that cycles its way through the mind, and repeats. When we learn to “practice a way of being that allows us to be present”, and meditate on good things in a process of motivation or prayer, we can seek “Higher”…Peace to all the genuine people who care. Peace

12-15-23  Trade journal idea - peace  (The Momemtum Flow indicator could use improvement to only alert when there is the "20-50-200 EMA Flow" moment on 1 minutue charts)...all in good time...peace

12-15-23 "MT5" Regroup -- Profiles and Template to get set up. Some of the "Funding Traders" Companies work with MT5, so, figured its time to start working with MT5. "Cool, we can dig it". Here's where to "drag n' drop" the Profiles, and template. (Try AMPGlobal for MT5 platform). under the File column...Open Data MQL5 folder...Profiles...Charts...drag n drop "Profiles"....then for the chart template...MQL5...Profiles...Templates...Drag n Drop template...Also...drum rolllll...Tah dah. Currently working on a "Retrace EA" for MT5. Yeah like the MT4 one. Then can work with the US30, NAS100 and XAUUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY etc...Sure, can trade single instruments...looking for the 15 min EMA flow and 1 minute structure/retrace and EA placement with larger time frame location..(yeah, trying to just work with a strategy that people have been winning funding challnges with)...So, what about "Yeah, but U been trying that stuff for 10 years". True, and its been a good healthy focus to get the mind flow processing. Every effort counts. Here's a quote to chew on: "Practice a way of being that allows U to be present". Trading study work is a great focus. Also, to add. Funded trader challenges are new, and so is Web3. "The wisdom of the crowds" to help eachother succeed is just now getting started. Meanwhile. Ok. MT5 is being worked with? O.K. Let's get good at a strategy and automate. Also, regarding Economic News announcements? I make note of each week, and avoid the news. I know, there is an EA to trade the news, yet deciding whether news was "expected" or not etc...? Well, hmmm...anyway...I just wait until after the news settles to try stuff...Yes, EA's are allowed with Funding challenges. Long story safe. Take care. "Artist Table Workshop" and "Lil Nooks" unite...Peace

12-11-23 - Some Chartbeats from US30 today. Yup. Some people just trade one instrument. Its all about Risk managment. And, yup, MT5 may be the platform to trade on for Funding Challenges. Meanwhile still working with MT4 automation. Every little efforts counts. Automation is the future...peace

Super Charged (lyrics) 12-4-23  Peace

Momentum Flow indicator and chart examples...the truth is that many of us have trouble with 1 minute and 15 second "break of structure" type trading...the retrace and placing the EA etc...It's like in the Tao Te Ching...we can flow with water when we stop grabbing at it...(or something like that). That said, here is the indicator again, and some charts that show how when RSI overbought/oversold and 20-50 EMA cross happens on 15 minute charts, it could be a trade opportunity. In a Web3 world, something like this would be solved through the "Wisdom of the Crowd". We are a glimpse of the future...Be safe. Take care. peace

11-24-23  "Momentum Flow" stuff from today - working with 15 minute Order Blocks and 1 minute trade entry Automation...(not all of us have access to 15 second charts on MT4 to Automate, meanwhile...) Regarding "Rhymes for Raps" - The "Love Movement" is what the new paradigm is. Not a "Cancel" movement, because we have to see the good in things (harvest the good, like Lincoln's story). We know. There are good ideas and healthy outrage at a terrible history unlike before, and also very immature/unstable ideas too. Fanaticism ain't gonna work because its exactly like its opposite in the Hate movement.(see Eric Hoffer - "The True Believer") Good Leadership requires maturity in seeing the good parts of history and building. Knowledge of self: Build or destroy, like how some of our TeamOne processed through the RunGame all these years. We just want people to feel good. Cool. All Love. Be safe. Take care. Peace.

