Keep tha Hope
Gettin' Goin'
Journey in Wellness and Discovery

Journey in Wellness...and Discovery

Just a little love note...if someone was to ask..."why all the written lyrics of the tunes, and all the post through the years?"..."It's important to me"..."It's also Gettingoin tradition to share" and encouragements....peace

"Artist Table Workshop" EA's and strategies are processing through and trying to find ways to automate trading...peace

9-20-23  EA challenge "Retrace EA" wins for Higher Probability entry....Tah dahhhh....Why? We wait for a price move off the RSI/Bollinger/Structure first...otherwise it may be a liquidity grab or even Break of Structure...Cool...So, the "Retrace" EA can work for range trading and trend trading (if break of structure)...Onwards..Take care. Peace

9-19-23  NY session...EA Portfolio: 1) Bollinger EA: "Hybrid idea" - if RSI overbought/oversold and near structure, then place EA Buy/Sell...however, if actually Break of Structure (B.O.S.) instead of bounce off structure area, then working with 2) Retrace EA: if price returns to 50 EMA, and then 1st candle close beyond 20 EMA...the charts show the story...improvized this, and that is how strategies get created....onwards...peace

9-18-23  DoubleGMystiks (lyrics) -  peace

9-8-23  Bollinger EA and templates - CFD and XAUUSD  (1 to 1 Risk/Reward) (USDMXN same pips as XAUUSD)

9-1-23  Bollinger EA idea - every effort counts...Un dia a la vez...peace

EA and Templates New EA, Moving Average "Retrace and Order" - and for TeamOnePeace also known as "Market Cycle Momentum Fellowship" trading "MC MF"...every effort counts...peace  8-31-23

Trading "chartbeats"...take care---Democratization of trading---peace  8-12-23

Quorum (lyrics) 8-7-23  May the poetry/verses bring peace, and protection...peace

Assembly Life (lyrics)  7-24-23

Profiles and Templates - Head and Shoulders - (working with Price Patterns - Indicatorvault) - 6-29-23 - peace through for any effort...peace

Forex EA and templates -Newest - version 6-29-23 

Spiritual Web-3 (lyrics)   6-26-23

US30 EA and templates - 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 ---6-15-23

US30 template...5-25-23 (Bounce)

Offer it Up (lyrics)  5-24-23

Notes on History, Revelations and Rhymes for Raps 7-16-23

Higher  (Lyrics) 5-15-23

5-4-23  Updated Templates for Index Robot/EA management (NAS100, US30)...peace

EA Porfolio - 4 hour RSI/Structure and 15 min Moving Average Cross entry -  5-3-23

(5-2-23) 4 Hour root Trade Examples "Artist Table Workshop" Fellowship ---peace

EA and templates for CFD trading  4-27-23 (1st candle close)

Settings: One trade only (true), Position size (.01), Trade direction (Long or short only),  Enable Late Entry (false), Reverse on Opposite Signal (false), Profit target pips (18000), Stop loss pips (6000), Enable Break even (true), Break even trigger (6000), Moving Average period (20), Method (Exponential), Apply to (close price)....under "Common" tab...Long or short only, Check "Allow live trading".....working with the Momentum Principle for trade management (when to close a trade)

Empathic Respect (lyrics) 4-3-23

Quick note: "Why share text of lyrics?" For many years now, some of us feel its important to share our thoughts, because when we all journey through life together, the ideas are nostalgia to reflect on. We share the journey and remember the ideas as a shared experience. That's important...Cool...thanks for caring...peace

3-30-23  "Moving Average EA" - 2nd candle close beyond set moving average - Template included

3-7-23  "Spiritual Singularity" (lyrics)...peace

2-16-23 "It Just Is - We R 1"_ (lyrics)...peace

New EA's on the way...Hopefully soon...Automation is the future. Let's succeed and share when we get there...peace  11-8-22

12-31-22   Peace and Health Team...Here are a few resources for healing....Be safe. Take care. Peace