11-21-23  "Momentum Flow" automation ideas...regarding "Rhymes for Raps" and a perspective on the "absolutepowertheocraticbigotrybickeringacrossearth"...well...foolishness...theocratic bickering is all it will do, and then the Biosphere conscious future will educate the next Human generations...HipHopOneLove...peace

11-17-23  15 Minute chart - IF  - THEN - 1 minute 20-50-200 Flow for confirmation - Harmonic Pattern trade --- Divine Ratio ---Peace

11-16-23  15 minute chart "Momentum Flow" (MF) strategy - A quick Rhymes for Raps musing expression if U dig: "Peace-Onelove-Artist Table Workshop-Sacred Ground-don't let stuff get between U and Loved Ones or Friends...keep it cool, and bond through something philosophical or a story..."focus on the healing light energy"...peace to "Unity through Team of Rivals - build not destroy" (not getting elected to only "twit tweet" or wage revenge on political rivals junk)---God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us...Happy Holidays - Peace

EA - Forex - 40 pips stop...allowing wiggle room. Teachers say to have a larger stop with Forex because price cruises along different than CFD - still working with the 1st trade and 2nd trade while oversight with "Trades EA"...automation is new. Teachers also say "Keep at it", you'll win a funding challenge...every effort counts...peace

1951 - Eric Hoffer (excerpts) "The True Believer 

Deuteronomy 30:19 (On Earth its blessings and curses) - Curse acts like an "addict with excuses", so its difficult to solve. Eric Hoffer solved it...In my humble opinion...

Peace – “So, what’s the reason for sharing the Eric Hoffer book?” Well, I realized that in trying to “make sense of our current time”, that Mr. Hoffer had already irrigated and discovered the psychology of fascism’s strategy that destroyed Democracies before. Our current time shows that the same previous infections threaten Human rights and “specialness” in the very same way. We are winessing that fascism infects in waves across the planet, while Hundreds of millions of people try to make sense of the destruction and hatred. Identifying the curse strategy is mostly on the surface at first, as it causes division and bickering amongst families/friends (oil and water doesn’t mix). The fascism curse knows exactly what its doing, how powerful the fictionalization of reality is, and how it can take power as before. The curse imitates itself because it knows it can get votes from the “frustrated”. The idea of Democracy is that everyone has a voice and a chance to live. Fascism destroys “specialness”. “How?” Curse does everything it can to agitate/discredit/blame the present/truth/Scientists/Journalists/Teachers and anyone who speaks hope into practical solutions. Curse creates an emotional conviction and political fiction psychosis in followers that cannot be challenged (mostly, unless there is an appeal to the Human heart), so though every fascist movement eventually destroys itself, it destroys everything it can in the process. That said: electing birtherism/reichstag again could be another fascism story, while unfortunately destroying everything else. On a lighter note. Exponential tech and biosphere consciousness is unfolding too. God is love, as we abide in love, God abides in us…peace

Trade lesson ---XAUUSD idea if U dig...peace  11-7-23

Retrace EA - 1 minute entry EA - working with 7 and 9 EMA for entry, because been missing the 20 EMA "1st candle close" moments... - IF - 15 minute level/structure/Bollinger/Liquidity Channel - THEN -  if Order Flow and break of structure, then place EA...peace

Why study Lincoln? (Part 2) - peace  

Stabilize (lyrics) - 10-27-23

10-26-23  Artist Table Workshop Automation journey study...gettin' theyawh...peace

10-25-23  EA trading - "Peace Through Process" - I missed this trade today, and even had an alert set, yet I was busy with morning prayer affirmations to generate some positive energy...just like with a Brethren's album, its the overall energy, not "getting caught on the spokes" (in the wheel of life) about particular points etc...regardless, the point is that placing the EA would have only taken 1 minute or less after getting the alert from the "MF" indicator (Momentum Flow)---300 million jobs will be automated over 10 years, so, we will automate processes time I will place the EA then...just wanted to share how easy this could and upwards...I am working on "Why Lincoln? (part 2)...its gonna be a few weeks maybe, or not, depending on how much reading time I get (Books are our Friends)...Giving thanks...peace

10-18-23  CFD retrace templates and EA - the idea is to have a strategy that Buzy Beez can work with while being a Buzy Bee with other things. The Peace is through Process. If the future is automation then we should get Hip to the new paradigm. HipHopOneLove...peace

10-16-23  "Momentum Flow" indicator - for Trading View. The original idea was to create something that would create signals. Can also use the indicator to just show RSI and Moving Average Cross moments on the chart...peace

10-13-23   Automated Strategy Journal --- 15 minute Value Gap and moving average EA entry

EA and Templates - "Automation Artist Table Workshop to Win Funding Challenge", still 15 minute entry----10-11-23  -  extra note - Web3 will be the future, no question...accessing an Assembly Wisdom not just the "Proprietarchy" or "Hiertary" (Proprietary or Hierarchy leading trading strategies)...basically Web3 is the new paradigm that will better help the Service industry people trade...peace

History thoughts - "Why the Lincoln conversation?"  10-9-23

10-2-23 -  15 minute Retrace EA trade idea (to free ourselves from all the extra 1 minute chart tribulation stuff)  :0)

Instrumental Peaceful Music list (from years of radio broadcasts - of course this is a few to our Archivists, yet I thought to share...Peace)

9-26-23 - Trading Process...onwards...Be safe - Take care - peace

9-20-23  EA challenge "Retrace EA" wins for Higher Probability entry....Tah dahhhh....Why? We wait for a price move off the RSI/Bollinger/Structure first...otherwise it may be a liquidity grab or even Break of Structure...Cool...So, the "Retrace" EA can work for range trading and trend trading (if break of structure)...Onwards..Take care. Peace

9-19-23  NY session...EA Portfolio: 1) Bollinger EA: "Hybrid idea" - if RSI overbought/oversold and near structure, then place EA Buy/Sell...however, if actually Break of Structure (B.O.S.) instead of bounce off structure area, then working with 2) Retrace EA: if price returns to 50 EMA, and then 1st candle close beyond 20 EMA...the charts show the story...improvized this, and that is how strategies get created....onwards...peace

9-18-23  DoubleGMystiks (lyrics) -  peace

9-8-23  Bollinger EA and templates - CFD and XAUUSD  (1 to 1 Risk/Reward) (USDMXN same pips as XAUUSD)

9-1-23  Bollinger EA idea - every effort counts...Un dia a la vez...peace

EA and Templates New EA, Moving Average "Retrace and Order" - and for TeamOnePeace also known as "Market Cycle Momentum Fellowship" trading "MC MF"...every effort counts...peace  8-31-23

Trading "chartbeats"...take care---Democratization of trading---peace  8-12-23

Quorum (lyrics) 8-7-23  May the poetry/verses bring peace, and protection...peace

Assembly Life (lyrics)  7-24-23

Profiles and Templates - Head and Shoulders - (working with Price Patterns - Indicatorvault) - 6-29-23 - peace through for any effort...peace

Forex EA and templates -Newest - version 6-29-23 

Spiritual Web-3 (lyrics)   6-26-23

US30 EA and templates - 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 ---6-15-23

US30 template...5-25-23 (Bounce)

Offer it Up (lyrics)  5-24-23

Notes on History, Revelations and Rhymes for Raps 7-16-23

Higher  (Lyrics) 5-15-23

5-4-23  Updated Templates for Index Robot/EA management (NAS100, US30)...peace

EA Porfolio - 4 hour RSI/Structure and 15 min Moving Average Cross entry -  5-3-23

(5-2-23) 4 Hour root Trade Examples "Artist Table Workshop" Fellowship ---peace

EA and templates for CFD trading  4-27-23 (1st candle close)

Settings: One trade only (true), Position size (.01), Trade direction (Long or short only),  Enable Late Entry (false), Reverse on Opposite Signal (false), Profit target pips (18000), Stop loss pips (6000), Enable Break even (true), Break even trigger (6000), Moving Average period (20), Method (Exponential), Apply to (close price)....under "Common" tab...Long or short only, Check "Allow live trading".....working with the Momentum Principle for trade management (when to close a trade)