11-28-22  EA - Moving Average 1st candle close 

EA - Bollinger for testing phase...peace  11-22-22

Bollinger EA folder - Profiles, Template and EA - 11-24-22   Happy Holidays (Set "Profit Target Type" to Middle band) The idea is 17+ pips "Trades EA"..stop loss allows enough space. The strategy is high probability. "Enable late entry" does not do anything, its left over from the previous EA)

Price level EA - 9-22  (idea is to place the "Price Level EA" for buy or sell only trades if price returns to an "Order Block" area)...Peace

Order Blocks Indicator MT4, and Template - 9-19-22 (Love and encouragements)  peace

Special Heroes (lyrics)  8-22-22   :o)

EA - Trade entry templates - for 1 minute charts. Example: for News trades  8-15-22

K.N.E.E.L. (lyrics) 8-13-22

Turntrader EA templates 7-31-22   Peace. Respect

Truthconciliation (lyrics)  7-11-22   Peace

H.O.W. - History of Wisdom (lyrics) 6-29-22 "From all of us to us". Giving thanks for the Team...peace

Moving Average Cross v1.9 and templates  3-31-23

Moving Average Cross EA settings, 8-12-22:  Trade Direction (long only/short only)  “Require MA expansion” (true), “Min Expansion in Pips” (.2), “Required Stacked MAs” (true), Reverse on Opposite Signal (false) “Enable Late Entry” (true), Close Long Trade (false)  Close Short Trade (false) “Profit Target” (pips based), “Profit Target Pips” (30), “Stop Loss” (pips based), “Stop Loss Pips” (20), “Fast MA” (period 20), “Slow MA” (period 50), “Exit MA” (period 51).

Falcon Poetry -----------------------

"Trades EA" 6-25-22  Peace (make sure to check "Allow DLL imports" to close trading session)

6-22-22  Moving Average Cross EA - settings idea for 15 minute charts: Required Stacked MAs (true), Enable Late Entry Option 2 (true), Pips based, Profit target (17), Stop Loss (40), (Exponential Moving Average), Fast MA 10, Slow MA 20, Exit MA 50.

6-18-22  "All One for Real Now" (lyrics) thanks...Peace Team

4-8-22  Peace...Moving Average EA settings idea for 15 minute charts: Required Stacked MAs (true), Enable Late Entry Option 2 (true), Pips based, Profit target (17), Stop Loss (40), (Exponential Moving Average), Fast MA 10, Slow MA 20, Exit MA 50.

Profiles and Template 3-23-22     50-200 EMA cross idea...peace

Swept Up (lyrics)  3-23-22  Peace Team. Yup. Yet another Typer' up...Onwards...Take care. Be safe...peace

Trendline EA v1.4  - 3-1-22  Peace Team. This EA was optimized to have a larger line, and to only move vertically. The idea is to use it for news trades or as an entry order...if price closes beyond the line, a trade enters. Cool...Automation is the future...peace

Moving Average Cross EA v1.3   2-19-22  This version now includes a "Close trade" option at the moving average...onwards...peace

Moving Average Cross EA v1.2    1-28-22  (newest version, takes only one trade)....The EA can also just open a trade on the next candle. Here's to our "Automation Management" journey. Peace be with us. 1 day at a time..."share the air"...peace

Scriptures - 12-5-21

Modern Day Prophets (lyrics) 12-5-21

Flyaway hybrid trading - Profiles and template  7-30-21 (Regarding any "welp, there we go again, yet another of hundreds of templates", Yes, except MT4 work is fun, and what a great testamony it will be if we succeed at automation trading..."Wow, we really did it"...let's keep builing...peace

Happy Medium - (lyrics) a gettingoin tradition of many years now...much love...workin on the next's therapy and catharis for us..."leaving crumbs for the Mind and Spirit"...peace   7-25-21