Empathic Respect (lyrics) 4-3-23

Quick note: "Why share text of lyrics?" For many years now, some of us feel its important to share our thoughts, because when we all journey through life together, the ideas are nostalgia to reflect on. We share the journey and remember the ideas as a shared experience. That's important...Cool...thanks for caring...peace

3-30-23  "Moving Average EA" - 2nd candle close beyond set moving average - Template included

3-7-23  "Spiritual Singularity" (lyrics)...peace

2-16-23 "It Just Is - We R 1"_ (lyrics)...peace

New EA's on the way...Hopefully soon...Automation is the future. Let's succeed and share when we get there...peace  11-8-22

12-31-22   Peace and Health Team...Here are a few resources for healing....Be safe. Take care. Peace

11-28-22  EA - Moving Average 1st candle close 

EA - Bollinger for testing phase...peace  11-22-22

Bollinger EA folder - Profiles, Template and EA - 11-24-22   Happy Holidays (Set "Profit Target Type" to Middle band) The idea is 17+ pips "Trades EA"..stop loss allows enough space. The strategy is high probability. "Enable late entry" does not do anything, its left over from the previous EA)

Price level EA - 9-22  (idea is to place the "Price Level EA" for buy or sell only trades if price returns to an "Order Block" area)...Peace

Order Blocks Indicator MT4, and Template - 9-19-22 (Love and encouragements)  peace

Special Heroes (lyrics)  8-22-22   :o)

EA - Trade entry templates - for 1 minute charts. Example: for News trades  8-15-22

K.N.E.E.L. (lyrics) 8-13-22

Turntrader EA templates 7-31-22   Peace. Respect

Truthconciliation (lyrics)  7-11-22   Peace

H.O.W. - History of Wisdom (lyrics) 6-29-22 "From all of us to us". Giving thanks for the Team...peace

Moving Average Cross v1.9 and templates  3-31-23

Moving Average Cross EA settings, 8-12-22:  Trade Direction (long only/short only)  “Require MA expansion” (true), “Min Expansion in Pips” (.2), “Required Stacked MAs” (true), Reverse on Opposite Signal (false) “Enable Late Entry” (true), Close Long Trade (false)  Close Short Trade (false) “Profit Target” (pips based), “Profit Target Pips” (30), “Stop Loss” (pips based), “Stop Loss Pips” (20), “Fast MA” (period 20), “Slow MA” (period 50), “Exit MA” (period 51).

Falcon Poetry -----------------------

"Trades EA" 6-25-22  Peace (make sure to check "Allow DLL imports" to close trading session)

6-22-22  Moving Average Cross EA - settings idea for 15 minute charts: Required Stacked MAs (true), Enable Late Entry Option 2 (true), Pips based, Profit target (17), Stop Loss (40), (Exponential Moving Average), Fast MA 10, Slow MA 20, Exit MA 50.

6-18-22  "All One for Real Now" (lyrics) thanks...Peace Team

4-8-22  Peace...Moving Average EA settings idea for 15 minute charts: Required Stacked MAs (true), Enable Late Entry Option 2 (true), Pips based, Profit target (17), Stop Loss (40), (Exponential Moving Average), Fast MA 10, Slow MA 20, Exit MA 50.

Profiles and Template 3-23-22     50-200 EMA cross idea...peace

Swept Up (lyrics)  3-23-22  Peace Team. Yup. Yet another Typer' up...Onwards...Take care. Be safe...peace

Trendline EA v1.4  - 3-1-22  Peace Team. This EA was optimized to have a larger line, and to only move vertically. The idea is to use it for news trades or as an entry order...if price closes beyond the line, a trade enters. Cool...Automation is the future...peace

Moving Average Cross EA v1.3   2-19-22  This version now includes a "Close trade" option at the moving average...onwards...peace

Moving Average Cross EA v1.2    1-28-22  (newest version, takes only one trade)....The EA can also just open a trade on the next candle. Here's to our "Automation Management" journey. Peace be with us. 1 day at a time..."share the air"...peace

Scriptures - 12-5-21

Modern Day Prophets (lyrics) 12-5-21

Flyaway hybrid trading - Profiles and template  7-30-21 (Regarding any "welp, there we go again, yet another of hundreds of templates", Yes, except MT4 work is fun, and what a great testamony it will be if we succeed at automation trading..."Wow, we really did it"...let's keep builing...peace

Happy Medium - (lyrics) a gettingoin tradition of many years now...much love...workin on the next's therapy and catharis for us..."leaving crumbs for the Mind and Spirit"...peace   7-25-21

Peace Team, 5-31-21...yet another Profiles and Templates (I know)...I thought this would be cool though...Both Pipsniper and Turntrader finding setups 24/7...Nice! Sure. Why not?...onwards...peace

Peace Team. 5-29-21, I thought a new "Profiles and templates" for 1 hour Pipsniper and 4 Hour Bollinger would be cool...Nice! The idea is to let a demo account trade Pipsiper and then can filter signals, and can verify with 4 hour Bollinger structure, (for cross checks) and can also verify 4 Hour Bollinger with 1 hour chart retracements, and Fibonnaci as well (What about Fundamentals to confirm?)...The Automation vision continues...hmmm.peace

4-29-21 ---Can MT4 charting combinations of Profiles and Indicator combinations be a form of Art? No question. It's kind of like drawing or writing, or whatever the Art medium might be for a person. (everyone can have their own special medium or share one, or be inspired by someone---we get credit for any effort). The peace is the process (Yes, I know, "cash rules" - I am getting better with the stock stuff, and Forex is such a cool project).....The 4 hour charts have Ziptrader on it scanning for 26 EMA moments (retracements)---is it very similar to the 50 SMA on 1 hour? I prefer looking for structure support/resistance on 4 hour's easier to notice "Risk management safety fortresses" for stop loss.....In addition to the 4 hour charts, the 15 minute charts have Flowrider scanning for trades (here is the 15 min template), and I also included a 50-100 SMA cross indicator that I build on a website (picture explains the Momentum flow point)...the Moving avererage flow is support and resistance...Yes, I know, it may seem like a lot of indicators, yet I optimized and minimized...anyway...just sharing...peace

4-20-21---Profiles and template for "Flyaway"...make sure original BK scanners are in "experts" folder, (hopefully the profiles/template will catch the edit I made, because now if you click on a symbol it won't change the chart, I like having the charts stay in order and to be able change the time frame...otherwise it was difficult for me to trade extra setups)...drag and drop the profiles into the "profiles" folder, and "template" into the templates folder. The strategy is a great way to get organized, taught by an realize I am more of a "Team Trader" than a "Trading Captain"...we need to understand the difference in order to succeed at trading...peace

Trend EA - v1.3  - Profiles and Templates  :o)

Peace Team - 3-21-21 - I did more studying and tried to simplify the charts...still working with Standard deviation yet Bollinger now...if price crosses the 1st standard deviation and the candle closes, with RSI oversold or overbought...hmm...gonna try's less complicated than the 1 hour and 5 min toggle (and I was not really sure about the reversion signal)...could still use the 1 hour and 5 minute profiles with the new 1 hour template though (maybe still the "return to average" price idea, and also the "Candle close" idea to 500 SMA on the EA?)

Multi time frame Automation strategy idea 3-12-21 -- Notes included, EA, Templates, and Profiles :o)

Learn Listen (lyrics) - 2-25-21 :o)

Team Trendline :o) ---template, charts, EA, Profiles...Yeah Team...onwards...peace 2-24-21

2-23-21 Trendline EA update...Peace Team, since the other trendline EA seemed to enter late, we built a "1st candle close". Seems cool to work with 4 hour charts for structure (fortress), and then 15 minute charts for entry? It's an easy drag n drop onto the chart like last time...I am trying for the 10+ pips trades, and 19+ pips when there is "corn on the cobb" (working with large stop loss, because Forex likes to, well, stop out trades :o) encouraged...peace

Love is What it is, and Ain't what it's not (lyrics), 2-12-21

Mother Earth Evolution Love (lyrics)  1-30-21   :0)