Peace Team, 5-31-21...yet another Profiles and Templates (I know)...I thought this would be cool though...Both Pipsniper and Turntrader finding setups 24/7...Nice! Sure. Why not?...onwards...peace

Peace Team. 5-29-21, I thought a new "Profiles and templates" for 1 hour Pipsniper and 4 Hour Bollinger would be cool...Nice! The idea is to let a demo account trade Pipsiper and then can filter signals, and can verify with 4 hour Bollinger structure, (for cross checks) and can also verify 4 Hour Bollinger with 1 hour chart retracements, and Fibonnaci as well (What about Fundamentals to confirm?)...The Automation vision continues...hmmm.peace

4-29-21 ---Can MT4 charting combinations of Profiles and Indicator combinations be a form of Art? No question. It's kind of like drawing or writing, or whatever the Art medium might be for a person. (everyone can have their own special medium or share one, or be inspired by someone---we get credit for any effort). The peace is the process (Yes, I know, "cash rules" - I am getting better with the stock stuff, and Forex is such a cool project).....The 4 hour charts have Ziptrader on it scanning for 26 EMA moments (retracements)---is it very similar to the 50 SMA on 1 hour? I prefer looking for structure support/resistance on 4 hour's easier to notice "Risk management safety fortresses" for stop loss.....In addition to the 4 hour charts, the 15 minute charts have Flowrider scanning for trades (here is the 15 min template), and I also included a 50-100 SMA cross indicator that I build on a website (picture explains the Momentum flow point)...the Moving avererage flow is support and resistance...Yes, I know, it may seem like a lot of indicators, yet I optimized and minimized...anyway...just sharing...peace

4-20-21---Profiles and template for "Flyaway"...make sure original BK scanners are in "experts" folder, (hopefully the profiles/template will catch the edit I made, because now if you click on a symbol it won't change the chart, I like having the charts stay in order and to be able change the time frame...otherwise it was difficult for me to trade extra setups)...drag and drop the profiles into the "profiles" folder, and "template" into the templates folder. The strategy is a great way to get organized, taught by an realize I am more of a "Team Trader" than a "Trading Captain"...we need to understand the difference in order to succeed at trading...peace

Trend EA - v1.3  - Profiles and Templates  :o)

Peace Team - 3-21-21 - I did more studying and tried to simplify the charts...still working with Standard deviation yet Bollinger now...if price crosses the 1st standard deviation and the candle closes, with RSI oversold or overbought...hmm...gonna try's less complicated than the 1 hour and 5 min toggle (and I was not really sure about the reversion signal)...could still use the 1 hour and 5 minute profiles with the new 1 hour template though (maybe still the "return to average" price idea, and also the "Candle close" idea to 500 SMA on the EA?)

Multi time frame Automation strategy idea 3-12-21 -- Notes included, EA, Templates, and Profiles :o)

Learn Listen (lyrics) - 2-25-21 :o)

Team Trendline :o) ---template, charts, EA, Profiles...Yeah Team...onwards...peace 2-24-21

2-23-21 Trendline EA update...Peace Team, since the other trendline EA seemed to enter late, we built a "1st candle close". Seems cool to work with 4 hour charts for structure (fortress), and then 15 minute charts for entry? It's an easy drag n drop onto the chart like last time...I am trying for the 10+ pips trades, and 19+ pips when there is "corn on the cobb" (working with large stop loss, because Forex likes to, well, stop out trades :o) encouraged...peace

Love is What it is, and Ain't what it's not (lyrics), 2-12-21

Mother Earth Evolution Love (lyrics)  1-30-21   :0)

The People are the Nation (lyrics) 11-28-20

Together Prayer (lyrics) 9-16-20

Re-Group (lyrics)  7-29-20

Profiles and Template 10-22-10  --- 1hour signal, and 5 min for EA entry order 100 MF