The People are the Nation (lyrics) 11-28-20

Together Prayer (lyrics) 9-16-20

Re-Group (lyrics)  7-29-20

Profiles and Template 10-22-10  --- 1hour signal, and 5 min for EA entry order 100 MF

1 hour chart signal - 10-8-20

Entry order EA - 10-2020

Daily Charts - profiles and template - linear regression 10-4-20

Profiles and Template - 15 min EA placement... 9-29-20

Profiles and Termplates - 4 hour charts, Linear Regression 9-26-20

Profiles and template 1 hour charts - Trend and Ranging - 9-24-20

Profiles and Template 1 hour charts...(yet another :o)   9-21-20 onwards...peace

Profiles and Template - 1 hour charts - 9-18-20 ---

Peace with "MF" trading...7-31-20  Peace be with us...1 day at a time...7-31-20

Profiles and Template - 4 hour charts, Engulfing candle setup  9-17-20 - MT4 push notification signal

9-14-20, Seat Number One (1 hour chart) for desktop, and Seat Number Two (15 minute chart) for VPS and trendline EA...idea is to have a two step system for finding trades...the Higher time frame to lower time frame concept...(can even use 15 minute harmonics for 5 minute 10 pips trades?)

Profiles 9-10-20 -- Pinbar, Engulfing, Trend symphony, Divergence Solution, trade with EMA...niiiice...finally understanding what an engulfing candle is...good Bubba...onwards and upwards...peace

Profiles - 9-8-20  (can also, just place EMA 7-20-35-50-100 on MT4  and Stochastic/RSI) I find the indicatorvault indicators helpful though...peace

Profiles - Trendfollower and 7-21- EMA cross idea (trendfollower was a trendprofiteer indicator, I thought it was at yet not there,...peace)

15 minute EMA trading - profiles and template, can use stop and let price move, or  just 20 pips  9-3-20

Profiles and indicators - Trend-scalping - peace  8-7-20 (these were free indicators online)

9-1-20 Template and profiles :0)

Trend-scalper ideas stuff 8-3-20

Profiles 8-27-20  :o)

Profiles - scalping --- 8-29-20 (indicators at

Profiles - 7-30-20  15 min charts...50 and 100 SMA, also working with 1 hour 50-100 SMA...the idea is 1) tradingview for overbought/oversold at Bollinger (hopefully with pinbar on 1 hour or 4 hour charts), then 2) try to confirm with 15 minute "above/below" 50-100 SMA in harmony...eventually, the idea is to catch trends in the flow of both 1 hour power and 15 minute chart price leading 50-100

Trendline EA 7-20 , profiles, template and notes...peace on Earth..."from all of us to us" :o)

Chart template and profiles for 1 hour 50 SMA and structure trading 7-1-20

Trendlines EA 7-2-20...draw a trendline, and if price is near structure, or if overbought/oversold, then drag and drop the EA to the chart...if price breaks the trendline, and 2nd candle close happens, then a trade will enter for Take profit 10 pips and Stop loss 20 cycles are "in gear" and then ratios in the trees and universe...peace

Space Time (Lyrics) 6-20

Indicator 7-20 X SMA cross and Trade entry EA...(we know, make some t-shirts of the idea, have fun, actually really trying to follow the Daily chart "support and resistance" rules going

Team One Patriots - T.O.P (lyrics 5-6-20)

Intervention (lyrics)   4-21-20   Peace through Art...

Pray it Thru (lyrics) Peace on Earth 3-12-20

Trade entry EA TP SL 20 pips...Breakeven 10 pips...

Trade Entry EA buy and sell 30 pips...BE 20 pips

Trade entry EA - buy and sell, TP 17 SL 30, Breakeven 10   2-24-20

I-We, Heal the Day (lyrics) 1-15-20

2-19-20 --- "Price Crosses 50 SMA" EA buy and sell to avoid selling into support or buying into resistance....profiles and template..peace...(with TP 17 and SL 40)

Profiles - 2-6-20  for signals...retracement idea...Low Volatility pairs and High Volatility pairs...peace

Trade Entry EA for Swing Trades - "Team Trade"- TP 40, Sl 50, Breakeven at 20 pips  1-16-20

Power (lyrics) 12-18-19

"5-15 Multi 40-200 SMA Cross v11" and "SMA cross 11-50 for 15 min chart"...12-31-19

12-20-19---5 minute 500 SMA -Finch ADX approach during wake hours....Profiles and template for currency "mean reversion" approach to Finch ADX...does not include EA because it's proprietary...much love...onward and upward...peace

12-20-19---EA journey "Price Crosses 50 SMA TP 40 Sl 40 - Peace"  and "12-19" Four Currency pairs (NZDUSD, EURNZD, NZDJPY, and NZDCAD: work best with "peace" EA, and USDCHF and GBPCAD had better results with another ("12-19")...the Profiles are included...(1 hour AUDUSD worked good with Powertrend which is a BK proprietary creation)...(suggestion is to remove EA if there is a major economic news event related, otherwise, can let the EA's trade 24/7, and can close if 20+ to 40+ pips anytime...)

Tests - for "Price Crosses 50 SMA TP 40 Sl 40 - peace"  12-17-19

50-100 SMA cross indicator   12-7-19   :o)

12-11-19 --- 5 min charts only---20-70 SMA cross and profiles with lots of currency pairs..--- 5 min TP 10 SL 30 ....idea is try to get the pips when can monitor charts and close trades if late entries...(thus all the extra currency pairs)...every pip counts

11-27-19    1 hour chart, 50-100 SMA cross EA/Signals and Profiles. Idea is to use EA as signal, and if break/close of recent support/resistance...then can enter trade  (this portfolio relies on a few big trades to balance everything, so :o) interesting testing journey at least, and it helped build strength in strategy study)

11-9-19 EA backtests and original EA naming...

One Team (lyrics)   :o)

EA's, Templates and Tests  10-19-19

10-13-19  Chart profiles for Swing trading study, and 5 min EA

Global U n' a Verse Lyrics - Peace

TeamOne EA for 15 min trading journey hope - 15 min 40-200 SMA cross 9-19

Zen Art to Everything (lyrics) 6-25-19

Peace Team...Daily chart and 1 hour chart trading stuff 9-2-19  I thought to just update the recent trading stuff that I am working on, because it was a process to getting clearer about Daily chart trading the 7-21 SMA cross, and trading the 50-100 SMA cross on 1 hour charts...Still, the Autotrading during "wakey" hours (risk management), and if there was a trade during "resty" hours, then there is a "Trade entry EA" (TP 100, SL 40) to enter a trade, if a "momentum with break and close of a level, SMA cross and overbought/oversold" happened (make sure to remove the EA from the chart after the "Trade entry EA" opens)...I like the saying "Better money missed than money lost" profiles are here too...peace  

5 Prayers for Guitar - Audio and Tablature   :o)   Peace

Flowrider Notes   :0)    4-20-19

Ziptrader peace notes :o)  5-13-19

(A bit of) Comfort - Being Present with Eachother (lyrics)  3-16-19

Eyes of Understanding (lyrics)  3-16-19

Peace, not the "Run Around" (lyrics) 12-15-18

Real Good (lyrics) 12-15-18

Life Goes on Lyrics 9-9-18   :o)   Love and healing...thanks Loved Ones....peace

Light Works for Dominant 7alt sounds...peace  9-3-18

Tranquilo (lyrics) 1love  8-19-18

Minor 2,5 All 12 keys  peace :0)  8-17-18

It's Peace - Justice (Lyrics) 8-3-18

U-Life Goodness (Lyrics) 7-7-18

Chill Peace (lyrics) 6-17-18

Jazz Language all 12 keys...peace :o)   6-18

At Ease - What it is (lyrics) 5-17-18

Settle Down - Lighten Up (lyrics) 3-31-18

The Video link below is a little intro to a little Strategy and how to demo an EA...the strategy actually needs to be monitored and managed  :o)  Peace