1 hour chart signal - 10-8-20

Entry order EA - 10-2020

Daily Charts - profiles and template - linear regression 10-4-20

Profiles and Template - 15 min EA placement... 9-29-20

Profiles and Termplates - 4 hour charts, Linear Regression 9-26-20

Profiles and template 1 hour charts - Trend and Ranging - 9-24-20

Profiles and Template 1 hour charts...(yet another :o)   9-21-20 onwards...peace

Profiles and Template - 1 hour charts - 9-18-20 ---

Peace with "MF" trading...7-31-20  Peace be with us...1 day at a time...7-31-20

Profiles and Template - 4 hour charts, Engulfing candle setup  9-17-20 - MT4 push notification signal

9-14-20, Seat Number One (1 hour chart) for desktop, and Seat Number Two (15 minute chart) for VPS and trendline EA...idea is to have a two step system for finding trades...the Higher time frame to lower time frame concept...(can even use 15 minute harmonics for 5 minute 10 pips trades?)

Profiles 9-10-20 -- Pinbar, Engulfing, Trend symphony, Divergence Solution, trade with EMA...niiiice...finally understanding what an engulfing candle is...good Bubba...onwards and upwards...peace

Profiles - 9-8-20  (can also, just place EMA 7-20-35-50-100 on MT4  and Stochastic/RSI) I find the indicatorvault indicators helpful though...peace

Profiles - Trendfollower and 7-21- EMA cross idea (trendfollower was a trendprofiteer indicator, I thought it was at yet not there,...peace)

15 minute EMA trading - profiles and template, can use stop and let price move, or  just 20 pips  9-3-20

Profiles and indicators - Trend-scalping - peace  8-7-20 (these were free indicators online)

9-1-20 Template and profiles :0)

Trend-scalper ideas stuff 8-3-20

Profiles 8-27-20  :o)

Profiles - scalping --- 8-29-20 (indicators at

Profiles - 7-30-20  15 min charts...50 and 100 SMA, also working with 1 hour 50-100 SMA...the idea is 1) tradingview for overbought/oversold at Bollinger (hopefully with pinbar on 1 hour or 4 hour charts), then 2) try to confirm with 15 minute "above/below" 50-100 SMA in harmony...eventually, the idea is to catch trends in the flow of both 1 hour power and 15 minute chart price leading 50-100

Trendline EA 7-20 , profiles, template and notes...peace on Earth..."from all of us to us" :o)

Chart template and profiles for 1 hour 50 SMA and structure trading 7-1-20

Trendlines EA 7-2-20...draw a trendline, and if price is near structure, or if overbought/oversold, then drag and drop the EA to the chart...if price breaks the trendline, and 2nd candle close happens, then a trade will enter for Take profit 10 pips and Stop loss 20 cycles are "in gear" and then ratios in the trees and universe...peace

Space Time (Lyrics) 6-20

Indicator 7-20 X SMA cross and Trade entry EA...(we know, make some t-shirts of the idea, have fun, actually really trying to follow the Daily chart "support and resistance" rules going

Team One Patriots - T.O.P (lyrics 5-6-20)

Intervention (lyrics)   4-21-20   Peace through Art...

Pray it Thru (lyrics) Peace on Earth 3-12-20

Trade entry EA TP SL 20 pips...Breakeven 10 pips...

Trade Entry EA buy and sell 30 pips...BE 20 pips

Trade entry EA - buy and sell, TP 17 SL 30, Breakeven 10   2-24-20

I-We, Heal the Day (lyrics) 1-15-20

2-19-20 --- "Price Crosses 50 SMA" EA buy and sell to avoid selling into support or buying into resistance....profiles and template..peace...(with TP 17 and SL 40)

Profiles - 2-6-20  for signals...retracement idea...Low Volatility pairs and High Volatility pairs...peace

Trade Entry EA for Swing Trades - "Team Trade"- TP 40, Sl 50, Breakeven at 20 pips  1-16-20