(New Lighten Up Band jams are the link below :o)  "Gettingoin tradition of sharing hee hee ha ha All of Us to Us...We Need Eachother...we are not just Human doings, yet Human Beings...tah dahhhWe Love U"

EA charts progress beginning 3-2-18

Confidence We Need U - We're Here (lyrics) 1-11-18

Wake Up to 1Love (lyrics) 1-2-17

Good Start (lyrics) 11-16-17

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life...thoughts inspired by and some actual writing...stuff that we dug... 11-12-17 (some Team One Bubbas - Favorite thoughts on the Tao Te Ching -thanks to Mr. Dyer)

Healing through food...peace 9-30-17


Get Free - Bounce Back (Catch the Spirit) lyrics 8-20-17

One Kind - Arm in Arm -Stronger Together (lyrics) 7-30-17

True Friends - Safe Zone (Lyrics) 7-14-17

Spiritual Warfare scriptures and thoughts...6-29-17

307Peace (Lyrics) 3-12-17

Simple Peace Universe (lyrics) 2-23-17

Legacies of Light -Love is Human Rights (lyrics) 2-14-17

Strengthen Our Resolve (lyrics) 1-3-16 "Hey Team. Lots of of love and gratitude for caring. We can all sing along to what we dig, and may the lyrics help encourage any of our Tech Folks making the world safe...We love U...Peace

Special Thanks to Doc Teach and love to Inner Prize mind. Still on demo at this point, but here's the "slow growth with robots" trading plans for 1st and 2nd year. The idea is to be able to start with like $2,000 and build over time. We can see how it can build nicely over 2 years...let's be encourged. We did these calculations ourselves, so it's good to always check. Peace

Robot trading incremental growth Year 1

Robot trading incremental growth Year 2

Jazz Piano Studies - Major 2 5's--- 8-20-17

Jazz Piano Studies - Minor 2 5's  12-20-16

Peace Is Our Priority - Show n Prove (Lyrics) 10-20-16

Robot backtesting notes 9-7-16

Say Peace, Don't Divide (lyrics) 6-22-16    

(copy and paste this link above if needed for Healing Through Jazz chords. Daily Meditations, Gig, Tunes...peace)

Choose Love - Lead sheet...peace 4-21-16

Learn Sompn' (lyrics) 3-29-16 thanks Guys...peace be with U

Don't Step to the Peaceful (lyrics)...peace 12-21-15

Ongoing trades...12-11-15...Patience is the essence is the is a lifestyle...enjoy your discovery

Love is in the Air-That's That (Lyrics)-12-3-15

Peace through Process...Trading is a lifestyle (if ya dig)...we believe in 100 years, Folks are gonna say..."Wow, there's patterns in heartbeats...nature the markets...these Guys were witnessing the beginning of new awareness"...thanks to our Harmonic Discoverers....peace 12-1-15

Plan the Trade Trade the Plan...peace thru Process...Everlasting Peace Quadrant Peace  11-14-15

Peace through Trader Wellness and "Positive Pips"....11-7-15...(there was also a USDJPY trade this week that was at a turning point, but becuase the currency pair likes to turn on a dime, our rule of a 1 hour MBO structure and reversal candle was not there...we also noticed a 1.13 extension at the level which generally means a false break)...the GBPJPY intergrative trade was initially a through the grapevine (Scott Carney's "Formation Seeker"...heard about through "Harmonic Forex") peace...

"On A Quest, Yes. We Are Eachother" (Lyrics) 11-15

"Hey Guys" Trading Wellness 11-6-15....Patience and peace is the essence of process...we are focusing on our favorite support and resistance (trendline too) reversal trade (Reversal candle and MBO structure), and warming up (witnessing) the Harmonic patterns, and "break and close" harmonic return (arrival), as well as how "exact data" Economic Fundamentals news creates a retroaactive trade after the rally or seller strength...1 to 100+ pips is a good week, and creating consistent profitability over the long term on a Micro Account is how we create our "earned success" as a trader and eventual low key be with us all...1