Power (lyrics) 12-18-19

"5-15 Multi 40-200 SMA Cross v11" and "SMA cross 11-50 for 15 min chart"...12-31-19

12-20-19---5 minute 500 SMA -Finch ADX approach during wake hours....Profiles and template for currency "mean reversion" approach to Finch ADX...does not include EA because it's proprietary...much love...onward and upward...peace

12-20-19---EA journey "Price Crosses 50 SMA TP 40 Sl 40 - Peace"  and "12-19" Four Currency pairs (NZDUSD, EURNZD, NZDJPY, and NZDCAD: work best with "peace" EA, and USDCHF and GBPCAD had better results with another ("12-19")...the Profiles are included...(1 hour AUDUSD worked good with Powertrend which is a BK proprietary creation)...(suggestion is to remove EA if there is a major economic news event related, otherwise, can let the EA's trade 24/7, and can close if 20+ to 40+ pips anytime...)

Tests - for "Price Crosses 50 SMA TP 40 Sl 40 - peace"  12-17-19

50-100 SMA cross indicator   12-7-19   :o)

12-11-19 --- 5 min charts only---20-70 SMA cross and profiles with lots of currency pairs..--- 5 min TP 10 SL 30 ....idea is try to get the pips when can monitor charts and close trades if late entries...(thus all the extra currency pairs)...every pip counts

11-27-19    1 hour chart, 50-100 SMA cross EA/Signals and Profiles. Idea is to use EA as signal, and if break/close of recent support/resistance...then can enter trade  (this portfolio relies on a few big trades to balance everything, so :o) interesting testing journey at least, and it helped build strength in strategy study)

11-9-19 EA backtests and original EA naming...

One Team (lyrics)   :o)

EA's, Templates and Tests  10-19-19

10-13-19  Chart profiles for Swing trading study, and 5 min EA

Global U n' a Verse Lyrics - Peace

TeamOne EA for 15 min trading journey hope - 15 min 40-200 SMA cross 9-19

Zen Art to Everything (lyrics) 6-25-19

Peace Team...Daily chart and 1 hour chart trading stuff 9-2-19  I thought to just update the recent trading stuff that I am working on, because it was a process to getting clearer about Daily chart trading the 7-21 SMA cross, and trading the 50-100 SMA cross on 1 hour charts...Still, the Autotrading during "wakey" hours (risk management), and if there was a trade during "resty" hours, then there is a "Trade entry EA" (TP 100, SL 40) to enter a trade, if a "momentum with break and close of a level, SMA cross and overbought/oversold" happened (make sure to remove the EA from the chart after the "Trade entry EA" opens)...I like the saying "Better money missed than money lost" profiles are here too...peace  

5 Prayers for Guitar - Audio and Tablature   :o)   Peace

Flowrider Notes   :0)    4-20-19

Ziptrader peace notes :o)  5-13-19

(A bit of) Comfort - Being Present with Eachother (lyrics)  3-16-19

Eyes of Understanding (lyrics)  3-16-19

Peace, not the "Run Around" (lyrics) 12-15-18

Real Good (lyrics) 12-15-18

Life Goes on Lyrics 9-9-18   :o)   Love and healing...thanks Loved Ones....peace

Light Works for Dominant 7alt sounds...peace  9-3-18

Tranquilo (lyrics) 1love  8-19-18

Minor 2,5 All 12 keys  peace :0)  8-17-18

It's Peace - Justice (Lyrics) 8-3-18

U-Life Goodness (Lyrics) 7-7-18

Chill Peace (lyrics) 6-17-18

Jazz Language all 12 keys...peace :o)   6-18

At Ease - What it is (lyrics) 5-17-18

Settle Down - Lighten Up (lyrics) 3-31-18

The Video link below is a little intro to a little Strategy and how to demo an EA...the strategy actually needs to be monitored and managed  :o)  Peace

(New Lighten Up Band jams are the link below :o)  "Gettingoin tradition of sharing hee hee ha ha All of Us to Us...We Need Eachother...we are not just Human doings, yet Human Beings...tah dahhhWe Love U"

EA charts progress beginning 3-2-18

Confidence We Need U - We're Here (lyrics) 1-11-18

Wake Up to 1Love (lyrics) 1-2-17

Good Start (lyrics) 11-16-17

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life...thoughts inspired by and some actual writing...stuff that we dug... 11-12-17 (some Team One Bubbas - Favorite thoughts on the Tao Te Ching -thanks to Mr. Dyer)

Healing through food...peace 9-30-17


Get Free - Bounce Back (Catch the Spirit) lyrics 8-20-17

One Kind - Arm in Arm -Stronger Together (lyrics) 7-30-17

True Friends - Safe Zone (Lyrics) 7-14-17

Spiritual Warfare scriptures and thoughts...6-29-17

307Peace (Lyrics) 3-12-17

Simple Peace Universe (lyrics) 2-23-17

Legacies of Light -Love is Human Rights (lyrics) 2-14-17

Strengthen Our Resolve (lyrics) 1-3-16 "Hey Team. Lots of of love and gratitude for caring. We can all sing along to what we dig, and may the lyrics help encourage any of our Tech Folks making the world safe...We love U...Peace

Special Thanks to Doc Teach and love to Inner Prize mind. Still on demo at this point, but here's the "slow growth with robots" trading plans for 1st and 2nd year. The idea is to be able to start with like $2,000 and build over time. We can see how it can build nicely over 2 years...let's be encourged. We did these calculations ourselves, so it's good to always check. Peace

Robot trading incremental growth Year 1

Robot trading incremental growth Year 2

Jazz Piano Studies - Major 2 5's--- 8-20-17

Jazz Piano Studies - Minor 2 5's  12-20-16

Peace Is Our Priority - Show n Prove (Lyrics) 10-20-16

Robot backtesting notes 9-7-16

Say Peace, Don't Divide (lyrics) 6-22-16    

(copy and paste this link above if needed for Healing Through Jazz chords. Daily Meditations, Gig, Tunes...peace)

Choose Love - Lead sheet...peace 4-21-16

Learn Sompn' (lyrics) 3-29-16 thanks Guys...peace be with U

Don't Step to the Peaceful (lyrics)...peace 12-21-15

Ongoing trades...12-11-15...Patience is the essence is the is a lifestyle...enjoy your discovery

Love is in the Air-That's That (Lyrics)-12-3-15

Peace through Process...Trading is a lifestyle (if ya dig)...we believe in 100 years, Folks are gonna say..."Wow, there's patterns in heartbeats...nature the markets...these Guys were witnessing the beginning of new awareness"...thanks to our Harmonic Discoverers....peace 12-1-15

Plan the Trade Trade the Plan...peace thru Process...Everlasting Peace Quadrant Peace  11-14-15

Peace through Trader Wellness and "Positive Pips"....11-7-15...(there was also a USDJPY trade this week that was at a turning point, but becuase the currency pair likes to turn on a dime, our rule of a 1 hour MBO structure and reversal candle was not there...we also noticed a 1.13 extension at the level which generally means a false break)...the GBPJPY intergrative trade was initially a through the grapevine (Scott Carney's "Formation Seeker"...heard about through "Harmonic Forex") peace...

"On A Quest, Yes. We Are Eachother" (Lyrics) 11-15

"Hey Guys" Trading Wellness 11-6-15....Patience and peace is the essence of process...we are focusing on our favorite support and resistance (trendline too) reversal trade (Reversal candle and MBO structure), and warming up (witnessing) the Harmonic patterns, and "break and close" harmonic return (arrival), as well as how "exact data" Economic Fundamentals news creates a retroaactive trade after the rally or seller strength...1 to 100+ pips is a good week, and creating consistent profitability over the long term on a Micro Account is how we create our "earned success" as a trader and eventual low key be with us all...1